A Night Out

A Night Out

Author's note: A little something I did of the writer CyCaDeLic's characters Ember and Aurelia from their Taming The Stallion Series. If you're into futa, centaurs, excessive fluids, scent play, and impregnation check out their work. Anyways as always comments and feedback is welcome.


The air was muggy, heavy with the stench of people, animals, spices, and torch smoke. The sound of chatter filled the atmosphere, thrumming in tune to the neighing of animals, the clank and clink of machinery, and the buzz of nocturnal insects. Ember's ears twitched, her senses taking this all in as her hooves clacked on the cobblestone road with each step. It was a blissfully warm autumn evening.

They were in the marketplace, she thought, pivoting her blindfolded head about. Just where was Aurelia leading her? Her love had promised some sort of surprise earlier in the day, whatever it was though Ember had no idea and the blindfold wasn't making her guess any better.

Her thoughts swirled with each step through the crowded marketplace as Aurelia led her by a leash, their presence eliciting a jumble of reactions from the bustling throng. Even now, Ember still blushed at some of the muttered whispers her elven ears picked up as they made their way through. Not that she could blame them given what she'd become.

It'd been several months since Fawn had broken, no... tamed her. Several months since that wonderful blue stallion had dominated every portion of her being and changed her into the sissy broodmare she now was. And sissy broodmare she was, carrying Fawn's spawn had swelled not only the belly of her equine half, but also her breasts, making them more like udders than simple tits. For they were heavy, laden with milk, and leaked constantly from their pierced and nigh permanently aroused nipples. It was a state that was mirrored by the drooling yawning chasms, that were her asshole, cunt, and the caged dick-pussy, that had once being her stallion pride.

A stifled shudder and moan racked her body as she considered what she now was. She supposed she should still be mad, considering all the humiliating things she'd been put through, but all she felt was peace. A peace, that was utterly joyous and fulfilling, more so with Aurelia at her side.

The former courtesan too had changed. No longer was the flaxen-haired, white-furred centauress a submissive, but a mistress, cruel, dominant, and loving in equal parts. Even before her transformation, Aurelia had been a feminine ideal, big breasts, a beautiful face, and an equine rump, that'd stir the loins of any warm-blooded and more than a few cold-blooded beings. She'd been perfect but now... there were no words. Her tits had swelled, heavy with sweet cream, her skin seemed to shine with an inner light, her equine belly too was heavy with Fawn's offspring, but she held it with a grace that made Ember swoon, and that was to say nothing of Aurelia's quim and pucker. Despite their slight gape, they were still perfect, subtly wrinkled, ever wet, and radiated the mare's sweet scent.

A wistful sigh escaped Ember's plump lips at the thought, her sealed phallus twitching, before a firm tug on her leash drew her back to the present.

"We're almost there," Aurelia said as cobblestone became damp and worked soil. Just where were they going, and what sort of surprise was Aurelia planning? Ember continued to question herself, feeling her heart beat in tune to her giddy anticipation, and the weight of the covered basket Aurelia had given her before they left the stables earlier.

Maybe... She thought, scenting an earthy aroma through flared nostrils as a cool breeze billowed through her blonde locks and tickled her bare arms.

Maybe, just maybe...

She shook her head; she'd dare not hope, but...

Fawn and Calista had left on an errand of some sort about a week or so ago. A departure that'd left Ember longing, a state which had already turned ravenous, given she'd not been plowed in weeks. It'd been because she was in a particularly danger prone phase of her pregnancy and the nursemaid had said no to sex till she was out of the period, but still... All the weeks of celibacy had done for her was to leave her hornier and hornier, and her once shrunken balls swollen cantaloupes, that no longer fit in her cage. It was infuriating, but it was for her growing babies, but still... celibacy sucked and rubbing her needy pussy against her pen's support beam wasn't cutting it.

Another tug and Ember came to a stop.

"We're here," Aurelia said as Ember's senses took in her surroundings. The air was crisp, cool, and prickled gooseflesh on her skin and stiffened her nips even more. The scent of damp grass, earth, pine, and wild flowers tickled her nose. And finally, the sound of a whistling breeze, a bubbling brook, and the infrequent hoots and caws of nocturnal birds teased her pointed ears. It sounded like they were...

"Can I..." Ember started, the words escaping her lips before she could reel them in," I'm..."

