A Simpleton Becomes Business Women 6

A Simpleton Becomes Business Women 6


This is the story of Zeenat, she is around 27 years old. Married, but have not yet become a mother even after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .

Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumarto have a childbut all her efforts were fruitless as ever

In Part 5 you Read

But do not know why the god was not being kind to her and the result was same ZERO.

When the friendship of both Zeenat& Vijay Kumar deepened, She started to call him to her house. He used to pick her from her office In the evening, the two of them would stay together for the evening and for night whenever her husband went on tours. ,

She would often talk to him and his family and about her husband and family . He had a daughter and son who study in school. Both children lived with him. She has also met Mr Vijay Kumars children once or twice. She met the children as a friend of Vijay Kumar.


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She got fucked multiple times by Vijay kumarbut Again this time too the result was same ZERO.

Her sister who is oldertoZeenatby one year (24)Salmadelivered a cute baby girl. Since They were staying inHyderabadit was difficult for her to manage workduring her pregnancy and thereafter the baby. So she called her to stay with her for 6 months.Her Husband salman also permitted her to stay there and told her when ever He will be in town he will too come there and stay with them.

Although married herself, Zeenat was doing joband Shetooka 1 year break for her sister . Also, her husband keeps ontraveling as hefocussed more into increasing his business. So She had no worries about moving into her house for 6 months. In fact She was happy that She will get more time to spend with her sisterand her niece. So She packed her bags and moved to her place on a Saturday.

Salma and her husband Rajak were more than happy to receive her. They had a big flat with 3 bedrooms so accommodating her was easy. She got a bedroom for herself, which was next to their master bedroom. Salma helped her transfer all her clothes into the wardrobes and arrange some of her stuff in the room.

It took Zeenatsome time to adjust to the new place. The light switches, TV setup, washing machine and doing her daily chores. Rajaks work timings were 10 am to around 7-8 pm. So it would be her sister and her at home most of the time.

After about a week or so, Zeenat became comfortable in their house. Both her sister and Raja (Rajak) would put extra efforts to make her feel that Zeenat was part of their family. She would repay their affection by helping her sister with all house chores, taking care of the baby and sometimes even Raja. Raja was more of a patriarch, so it will be her and her sister doing all the chores, cooking food, washing clothes, etc.

Her sister used to wear all pregnancy clothes loose and thin cotton material, and almost never used to wear a bra at home. OnceZeenat opened up to her about howShe miss being at her home, as here She have to be careful, need to wear a bra at all times and also think about how She look in front of Raja.

Salma was surprised that Zeenat felt this way. She never thought about it in this way. She wantedZeenat to be super comfortable at her home and told her immediately to stop with all the formalities. She said, right now remove your bra!. She did as she instructed and from that day onwards She started to roam in the house braless. Also, She became less conscious about her appearance and what She wore in front of Raja.

However, her sister did not anticipate what effect it had on Raja. He saw her roaming without a bra, sometimes her nipples poking, and sometimes in leggings and night slips. After all he was a man, and it was bound to have a titillating effect on him. Zeenat mentioned this to her sister, but she said it is fine. She even casually joked that let him watch, the poor guy is not getting any action, after the delivery. Another 4-5 months before he can enjoy sex. She couldnt help but smile at her sisters comment and in a strange way also felt good about herself and her body.

One month just zoomed by with us taking care of the baby and house chores. Raja was busy with work during the day but he made most of his time with the baby after coming home. He was a loving and caring father and was great with the baby. Both of us loved watching him play with Sara. They named the baby girl Sara.

End of the month though, Zeenat did feel the sexual tension between her and Raja. Like She mentioned it was obvious and unavoidable. He was sexually needy and her roaming around without bra, and in tight leggings and frilly night slips did not help his cause. Many times Salma would feed the baby in front of us. The sight of her unbuttoning her shirt and feeding the baby was unconventionally sexy. She always wondered what effect watching women breastfeeding has on men. Here She gotta see it live!

Sara being just a new born also found it difficult to distinguish her mother between us sisters. Even though Zeenat have bigger assets (36 C cups) compared to Salma (34 B cups). When hungry, she would grab her boobs with her little hands and try to suckle on them. Zeenat will then hand over her to Salma for breastfeeding. Many times this would happen in front of Raja and he would joke she wants your milk. Her standard response would be very funny Raja.

