A Slave in Imperial Rome Pt. 02

A Slave in Imperial Rome Pt. 02

Rebekah marched along in front of me, not turning once to look or say anything. I was angry, frustrated and perplexed at her behaviour. Under her tunic I knew her behind was a mottled red from the beating I had administered at the stream but, if anything, she was even more defiant than before the spanking. Had she no sense of the trouble a slave could bring down on herself for disobeying her master.

Passing the stables Paulus, our slave foreman, a freeman now but a former slave himself, was giving instructions to one of the stable hands on the handling of a young colt. He greeted me as we passed. I returned the greeting in a clipped manner, trying to hide my embarrassment at Rebekah's obviously disrespectful manner. Grabbing her wrist and stopping in front of Paulus I pushed her to her knees, yelling, "KNEEL" into her ear. In return, I got a vicious earful of words in her own language. To make matters worse, Paulo threw his head back and laughed uproariously. I was seething with anger and embarrassment.

"Master Marcus, it looks like you have your hands full with your new colt," he chuckled, looking down at a scowling Rebekah. "No cause for concern. I'm sure you will break her in soon enough."

"Maybe, but an untamed horse might be easier to break than this one. She is being difficult and I've tried to handle her gently."

Paulus walked around Rebekah looking at her carefully. He nodded his head in consideration and then offered, "There's not much to this female. I would be wary about too much discipline. Have you lashed her yet?"

In response, I commanded, "Rebekah, STAND!" I held my breath for a second while she did nothing and thankfully she slowly got to her feet. I reached for a shoulder and, turning her back to Paulo, I lifted up her tunic so he could see her reddened behind. He grunted approvingly.

"Just with your hand?" he asked.

"Yes, I don't want to mark her with the lash, at least not yet."

Paulus nodded agreement, "I agree. If she was a field slave, or even a kitchen servant I would recommend tying her to the pole and maybe three lashes, no more. The lash, properly given, does leave permanent marks. You may not want that for a bed slave. Still, if her rebellion persists I would administer the lash to her if you choose."

Dropping the tunic so her rear was covered I considered the offer. No, I wasn't ready for that. I had witnessed slaves being whipped and as angry as I was with Rebekah I couldn't do that to her. I resolved once again to talk to Maya.

Parting from Paulus I led Rebekah into the Villa and took her to my room. Entering, I saw the chain hanging from the wall above Rebekah's mattress. Father had been true to his word and had installed a restraint for Rebekah. She stopped when she saw the chain and shook her head pulling away. I tried to calm her with soothing words but, wild eyed, she yelled at me in her language.

I waited patiently by the mattress and held the lock at the end of the chain. She refused to come any closer. Okay, I thought, for now I would let her stay in the room unlocked. I would bar the door instead. Dropping the chain I explained to her in words she didn't know but accompanied by sign language I let her know that she could be unlocked but must stay in the room. With that I barred the door just in case and went in search of Maya.


"Have you mounted her yet?" Maya asked straight off when I asked for her help in managing the wisp of a girl.

"No, I don't think she's ready yet and I'm prepared to be patient. I want her to a least be passive. I would like her to be a lively bed partner soon but right now I think she would try to scratch my eyes out if I laid her."

"Master Marcus, I know this may be frustrating to you now but I believe she could be everything you want in a slave girl. She has spirit and I believe intelligence and a touch of pride despite what we are trying to make of her." You would do well to break her slowly and gently to her new role in life, which is to pleasure you with her body. If you do it right you could be very happy and in turn she will be happy and willing to submit to your needs."

"And if she doesn't submit?"

I would give it much time but there is always the lash for disobedient slaves. She could be sent to the fields as well. That would be a waste of such a pretty young woman though." I thought for a moment about the last possibility that Maya mentioned and I knew she was right. No matter how proud Rebekah was, to be chained to a group of brutalized field slaves, toiling away all day in the hot sun and probably raped at night would be a terrible fate. By the standards of our culture, my parents were very lenient and generous to our field slaves. Their rations were much more than in neighbouring Estates and their work hours were shorter and the sheds they lived in were cleaner than most but it was still a brutal existence. I shuddered to think what life would be like for Rebekah as a field slave.