"Ssshhhuuuu," Aurelia cooed, her lips centimeters from Ember's ears, her finger on the former blacksmith's lips, their milk-laden tits pressed together, and her sweet scent flooding her love's nostrils," not yet, my little sissy stallion," she added, quickly pecking Ember's cheek before pulling away with the basket in hand.

"Okay," Ember whispered, nodding, her cheeks blushed. Her heart galloped, her breaths coming in short shallow heaves as her anticipation grew and the wait seemed to stretch ad infinitum. It was torturous, hearing all the shuffling about, not knowing what was going on, feeling her ever sodden cunt moisten even more, and just when she thought her heart would tare out of her chest, it all came to light. With the barest of flicks the blindfold slipped off.

Ember gasped.

"It's... It's," she started, her voice hitching, tears welling in her eyes.

"I'm glad you like it," Aurelia said cheek to cheek with her love.

"Thank... Thank you," Ember stuttered, turning to face Aurelia.

The white centauress smiled, her lips pouty, her eyes twinkling," don't thank me yet, I still have another surprise for you."

They stood on a verdant hill, nestled in the center of a halfmoon, surrounded by trees, overlooking a pond dusted by fireflies and the lights of the city in the distance. A picnic was set out, red checkered blanket, dried fruits, summer sausage, soft cheese, bread, and a jar of water. The sight of it all only took Ember's breath away again as they settled onto the blanket and the light of the full moon fell upon Aurelia. Her features were accentuated, somehow softened, and sharpened in the lunar light.

"You're... beautiful," Ember said, the words brimming with more emotion than she ever dreamed of uttering even after accepting what she'd become. Maybe it was the pregnancy. Maybe it was just...

Aurelia smiled, laying a soft hand on Ember's.

"I love you."

"I love you."

They sat. Silence stretching into small talk then to conversation. Laughter, sighs, giggles, and gentle touches. Food and liquids, crisp, sweet, and savory. All interlaced in the moments. Each slice of which Ember reckoned she could have spent an eternity within. And she'd have gladly done so if Aurelia hadn't leaned forward, her delicate hand on hers, and kissed her. It was a hungry thing, a prelude heralded by Aurelia's tongue. It was the sort of kiss Ember would have initiated, back when she foolishly thought of herself as a stallion. She melted into it, her muscles slackening and her loins flaring with redoubled heat to Aurelia's artful tongue and fingers through her hair.

It broke, leaving a spittle bridge between their lips and Ember's breath heavy.

Their eyes met; Aurelia's smoldered, there was a heat there, growing, a brimming pot heartbeats away from bubbling over.

Ember shivered, knowing what was to come. She shifted, raising her fattened rump, her inner walls flexing, her teats dribbling a steady stream, and her caged cock attempting to twitch within its gilded confines.

Aurelia chuckled," gods, you're such a slut," she teased, shaking her head.

Another blush.

"But it's still too early for you to get plowed by your favorite toy, my sissy mare."

Ember slumped.

"But" Aurelia added, cupping and raising Ember's chin," don't worry. There's more than one way to break a bitch," she finished, her smirk wicked and mischief in her glittering eyes. The mare stood a moment later, her lips glistening.

Ember looked up, making to stand.

She stilled with a quick glance from the now domineering mare.

"Just lay back down," Aurelia ordered," and let me see that sissy clit of yours."

Obliging Ember did.

And to the blonde's surprise she saw Aurelia saunter up next to her, settle onto her knees, presenting her ass to Ember's face as she leaned forward to cup Ember's caged cock and trembling balls.

The broodmare moaned at her love's touch. It was a tender thing, a series of ministrations, that traced the flushed veins of Ember's overstuffed and taut sack.

"You've gotten bigger," Aurelia purred, her breath warm, her lips inches from the straining pair," does my little broodmare think she's a stallion again?" She added, her lips ever closer.

It was enough to make her cum. She didn't, she was a good bimbo mare after all, so she did what she could.

A shudder, a shaking of the head, and a gasp.

Looking down, shock twisted Ember's features as she saw her ever-drooling phallus-pussy free from its cage. Her expression morphed into a pleasured moan as Aurelia's lips met her sack and electric bliss sparked through her body. The sensation turned into a storm as Aurelia made her way across Ember's sex from testicle to head in a series of kisses.

"I'm gonna, gonna," Ember heaved, feeling her body quake with each electric peck. Blood surged, her heart thundered, she was so...


Ember blinked, coming to herself.