Rajas dream of her feeding Sara did come true in an odd way. Once, Salma had gone to the parlor and was expected to be back in an hour or so. So it was just Raja and her at home. That is when Sara started crying and was not stopping at all. They both tried to stop her from crying but she was relentless. Finally, Zeenat told Raja that let her try something. So She took Sara in the bedroom and let her suckle on her boobs. AlthoughZeenat was not lactating,she thought this would calm her down. And it worked she was calmly sucking on her right nipple.

As she stopped crying Raja entered unannounced into the bedroom. Zeenat told him to be quiet. He came and softly said see she wanted your milk.She raised her hand signaling him that do you want a slap? He smiled and said sorry to her. Surprisingly she was not feeling awkward breastfeeding her, that too in front of Raja. Her motherly instincts were on overdrive and oddly it was satisfying to see Sara holding her boob and sucking on her nipple innocently. The feeling cannot be explained.

Zeenat told Raja not to tell Salma, as They dont know how she will react. He too agreed and said this will be our little secret. In the meantime Sara wanted to shift to her left boob so she shifted and Zeenat instinctively lifted her shirt up exposing her left tit for a few seconds as she started to suckle on her left boob. Raja would have seen both her nipples as he was sitting right next to me. But he pretended to ignore.

After about 10-15 minutes she fell asleep and Zeenat kept her pram. Raja patted on her back and said well done. Zeenat smiled and said thank you. Salma arrived after 15-20 mins and They got busy in the routine.

As weeks turned into months, Zeenat was getting more attached to the family. Salma would discuss a lot of family related issues while Raja would open up to her about his work. Since Salma was a housewife he was able to connect better with her with work related topics. Post dinner it would be her and Raja speaking about work and Salma would go early to bed around 10 pm. Her and Raja would sometimes keep talking or watch a movie till 12 am and then go to our respective bedrooms to sleep.

One of those days when They were speaking about work, he opened up to her about his work stress and work pressure. Zeenat was being empathic towards him and could make out that he was feeling low so Zeenat opened her arms and gave him a hug. He accepted her embrace and rested his face on her chest and held his arms around her.

Zeenat was patting on his back and telling him to relax, do not take so much tension about work. Soon he adjusted his face so that it was placed in between her boobs. Zeenat was not wearing a bra and he continued to bury his between the warmth of her boobs. This made her quite aroused, for a moment Zeenat thought about ending the embrace, but Zeenat felt sorry for him and thought maybe this will cheer him up. So for a good 15 minutes Zeenat let him cuddle and relax in her embrace. As They separated her nipples were stiff and poking through her shirt.

He said, thank you Zeenat, I am feeling much better. Zeenat replied, great! Relax, dont take work so seriously. Then They spoke for some more time and went to sleep.

After that moment Raja started becoming more and more attached to her. In little things Zeenat would notice it. For example while crossing the road he will hold her hand, he will personally drop her if he can, sometimes he will call from the office during breaks. Zeenat was enjoying all the attention from him and especially with her husband away most times it felt good getting that kind of attention from a strong man.

Zeenat also responded by getting more comfortable with him. Zeenat will let him hold her by her waist, sometimes give him nice hugs, if he is being touchy, ignore and act as it is normal. A good example of this being Zeenat would not stop him from casually patting her on her hips.

Many times when Zeenat will be working in the kitchen he would come and ask her what is cooking. After Zeenat answer, he will come near her and pat her hips saying good girl. This was not a friendly touch but an incredibly sensual touch (for both of us). Nine out of ten times this will happen when Zeenat will be in leggings and her hips will be on display. His touch would immediately make her wet and aroused, also Zeenat loved being called a good girl, her dad used to call her that often when she was young. Obviously this will not happen in front of Salma.

Another thing that he would do was lie down on her lap. Especially at night when Salma has gone to sleep and They are busy watching TV. He will lie down on the sofa and rest his head on her lap and watch TV. This was definitely outside of the comfort zone and also incredibly risky as Salma might come to the living room unannounced. But like Zeenat said, over the last couple of months They had grown close and made her more accommodating. Zeenatwould in fact run her hands through his hair and calm him down.

One of those days, he stopped watching TV and looked at her and said, I feel very comfortable and relaxed keeping her head in your lap. Zeenat responded by saying, great, I am happy to help and calm you down, especially after a stressful day at work.

Work however was the trigger word and soon he started to tell her about his work pressure. I was listening and reassuring him in a motherly way. In the end he said. Thank you Zeenat for your support, sometimes I feel that the earth should open up below her and hide her underground for sometime. Before Zeenat could react to that statement, he turned towards her and shoved his face between her legs. Zeenatguessed thathe was trying to hide from the world.