I resolved to dominate her properly, "Maya," I asked, "what should I do to make her obedient and willing?"

"As you said, patience. The way you bathed her when she first arrived was good. I believe she even stroked your manhood to completion, no?"

"Yes she did but that day I think she was so exhausted she seemed in a half dead trance."

Maya continued, "Well try it again. Bathe her lovingly and then massage her body and then have her do it to you. When she is ready, kiss and suckle her breasts and breathe on and lick her neck. Few women can resist that."

"How will I know when she is ready for penetration? She has few words in Latin"

Maya threw back her head and laughed. "Women will let you know when they want your manhood inside them in a very universal language. You will know."

"I do like touching her body and I don't know how long I can wait to mount her."

"Be patient and in the meantime have her use her hands to massage your cock and then maybe with her mouth but only if you trust her. And speaking of mouth, use yours on her womanhood after bathing."

"And Marcus, remember, you are the master and she is the slave. If she responds very badly you must punish her. She must never forget who is her owner."

"I've beat her once today, in frustration, so I can and will discipline her if necessary."

"But remember the goal. Do not hurt her permanently in mind or body. Don't use the whip. If necessary use the broad leather strap that Paulus uses when he administers light punishment. It causes pain but doesn't leave permanent marks."

She continued, "And make her part of your life. Take her with you to the market, to see friends and when you are training. She is yours to do what you want and I think you will be very satisfied in the end if you are firm but patient."


I held Rebekah's hand as I led her into the warm water pool. Our house slaves had prepared and heated the water for my bath with Rebekah. Seeing her naked body again after many days of solid meals had my cock straining in anticipation. Her thighs, ass and hips were slowly filling out. Her breasts, while always a perfect shape, were now more prominent. She was still small but increasingly luscious. Today I planned to wash her again and then give her her first massage. We had just finished a language lesson and I had taken her on a walk through the Villa's flower garden.

She stood away from me, her back to me, her hands over her breasts. I reached out and grabbed her hair in a fist and pulled her close to my body. My cock rested on her lower back and the heat of her body had it rock hard. Breathing deeply I began washing her hair with scented oils. After rinsing the oils out I once again bathed her neck, shoulders and arms. Turning her to face me I spread oils on her breasts and rubbed them in to her skin. She was looking over my shoulder into the distance but I could tell she was enjoying my hands on her. I bent down and put my head on her chest to listen to her heart, the heart I owned, that was really my property. It was beating fast and her breathing was shallow. Was she finally responding?

Unable to stand it any longer I took her hands, cupping them and filling her palms with oils. From the alarmed look in her eyes I knew she knew what was coming next. Holding her gaze I moved her delicate fingers to my cock and held them tightly around my throbbing member. I felt almost crazed with lust and she knew she was in danger. Without any help she began a massaging motion on my manhood. My groans and sighs told her she had to do this. I pulled her closer so that my cock was touching her mound and lips as she stroked me. I nuzzled my head into her neck and licked her ear, groaning. My hands gripped her breasts tightly and my teeth bit her neck and then her nipples. With a shout my body stiffened and convulsed in orgasm, my seed spurting over Rebekah's stomach. She was making me insane with lust.


Lying on her stomach I massaged the muscles in her back, rear and thighs as she tried to stifle groans and sighs. I loved her body, the feel of her warm skin in my hands was delightful. I loved the feel of her buttocks as I squeezed, massaged and then kissed them lightly, dragging my lips over the curved skin. I kneaded her thighs, enjoying the muscles tensing and then releasing under my fingers. Rebekah might be small but she had a very firm body. I liked that my possession was physically strong in her own way.

Turning her over she squeaked and tried to roll off the table. "REBEKAH, STAY!" An alarmed look came over her face but she laid back down on the table staring at the ceiling. I took this as a challenge. Starting with her upper chest I massaged oils into her skin in a slow circling motion as I had in the bath. Our language lessons were really continuous now and I whispered the names of body parts into her ear as I touched them. Then, cupping, kneading, squeezing and caressing her breasts all the while looking at her frozen stare I felt I could detect a softening of her rigid gaze. I leaned down and took a nipple gently in my mouth and sucked on it. Her hands reflexively came up and tried to push me away. Growling, I first rolled her forcefully on her side and gave four hard spanks to her ass. Then I took both her hands and placed them over her head, holding them there forcefully saying, "Don't move!"

