A Review on the Performance of ClickaCRM

A Review on the Performance of ClickaCRM

Throughout the history of business, customer relationships have been one of the most crucial aspects of any business and one of the determining factors in its success or failure. Statistics are the solid proof that those businesses, and this is not limited to the digital world, who ignored CRM have been doomed to fail, and those who took it seriously, used a CRM system or software program, or collaborated with a company that specializes in CRM, have gone way ahead in their business, surpassing and beating their rivals.

We chose ClickaCRM to manage our customer relationship and are very happy with our choice. In our review, we have provided some information about what CRM is and how ClickaCRM does everything exactly by the book. They are the realization of the definition of CRM. Read this ClickaCRM review to the end, and you will be convinced.

The Basics

Most business owners know the meaning of CRM word by word: Customer Relationship Management. But, actually only few know how to do it or what they need to do well. In order to have good CRM, a business owner needs to have a good understanding of why any information from the customer is crucial and important for their business to become successful. Then, they can research to find a good company for their CRM services. That’s what I did, and I will walk you through it step by step in this special ClickaCRM review.

ClickaCRM Review - Why is CRM important?

One of the most important things that a business owner has to know is that what kind of people have already approached their company for different purposes and also what kind of people the service or product their company is offering might appeal to. These are your leads. The first group of people can be those who just opened an account on your website or have downloaded a file from it. The second one is your potential clients or customers, or in other words, those who you should target your advertising at. They are your target audience and it is important to make a good impression on them.

Finding these people manually takes a very long time, and that is exactly why your business needs ClickaCRM that specializes in automating the creation of lead groups from the website. They will auto-generate a lot of repetitive tasks of your business that takes a considerable amount of your time, such as replying to emails or sorting out complaints and comments.

ClickaCRM makes sure that you and your team as business owners will maintain a healthy and positive relationship with your existing customers. This way, you will not have to repeat the same process from the beginning to convince them on coming back to you. Plus, a customer who is satisfied with your services and keeps coming back for more purchases will definitely tell other people about their pleasant experience. This way, the word of mouth is done and you will reach more potential customers.

Working with ClickaRCM makes your clients feel important and heard. Thus, they will start to feel more loyalty towards your brand.

ClickaCRM Review

What did ClickaCRM do for us?

The first thing ClickaCRM did for us was to collect data from our customers. This included everything that could help us build a better rapport with them or provide personalized services to them in the future, such as demographic information, purchase history, personal interests, and all the previous interactions anyone had had with our brand. Then, this was classified and stored, and then was made available for our authorized personnel to access and use. This data helped us a lot to know and analyze our customer behavior better and more efficiently.

Using the system offered by ClickaCRM, we were able to come up with solutions for more effective marketing, especially digitally, as we’re actually able to follow the trends of customer behavior, thanks to this CRM software.

ClickaCRM helped us create a personalized messaging system that led to an excellent recipient engagement. When their CRM system was integrated into our email marketing tools, we were able to come up with an email marketing system to aim at our prospective clients. Plus, ClickaCRM enabled a push notification option for all members of our sales team, which means they are notified when the receiver of the email opens it or makes any interactions with it. Also, the template of the messaging system is very simple, and every one of our sales managers or representatives can amend it according to the clients’ needs.

ClickaCRM in Social Media

When ClickaCRM started managing our customer relationship on social media, we were able to see all the interactions the users had with our brand. This gave us better insight into who our clients are and what kinds of things they like. So, we could focus on developing our relationship with the existing customers as well as discovering new potential customers using keywords and hashtags. Working with ClickaCRM enabled our social media and marketing managers to create more focused and innovative content.

Live Chat

Using customized software, the chat box that the ClickaCRM team provided us on our website was able to capture any information including name, email address, phone number, IP location, and time of the chat the moment a client requested a live chat. The great thing about this option was that the chat history is visible to any other employee who might be tending to the same customer visiting or chatting for the second time. This way, our team has been able to view all the important information regarding our customers in order to be able to provide the best possible services.

ClickaCRM Review - Summary

In this ClickaCRM review, I wrote about our experience in working with ClickaCRM and how they managed our customer relationship. Shortly after we started working with ClickaCRM, the level of satisfaction from our services among our existing clients increased sharply. Only because we cooperated with ClickaCRM, our clients now claim that we are the first brand that comes to their minds.

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