A Trip On My Own Pt. 2

A Trip On My Own Pt. 2


Hey Everyone, Well, Part 2.

I was on the wall for hours or so it seemed. It was making me sore to be there with my legs spread and I was having to pee but thought I may not be allowed. Finally the woman that had put me there came back and slapped my tits hard making me cry out. God, ready little bitch? she said with a growl in her voice. Yes Mistress, I am ready. I told her. Well, we will see, but now you have no choice. She said and put a blindfold on my face so that I could not se anything at all, it was total darkness. I heard people moving around and talking and making comment on the slave that was before them. You think she is ready? one woman said. She will be in a second as soon as I pop this in her ass. the other said. I thought they were going to put an anal plug in me but they took me of the wall and bent me over a kind of table or something. The cameras going? the woman said. Yeah, 4 should do it and catch al the fun. another said. Oh hell, so I am on camera I thought. Okay slave, this is for the cameras, are you willingly joining in on our fun and do you agree to be a slave for anything we want you to do for the rest of the night? she said. Yes Mistress, anything. I said almost whispering. What I did not hear you. she shouted and I almost shouted back, Yes Mistress, anything. That is much better. she said and began slapping my ass with her hand. It stung but I was getting wetter as the hand also went over to my pussy lips making me sting there and my clit was screaming for an orgasm. Enjoying this little bitch? the woman said and I moaned back, Oh yes, so much, it feels awesome Mistress, I think I am going to cum. I said. Oh, like the spanking? she said then something hard hit my cheeks like a paddle or something and I cried out. How was that? she said. Oh fuck yes, yes. I remember saying then something stuck me in the cheek, a sharp object or something. She will be high now. another woman said and I felt myself getting out of my body and feeling all the things going on around me. They had shot me up with something and I was feeling it all over. Oh mistress, please make me cum, please. I moaned I think. Oh, you will do that. she said and everything went dark.

I woke up in a bed, my hair a mess, my pussy and ass and nipples sore as if I had entertained a hundred hard cocks. I was not chained but could not move and then a woman came in the room, fully dressed in a nice business suit type coat and pants. It is time to get you up and on your way Dear. she said and kissed me. She had fresh clothes for me and brought me a breakfast that was hot and told me a towel and wash cloths waited in the bath room. If you need help then just push that button and someone will come she said as she sat me at the table to eat. Suddenly I was starving and ate everything fast, Egg, grits, bacon and toast and some orange juice, all tasted great. I tried to get up but my legs would not move and I pushed the button and two lovely women came in. I need a shower and cannot hardly move. I said and they smiled at each other. We will take care of you then. they said and undressed. Both were slim and very cute and hard firm bodies with very nice dark nipples and shaved pussies. Both were perfectly tanned and I felt like I was extremely white. They got me up and took me to the bath room and there was a jetted tub that held all three of us. They turned on the water and the jets and filled it up and we all sank into it. My body responded by coming alive and all the places I had been used felt like they were ready to be used again. One was close to my face and said, Now, what kind of bath do you want and I reached out and took her face in my hands and kissed her. Oh, still wanting to make love I see she said after we stopped and then the other took my nipples and began sucking and biting them and all of my body started to respond. We palyed and bathed and after a long time were getting out and I was being dried off. We kissed and they led me back to the bedroom and helped me dress, no bra, just a thong and one of my summer dresses.

They led me to a kind of living room and the first woman I met was there and she smiled and kissed me. Well, we had a wonderful time last night and here is something to take with you and she gave me an envelope. She hugged me, When you come through again stop by. she said and I said I would love to. We al walked to my car and they helped me in and I began driving out and towards the highway. The envelope was on the seat next to me and I drove for a while and stopped for something to drink. I opened the envelope and there was a legal form that was wrapped around some money, 5,000 dolars. I almost fainted. The form was a copy of something I had signed to consent to the filming and the 5,000 was payment for being a model and I laughed. I went in and got a couple sodas and some snacks and went to the register and the man there was almost drooling as I paid and left. I got out on the road again and started flashing truckers and whoever else wanted to have a view of my tits and the wind felt awesome making my nipples hard to the pont that they ached from last nights play.

I drove for he rest of the day stopping for gas and to flirt but did not see anything I wanted to play with. I had some offers but did not care to take anyone up on them. I got back in the car and drove south and almost to the Florida state line passed a state trooper and then remembered I had my top off. She pulled in behind me and I thought, What the hell and left my top down. Her lights went on and I looked for a place to pull over and there was a side there so I puled off the road and she pulled in behind me. She got out and my pussy was getting wet and she came up and stopped and gave a soft intake of her breath. Damn, no wonder the truckers have been burning up the air waves. she said and looked down at me. You know you have been the topic of conversation young lady? she said. Ah who me? I said trying to be as cute as I could. I had my license and insurence out and gave it to her still topless and she had not told me to cover up. She went back to the car and I guess she called in my number and she came back up and gave them back to me. You know, I have a problem here right? she said. No, what could that be? I said acting innocent. Well Hunny, with boobs like that you cant just drive around with them out, you could cause a wreak. she smiled. Really? I did not think of that. I said. I need you to follow me up here a little and pull off for a little so we can decide what I should do. she said and got in the car and I drove after her. We went a couple miles and she pulled off and up a small road that was wooded and pulled into a place that was a clearing. She got out and came back to me. It is my meal time so I thought maybe we can talk over what I should do with you. she said as she opened the door and told me to get out of the car. There is nothing here for you to eat. I said and my dress was slowly falling fown and was now at my hips. She was taking off her shirt and belt and laid them in the seat and then she took off her shirt abd bra and I was surpried that she had such nice tits, firm and about 36DD that were not visible with her vest on. My dress fell to the ground and I leaned against the car, This is all I have to offer I said and soon we were both naked and walking to a place that was hidden with a blanket she had from her car. She told me to lay down and then she got next to me, kissing and sucking. I reached and grabbed her butt and it was firm and she told me to slide a finger in her butt and I did and she gave a moan. Soon she was turned around and we were face to pussy and licking like crazy. as we both got close to orgasms we cried out and almost shouted and she sprayed my face and then a little after I did her face and she rolled off and we began laughing. We began kissing again and I sucked her tits hard until she begged me to stop then I did it harder and she had a nice orgasm and we kissed more. It was dark now and she heard her watch alarm go off. Supper is over Dear. she said and got up and we walked back to the cars. She dressed and so did I and we kissed and she said, Just follow me out Hun and remember I have your information so you never know what may come of this. she said kissing me again. A lot I hope. I said and followed her to the highway again and soon passed into Florida. The wind was cool and my top was down in the dark and I stopped at a nice hotel and called Mom and Dad and told them about my trip so far. Well, be careful Hunny, call us again in the morning. Mom said. I got in the shower and fell asleep finally without drying off on the bed. It was a nice sleep from being used and loving it all over. I woke and stopped in Gainesville Florida for breakfast.

Well friends, talk to ya later on. THere is still more to the trip. I am sorry for any erros in typing. I get excited reliving these things again and have a difficult time.













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