She audibly groaned as I resumed kissing, suckling and biting her nipples. They became rigid and extended beautifully from her pink aureola. Her legs and hips were rocking side to side and I knew she was responding to my mouth on her breasts. She was mine and I wanted to play her body like an instrument. My tongue and hands circled lower until my breath was grazing her mound and tightly closed legs. My hands massaged her thighs and then slowly forced her legs apart. I wanted what was mine! I growled again and her legs slowly opened on their own.

I realized as her legs reluctantly and slowly parted that I didn't know very much about a female's body, especially what lay between her legs. I knew the opening where my cock longed to be but my brief experience in the brothels did not really teach me much about what lay in a woman's core. I knew they peed from this area but I didn't know exactly from where. I resolved to watch Rebekah relieve herself so I could learn. I also knew that within her inner lips was the centre of her pleasure but I really didn't know exactly where and I wanted to know. Her pleasure was mine to enjoy and I desired to know about and own this pleasure. I wanted to explore her and know her.

Rebekah gasped as my lips and tongue moved slowly down through her dark curly hair and into her slit on a voyage of exploration. For a time I just breathed soft breaths on her her inner pink lips and breathed in her scent. It was different than any other smell and after breathing it in I decided I liked the scent emanating from her core.

I then began a slow lick of her vaginal opening, dragging my tongue up to the top of her lips. My tongue moved slowly over her slit, playing with both openings lightly and then moving back up to her mound. Somewhere on this journey Rebekah's hips jumped and a squeak came from her mouth. There was a hard button like bulge that seemed to be the cause of her reaction. I moved back down and moved my tongue around the hard button. Her reaction was immediate. Her legs drew up under her and her hips raised up as she gasped and groaned.

Rebekah's cool reserve was breaking down with sighs and little squeaks slipping out of her tightly closed mouth. I tried moving down to her opening and then back up to the hard nub which seemed to bring about her most intense response. I loved that I was learning about her body.

Her mouth was now open and her eyes closed tight as she writhed under my relentless searching of her sex. How I wanted to taste that mouth but I knew she would reject my attempts. I wanted her to want that. I watched as her stomach and breasts moved up and down in time with her gasps and moans. While my tongue moved relentlessly around her hard button I slipped a finger into her warm and moist channel, slowly moving it in and out. Suddenly her who body tensed and stopped moving and then a great whoosh of air and squeals came out of her and her hips bucked wildly, her hands pushing my head from between her legs as she shuddered and moaned. I was delighted to have discovered how to draw out this response from my slave girl. I was learning about my Hebrew Princess's body.

I just gazed down at the shaking creature simply knowing from her pleasured reactions that fucking her would be amazing when the time came. Once again I reaffirmed my desire to train her as a willing sex partner in mind, body and spirit. Patience was what was needed now.


My horse, Pollux, moved slowly down the cobblestones as if sensing my wish was to make my passenger comfortable. Rebekah sat crosswise in front of me on my war horse, and held on to his mane while I had an arm wrapped around her waist. We were riding to Lucius's villa for a round of training and sparing.

Rebekah's hair tickled my nose as I ran it through her dark locks, breathing in her scent mixed with the oils from her bath. I angled so that her rear fit between my legs with her legs off to the side. She was really too slight to sit astride my mount.

I said new words as we moved through the countryside. Rebekah now spoke to me in simple sentences when I asked her questions. Her manner was still distant but I sensed even this was changing. She seemed to be more aware of the world around her as the fear she had of her new home lessened. I sensed she knew there was no immediate danger from my family.

As we turned onto the main road towards Lucius's home she suddenly stiffened in my arms. Off in the distance moving towards us was a long chain of captives. Legionnaires brandishing swords and whips rode along side the captives. Each captive was chained by the neck to a captive in front and to one behind. They were shuffling along seemingly half dead.