Zeenat was wearing thin cotton leggings and panties inside but Zeenat was never expecting this kind of situation. This was very awkward yet erotic for her. His face was firmly planted over her crotch, he will be inches away from her pussy! All sorts of questions were going in her head as Zeenat pretended to act normally, will he feel her heat? What if he smells her down there?

Her nipples hardened and her pussy became wet in arousal. Zeenat was keeping calm and patting his back waiting for him to turn back up. After a good 10 minutes he removed his face from between her legs. Zeenat asked him, Hope its all good? He nodded saying yes and soon after another 15 mins They retired to our bedrooms. Zeenat was not able to shake off that scene and Zeenat masturbated before going to sleep.

After about 3 months of staying together, Raja became more adventurous. He was thinking of her as his second wife. His sexual frustration was evident as Salma recovering from C-section was still not ready for intercourse. Salma mentioned to her about how she feels helpless but does the best she can in the bedroom. They would mostly cuddle, smooch, and sometimes she would give him a handjob. Many times she has noticed him masturbating, but she did not confront him as it would make him uncomfortable.

Salma did not know about our equation, unaware about how her husband behaves with her. As days passed, Raja would become more touchy with her. He expected longer and more intimate hugs from her. Sometimes in the kitchen he would hug her from behind and wish her good morning. Zeenat could feel his morning wood (hard erection) pressing on her hips as he held his hands just under her boobs. First he used to pat her softly on her hips, but now it was more with intent. His pats would be harder and his hands would linger on her hips longer feeling the flesh for 1-2 seconds.

One morning he kept fondling her hips in a loving way, and kept saying, you have the perfect hips Zeenat, they are like the peach smiley. Zeenat would keep pushing his hand away and keep telling him to stop distracting her. In an absence of any sort of hard resistance from her, he kept getting bolder, and continued to fondle her hips at will. The effect it had on her was very intense, her pussy was wet with arousal and Zeenat was finding it hard to concentrate. Luckily Salma got up and as They heard her footsteps approaching Raja went away.

One question that all of you may want to ask is why did Zeenat not stop him. The answer to this question is Zeenat was also needy. Her husband was away most of the time and Zeenat too enjoyed the touch of a man. She wanted to become a mother and knew that Rajak was potent and fertile..Moreover, the risk of Salma catchingthem red handed oddly made it more sexy. It reminded her when Zeenat was newly married in a joint family and the way her husband and Zeenat would secretly havetheir sensual sessions.

Into the 4th month, Raja was getting bolder by the day. Very very touchy whenever Salma was not there around us. Intimate morning and bedtime hugs became routine, ass groping was longer, sometimes he would cuddle with her on the sofa.

Zeenat think he was just waiting to get some alone time with her to make the next move. Finally he got his chance, when Salma had gone to her friends place. She went by around 4pm after feeding the baby and was expected to be back by 8 pm. That meant Raja had 4 hours of alone time with her. They said bye to Salma and told her to have fun.

As it was a weekend, Zeenat wanted to bake a cake. Zeenat was in the kitchen doing the prep work for baking. Zeenat was dressed in home clothes, light gray leggings and a loose cotton shirt. Zeenat was not wearing a bra as usual and had light pink panties underneath the leggings.

Raja enters and starts to dust off the flour over her clothes. Zeenat ask him, Raja what are you doing?

He replies, nothing, just wiping the flour of the good girl. And he continues to dust off the flour over her shirt and then over her leggings. He dusts it off the side of her leggings and also over his favourite area, her hips!

Zeenat protested by saying, Raja let her work now, you can dust off the flour at the end. Your good girl is busy baking a cafe.

He replied, okay good girl, call her when you are done.

After about 30 mins Zeenatwas done and Zeenat put the cake in the oven. Then Zeenat started to clean the kitchen which gets a mess especially when you bake. She was just about done when Raja enters and says, looks like my good girl s done baking.

Zeenatreplied, yes I am done, just cleaning up. He was just waiting for her to say that, he came closer to her and started to dust the flour off her. He said, you clean the kitchen, let me clean youmy good girl.

Zeenat was washing utensils in the sink, and he was touching her all over and dusting off the flour. He started with the side of her legs, and then moved on to her hips. He took his time patting her hips properly till he dusted them off (lots of casual touching). Zeenat was super aroused, hence tried to diffuse the sexual tension by saying, enough Raja.

But he was not in the mood to stop; he started to dust it off her shirt too. Most of the flour was over her stomach so he dusted it off, some was on the shoulders. Finally he was done. At the end of it, Zeenat was super aroused and She think he was aroused too.












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