A Step-by-Step Guide To App Design

A Step-by-Step Guide To App Design

Since the time when companies have started launching their apps, it is treated as a reliable means of acquiring information and trying out their products and services. A lot has been changed in the past few years and it feels like designers and developers have passed through an adventurous journey of evolution of apps. While its actual look, functionality, and creating tools have changed, still there are some things that have not been changed. It is the process of designing an app and the way designers used to go from one phase to another while app creation. In this article, we will be discussing the whole process of designing an app and how it is given the final touch.

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Here we are discussing the 6 phases of app design process that you must know:

1. Idea

2. Spec

3. Wireframe

4. Prototype

5. Visual Design

6. Development

1. Idea

Every single process of design and development starts with an idea. The idea might be yours or the clients but it should be great. Ideas are nothing but a conception that might turn into a product one day. When an idea is considered for a particular project there are many questions that should be taken into consideration as well. For example, Is this idea financially viable? Is this idea technically feasible? Has someone already worked on this idea? Once your idea is passed through this test, you can be satisfied that your approach towards your project is right. After choosing the right idea for your project, it’s time to put everything in writing.

Ideas are considered as one of the important aspects of any project so it is important to consider your idea and your client’s idea as well for a project. At our web design company in Los Angeles, we make sure that we listen to our client’s idea first because they know better about their business than us. After that only we consider our idea and see what would be the best for the project. When we work on our projects this way it is more likely to be successful online. Besides this, we offer personalized quotes to initial designs to our clients so that their company can get complete access to our web design pricing and strategies.

2. Spec

“Spec” or “Specification” is basically the same thing that can be understood as the piece of paper(s) that describes the functions of the app and how it works. In simple words, it is the blueprint that declares all the important information about your app. It can be prepared in a few ways ranging from the light format (also called brief) to the complete enveloping format. No matter what you choose but make sure you prepare a spec for your project. Remember a spec is considered to be the best spec only if it is agreed upon by all parties. It is always a good choice to keep things short and simple in the spec considering that more you write more can be misinterpreted. In addition to this use plain language in spec and list both functional and non-functional requirements of your app.

3. Wireframe

A wireframe is a simple visual concept of the future app that doesn’t give any idea about the design but it helps in understanding how the app will work. It can be either part of the spec or built from the spec. Since Information Architects (IA) and User Experience Designers (UX Designer) usually take ownership of creating wireframes but it is important that every member in your team should discuss together and understand how the products are put together and how the app is structured. Keep in mind that everyone’s knowledge is important in order to know how to put together everything on the platform and how to target the potential customers. It helps in creating a strong foundation for the architecture of the app and there will be less chances of emerging bugs or errors.

Creating wireframes before the actual website or app development is always considered as a good choice. This is because it helps you to understand how the future app will work. The designers and developers at our Los Angeles based web design company also utilize this method for app development. If you want to create an app for your mobile and tablet users so that they can use your services easily, trust us. Our award-winning team of web designers will create your app or website within 30 days from the date of agreement.

4. Prototype

Prototype can be defined as the early sample or model of a product that is built to test a concept or process. The main aim of developing a prototype for a particular project is to evaluate its new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. In the context of the app design, the prototype is a bare-bone version of the app that is built to test your hypotheses and get early feedback. The way you choose to build your prototype depends on various factors and the most important thing in deciding it is getting early validation of your idea. This is because a bad experience with a prototype might cause you to find some issue with your wireframes, spec or for that matter even the core of your idea. If you reach this stage you have only two options, either make the required changes or abandon it completely.

5. Visual Design

Visual design is all about how your app appears to users. However it doesn’t mean that everything is done just to make things look nice but it is also ensured that the app has a consistent and identifiable visual language. Here the visual design not only helps in telling a story of your brand and guides users through challenging parts of the app but also in making the user experience more enjoyable. In addition to all these, it should also support the guiding beliefs of the company, goals defined in the specs, and the flows laid out in the wireframes. Understand that visual design is like a visual framework that is used to create a coherent and consistent experience, tell an engaging story, and describe how your product is different from others.

So if you want to have an app that makes a great first impression and users take interest in, create a visual design that tells an engaging story of your brand. We can help you in creating that unique experience for your app if you assign your project to us. Our web design company in Los Angeles has a strong team of designers and developers who tailors the web design or app design services according to the unique needs of your company. Currently, we are offering our services to more than 800 clients around the world who like working with us because our web design solutions help them in achieving their online goals.

6. Development

Now the next phase in the app design process is development. It is the last step where apps are developed and users are allowed to use it for their purpose. Often the people who are responsible for developing a particular app have been part of all the previous phases of the app design process. They use their experience while thinking about the difficulty level of implementing proposed designs and considering the best practices for deciding the structure, tools, and other aspects of the app development.

These are the 6 phases of app design for which designers and developers have to work hard to make their app unique and engaging for users. If you are also considering reaching out to your target audience at a global level, it is in your best interest to create a perfect app that can be accessed by different devices anytime, anywhere. You can take advantage of our fairly-priced web design services that include web design, web development, app development and many more. At our Wordpress website design company, you can rely on our proficient designers to work on your project who creates absolutely stunning pages for every website.

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