A New Day, A New Us part 5

A New Day, A New Us part 5


Kori staying the night with me wasnt even debated by anyone; she didnt feel comfortable leaving me for my sake. Its an interesting sleeping arrangement with Kori in pain and me not able to touch her without hurting her which left me in the awkward position of being in bed with her but not being able to hold her. I get to sleep at some point and wake up Saturday morning with Kori wrapped around me for a change keeping me on the bed. The majority of the day is me wanting to run out and bring hell with me but Kori keeps me grounded at my house and playing nurse to her requests for most of the day. Her parents give me a reprieve from duties and I get to chat with Liz as a distraction and find out that all communications from her about what happened have gone dark. Apparently Kori spoke with Katy at one point and wanted everything kept quiet.

Its Saturday evening with Kori and I just talking about nonsense when my Dad decides to drop in with his thoughts on what to do about the Moralists.

Okay you two, youve been resting against Guys need to go beat up someone so let me explain how to get into the heads of these little shits, Dad starts in.

We sit quietly as he lays the whole thing out for how everything can go down, Kori doesnt like the idea of fear until Dad explains a ‘family/pack mentality. We go over all the bases and Dad lets me in on the most difficult part of the whole thing for me, letting others do the work.

Okay Im not good with this, I say with a little anger, You dont want me to go on the offense at all, I have to trust a giant teddy bear and Jun to wage a freaking war.

Boy everyone has learned that you can break most people your age in a fight. You need to make them fear everyone near you, you let the alternative message that youre bringing be heard, Dad explains trying to placate me, Heather recruited by playing on peoples fear of being different, you give them freedom and theyll flock.

I dont fully understand what hes trying to sell me on but its sounding more like a screwed up plan but Kori seems to be interested and I let the two of them discuss some of the hows and whens as I sit and watch them plot, after Dad leaves I try to speak with Kori about Dads ideas.

Baby I want them bad but this seems a little too goofy, I just let everyone else go out and attack but I stay back and do nothing, I say frustrated.

No honey, we get them to finally attack you then you tear them up. But everyone in this group needs to pull weight, Kori says calming me down.

Well if this is what you want then Ill do it but baby itll be much simpler just to let me do what I seem to do best and go all out on revenge, I say sitting down with her on the bed.

Yeah well when you do that I seem to only see the effects after it happens and I want to see the fear and watch them run, Kori tells me with a little bitterness in her voice.

While it occurred to me that she might want to get somewhat involved everything has been about me in the past up until now with Heather deciding to isolate me from my friends. Now its Kori who had to deal with the attack and where I would want blood in her place she wants something different. I relent with her request with the planning but I come back to one problem, Ben.

Where was Ben, I finally ask, Ben didnt show up to group and you said you were with him so where the fuck was he when you got dragged off?

I dont know where he was but itll take me about a minute to find out tomorrow, Kori says with a little grim determination, Were calling everyone together at the stone field, nobody is talking about what happened and as far as anyone knows you and I have been quiet for a day.

I try to sleep that night but Im not relaxing at all and having my girl next to me but I cant really touch her is straining me more than I can deal with. I dont know when I fell asleep but I wake up alone and after stumbling out of my bedroom find the rest of the family along with Mary and Carl sitting around eating breakfast.

Hey sleepy, its almost noon, Katy says trying to cheer me up.

Yay, I wasted time sleeping, I mock happiness as I get some food.

Hes not a cheerful person in the morning, Mary says trying lighten my mood.

Boy has a mindset for something else honey, Carl says explaining my sour mood.

I get fed and find that while I slept Katy and Kori got messages sent out to everyone including Ben to meet at the stone field. Everyone responded that they would be there and apparently my sleepy ass has kept us from getting there first. I throw on clothes from yesterday and my coat before leading the way on my bike with Kori and Katy following in the car. Arriving at the field is an interesting thing for me considering all that has happened here the past year and few days. Everyone is assembled and expectant as I get off my bike while Kori and Katy sit in the car and wait while I address everyone.

I know that weve been pushing the ‘moral majority around a bit and its been fun up until Friday. Something happened and Ive decided that Im done playing games with these shit bags, I start in getting nods, Now while most everyone here has been down this road with me save for a few of you we have a problem, I dont think anyone here has the stomach to do what comes next.

What the fuck are you talking about, Natsuko asks a little shocked.

We do what you need us to do so that you can get a hold of people involved and beat the shit out of them, Jun adds trying to justify his position.

No you all need to fucking step the hell up and do some damage for a change, I say loud enough to quiet the back talk, Every time something happens you all look to me well with this its going to be I point you smash.

Im not much of a fighter Guy, Devin says a little sheepishly.

Bullshit Devin, you are a fucking giant. You dont flock to me because I stood up once and made enough noise that people backed off. You stay because were a family of fucking monsters, I raise my voice on the last word, They may see me but they run from us and now its time you all follow my lead.

Hes right, weve made him our crutch, Katy says getting out of the car, the way things stand either you are with this family to the end or youre out. That doesnt mean you come back when its over either. Personally Im in after Friday.

What happened Friday, Ben asks confused.

