A Simple Guide To Decorative Zips: Knowing Grades Of Button Resins

A Simple Guide To Decorative Zips: Knowing Grades Of Button Resins

Vaishali Aegis

There are massive varieties of resin buttons. It is a known fact that the resin button is excellent than the plastic buttons. If you are searching for resin buttons for a design project, then there are plenty of shapes and designs to choose from. To find the right one, you need to know about all the feature of this button resin. Let us see the materials, shapes, sizes and designs in which these resin buttons are available. 

The Unique Features of The Resin Button 

1.     The shapes

The resin buttons come in a variety of shapes. Some of the common button shapes are round and square, flower and heart shapes. However, they come in limited shapes when compared to plastic buttons. The hot resin is poured into the mould to create unique resin buttons. 

2.     The style 

Before choosing a button resin manufacturers, you need to know which style you prefer. There are plenty of button styles. Each style suits the garment you wear. There are button styles such as multicoloured, regular, patterned, stone and much more. Depending on your clothing style, you can choose any of these resin buttons. 

3.     The size 

The resin buttons come in tons of sizes. However, the size is standardized when it comes to shirts, skirts, and pants. However, when knowing the button sizes, you can choose the right size resin button that works for you. 

4.     The types 

There are countless resin buttons available on the market. Some of the different styles of button resins are as follows: 

·        Natural buttons 

The natural resins buttons are made from wood and natural wood materials. They are the most natural buttons you can choose. It is used on clothes and any other button project. They do not come in such designs and styles. However, it is one of the most classic natural resin buttons available in the market. 

·        The enamel buttons 

The enable button types are covered with shiny resin to give it enamel-like surface. These buttons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is also known as the pearl lustre button due to its shiny texture. The resin button will not damage due to frequent washing. Its shine and resin are long-lasting. 

·        The flat button 

The flat resin buttons are made with resin sheets. The resin sheet is put into a punching machine to form a flat or sheet-like resin buttons. Also, the flat buttons are available in the multilayer structure. Also, producing flat resin buttons are easy than other models. The sheet or flat button is the most popular resin buttons manufacturers in the market. 

·        The patterned buttons 

The patterned resin buttons are popular due to their artistic designs and patterns. These buttons are made with resin and have floral patterns. Even lines or plant designs are incorporated in these buttons. The patterned buttons are poured in a W shape pipe. The formation of the resin button is amusing. There are tons of varieties in this patterned button category. 

·        The resin mould buttons 

The resin mould button is different buttons in terms of shapes and sizes. The button resin formula is poured into button moulds by button resin manufacturers. When the resin formula is dry, it becomes a solid mould button. These buttons are available in only single colours. There are no multicolour mould buttons. The speciality of it is the same colour and designs. 

·        The buckle resin button

The buckle is a unique type of button that is used on jackets and skirts. It is available in amusing patterns and has a gloss texture. These buttons are highly-popular and fashionable today. 


There are plenty of decorative resin buttons. Each one is unique and pretty. By knowing its features, you can choose the best resin button that is perfect for you.