"Not yet," Aurelia smirked, straightening, and meeting the blushing blacksmith's eyes," but now we can have some fun," she added, dragging a finger across Ember's slick and peppered length.

Once more Ember blinked, watching as Aurelia popped a finger from her pouty lips before bringing her finger back down. Ember's eyes followed. It was then she realized what'd happened. She looked up.

Aurelia smirked," surprise."

Her cock throbbed in response.

She was nowhere near her former length, but at 3ft and bat-thick, her now throbbing and lipstick riddled horse cock was a monster compared to its usually shrunken state. A spider's web of small veins spread across its mottled surface, each beating in sync to her racing heart. Her glans was flared, ribbed, and drooled viscous pre in anticipation.

She was...

It was...


Still reeling from what she was seeing, she didn't notice the white mare stand back up and saunter around her.


A yelp.

"Now, show me what you got my little fem stallion," Aurelia said, making her way around the still shocked Ember, before kneeling and presenting her glistening pussy and swishing tail to the dumbstruck blacksmith. "Get to it," Aurelia snapped, as she glared with exaggerated menace at her tamed love.

Ember blinked, stood, and with the hesitant steps of a virgin she approached. Her tool pulsing and drooling beneath the rounded bulk of her pregnant belly.

"I... I..." She started. There was no way she could satisfy Aurelia given what'd happened. There was no way she could compare to the alpha, that was Fawn and her denial dick. And with Aurelia also pregnant, it was...

"Do it," Aurelia barked, snapping everything into sharp relief. "It'll be fine," Aurelia added, giving Ember a smile," now do it my little sissy stallion slut."

A twitch and with heart racing, Ember obliged.

Mounted, she thrust, parting Aurelia's lips and hilting within the mare's scalding depths in a single stroke.

Fuck," they both groaned, and it was in that moment Ember felt it. It was sudden, nigh violent, and her quim erupted a deluge with its parting and an unanticipated climax. It roiled through her, only to redouble as she felt Aurelia bathe her shaft a second later. They screamed and drenched the ground beneath their feet.

Coming down from her high, Ember cocked her head, expecting Fawn behind her with the blue goddess's bumpy cock buried in her cunt with a smirk on her azure face.

Finding no one behind her, and feeling her pussy still stretched as if there was a cock buried in its pulsing depths, Ember blinked.

With confusion tinging her features Ember looked around, only finding she, Aurelia, and the surrounding verdant scenery. Just what was going on? Maybe..."

She was just about to voice her concerns, when Aurelia cut in with a," just fuck me. It'll be fine, just trust me."

Hesitant, but feeling buoyed by Aurelia's words, she did as was bid. She stepped back, freeing a foot of her phallus from Aurelia's squelching sheath, only to feel the same pulling sensation in her own cunny. She blinked. It was...

She thrust, felt the sensation of something bottoming out in her own depths, and beamed as realization dawned. Giddy and grinning like a sun-drunk fool, she set to work. She rutted, slipping into instincts she'd not indulged in months.


She plunged, spreading Aurelia's undulating channel and stretching her own in equal measure.


Her pendulous balls swung, smacking her gravid belly and sheath. Pain blossomed, electric and euphoric.


The ground churned; milk flowed, and Ember's hands gripped her swollen mummeries.


Flesh met flesh, juices sprayed, and the sound of their rutting filled the glade. They were like animals caught in heat, their bodies clapping together in a symphony only they knew as they raced towards the inevitable. And like the crescendo of a symphony, they peaked simultaneously.

Ember howled, her balls rose, her cock quaked, and she erupted, jettisoning rope after rope of viscous over-churned seed into Aurelia's spasming depths. It was a smothering sensation and only swallowed up even more of her already overloaded mind and body as her pussy felt like it to was being filled with its own load. She gushed, spraying her juices and milk whichever which way. It was too much. If this was...

The thought never finished as Ember's vision whited out.

When she finally came too, she found herself seated, the blanket soaked to uselessness, and Aurelia seated and smiling.

"Did you like your surprise?"

"What...?" Ember started, her voice hoarse and mind still a bit addled.

"With Fawn and Callista gone, and you still being at the end of your danger period I figured we could have a little fun like old times. It's a spell-worked potion in the lipstick," Aurelia said, her smile faltering as she met Ember's still confused face. "I, I'm, I didn't mean to..."

Ember shook her head, stumbled forward on her knees and hugged Aurelia.

"I love you."

A sigh.

"I love you too."