Rome was awash in new captives, most of whom would be sold into slavery, others ransomed. As the Empire spread out in almost all directions the Legions were bringing whole populations towards Rome itself. The economy of Rome now resolved around cheap labour. This abundance of slaves made it difficult for many lower class citizens to find work, particularly displaced agricultural workers. My father made it a point to hire some near destitute freemen to work along with the slaves at the Villa.

As the captives passed by, Rebekah shrunk into my arms, her body trembling in fear. I wrapped her more tightly against my chest and then spurred Pollux to move quickly by the procession. I saluted the Centurion of the legion as he passed us by. He nodded at me in return while casting an approving look at the slave girl in my arms.


Lucius circled slowly around me, shield and wooden sword at the ready. I was equally focused on his body and arm, waiting for his thrust or for a weakness in his defence. Suddenly he lunged straight at my chest. My shield came up and right to parry the blow. His sword glanced off he edge of the shield and I brought my sword up towards his stomach but it glanced off his shield. Now close in we both traded rapid blows. One blow from his weapon fell on my shoulder and another on my side. If they were metal swords I would be seriously wounded but I also landed hard blows to Lucius's ribs and shield arm. We sparred as if our lives depended on it and certainly one day they might.

After nearly an hour of training we lay exhausted and sprawled out on the meadow grass under the shade. Lucius looked over at Rebekah and his slave calling to them, "Women, bring us our water."

The slave girls had been sitting quietly under the shade of an olive tree watching Lucius and I practice. They spoke little to each other as each spoke a different mother tongue and neither knew much Latin.

The girls brought us our water and a jug of wine of which Lucius and I drank heartily. He was eyeing Rebekah carefully and finally said, "Not much to your girl. She looks like the wind could blow her away if you don't hold her down," he said laughing. "Let me have a look at her. Does she even have breasts?"

"I assure you her breasts are pleasing."

"Let me see," Lucius demanded.

Rebekah's face looked worried and I believe she knew what was wanted of her. Lucius got up and pulled Mathilde up and in one motion pulled her tunic over her head. She was naked underneath. I reluctantly did the same to my slave. Both girls now stood before us, naked.

"That's better," Lucius grunted. He stepped in front of Rebekah and pulled her arms down which had been shielding her body. He then took both of her breasts in his hands without asking my permission. I was annoyed by his behaviour. I felt Rebekah's body was mine and mine only to touch. She shot a blazing look at me and then stepped back and hissed at Lucius.

Lucius roared with laughter, Turning to me he said, "A tiny thing but filled with fight. Does she show such spirit when you fuhttps://www.babelio.com/monprofil.php?id_user=818927










ck her?"

"I like her pride. I am breaking her slowly. I don't want her to loose her spirit."

"Slowly eh? A slave must know fear. I beat Mathilde harshly at first - not the whip. Its too damaging to a slave's body - but with my hand and belt. She is completely obedient now."

Lucius circled Rebekah slowly, keeping a cautious distance. "Marcus shall we see what she's made of," he said picking up the wooden swords and looking at me, adding with a laugh, "Come, let the girls fight. We can see who got the best warrior of the two."

Mathilde was taller and much heavier than Rebekah. I didn't like the odds and I didn't want her damaged. "Lucius, not now. Rebekah is still recovering from her voyage from Palestine. She is too weak to fight Mathilde."

"Come on man. They're just slaves. We can stop them before either one hurts the other. Let them have a go." With that he handed Mathilde his sword and shield and pointed over to Rebekah, the meaning obvious. A slow smile spread over her face as she sized up Rebekah, a look of a predator sizing up her prey. Rebekah backup up from the fierce look, catching on as to what was happening. I very reluctantly handed her my sword and shield. I looked for a moment into her fearful eyes and whispered quietly, "I wont let her hurt you."

"Come brother, lets drink some wine while our slaves provide the entertainment," Lucius pulled up the jug and poured both of us a goblet of the red spirits.

As I anxiously watched the much taller girl circled my slave with a smile that never left her face. Suddenly the naked girl lunged at an equally naked Rebekah who deftly stepped to the side and parried the blow with her shield. I could not help but admire the sinewy muscles of Lucius's slave's thighs and rear as she lunged at my girl. Her large breasts swayed and shook as she moved in again to slash at my slave.