Ah Benny boy, I was wondering when youd chime in, I say going from angry motivational to sinister, where the hell were you during final class?

I was at the glee club with Kori, I got distracted and when I looked for her she was gone, Ben says matter of factly.

Ben I saw you leave then a couple of guys came and told me that you were being backed into a corner and when I got to the parking lot to find you, you werent there, Kori says stepping in front of me, Now why did you leave me to Heathers people?

I didnt, I was talking to a girl and she wanted to talk in private, Ben says on the defense, we chatted and when I came back to the club you were gone.

So some random girl comes around and you just walk off and then conveniently Kori gets dragged out here by five guys and stripped down to her panties before they take belts to her back, legs and stomach, I say covering the distance between Ben and I.

Everyone in the group freezes at my words and all eyes are on Kori who lifts up the front of her shirt to show her bandages. Bens eyes are all Im watching as the shock sets in, I can see he didnt know anything but that doesnt stop Devin who goes from shock to a giants rage in less time than it takes to blink. Everyone in the field turns from Kori as Devin grabs Ben by the throat and starts to choke the life out of him. I let it go until Kori starts trying to call off Devin.

Devin stand the fuck down, I yell getting silence and causing Devin to slowly let go of Bens neck.

Geez he was gonna kill me, Ben says holding his neck.

He was Ben, but Guy wouldnt have. He would have made you suffer for it, Kori says stepping in between Ben and me.

I didnt know they took you or anything like that, Ben says desperately.

We know that now Ben, but you failed the family, I say getting everyones attention, that means if you stay then you have to bring first blood.

I see the decision being made and with a nod from Ben I smile and turn back gathering the group closer together and explaining what people at school will need to see when they look at us. Everyone in the group is more in the mindset for revenge than I could have hoped but its Devin who stops me as we break up the gathering to talk.

I think I like a girl at school, Devin says a little embarrassed.

Dude thats great but we can handle you and her after we deal with Heathers friends, I tell him starting to walk away.

Thats my problem shes in their group, Devin says freezing me in my tracks.

You find a girl you like but shes on the other side, sorry man but Im not sparing anyone, I say readdressing Devin.

Please man, can you try to win her over, Devin asks with a pleading look on his face.

I shrug my shoulders and head back to my bike and watch everyone else clear out before I follow Katy and Kori out on my bike. I follow the car back to Koris house and give her a kiss goodbye before Katy and I head back towards home. We pull up to see Gregs car leaving and Liz shutting the front door to the house. Katy shrugs at me and we both head inside, Mom and Dad arent home. Apparently both of them needed a day to let some stress out with the chaos that happened on Friday and the picking up of pieces on Saturday I honestly cant blame them. I get into my room and dont even close the door as Katy slides in after me and sprawls out on my bed, I sit down in my computer chair and watch as she kicks her boots off and relaxes. Katy has a long sleeve shirt with a black veil brides t-shirt over it and beat up shorts with tights on under those.

Kori is really upset about not being able to have sex with you, Katy says lounging.

Yeah well it sucks for me too, I really want to let my girl know that nothing can keep me from her but I have bruising and bandages that prove me wrong, I reply with a little frustration.

A knock on my door gets both of us to pause as Liz enters the room looking more frustrated than usual. I can see that Liz has changed out of her ‘church clothes and into a tight pink t-shirt and black yoga pants. Katy and I watch as she goes into a full on rant about her day.

Well its official that if you have a boyfriend who goes to church they are fucking retarded, Liz fires off with more venom than Ive seen from her in a while, I head over to his place to see him after fucking church and he decides that I need to reevaluate our relationship.

Okay Liz, something you want to talk about, I ask glancing from her to Katy with some curiosity.

Were alone at his place and I ask him about us having sex, he says no and I try to leave. Finally after half an hour of talking I get his pants off and he wont let me give him a blowjob, I get condom on him and we actually have sex, Liz says continuing her rant, we get done and he cant look at me for five minutes then he tells me that we shouldnt have done that and that it should have been something special and we wasted it. I get mad and tell him that its the person thats special not the moment and he goes into this speech about how my friends are a bad influence and that I should disown my family because they arent using good moral values to raise me. The last straw was Kori, I asked about her without saying what happened and he told me that she dresses like a whore and that she will probably get raped if shes not careful.

The whole rant Im trying to remain calm but now I want to kill Greg and use his blood to paint my room. Katy is up off my bed and coaxes Liz into calming down while giving her a hug. The whole venting process has Liz emotionally exhausted as they sit down on the bed.

Worst part is during the half hour before we had sex I used my laptop to record the conversation just in case we had sex so I had proof he wasnt a bad guy to you, Liz says a little embarrassed.

You recorded Greg losing his virginity to you, I ask perking up a bit.

Trust me its not worth watching, whole thing lasts maybe three minutes, Liz says quietly.

Katy bounces up from the bed and rushes off to Lizs room and quickly comes back with the laptop and starts trying to find the video. I take the laptop and put in on my desk and start to pull it up before stopping and turning my attention to Liz. Her whole expression is one of embarrassment with the situation and I move from my chair and get on my knees in front of her on the floor.

I love you, you are a good sister and friend to Kori, I tell Liz getting her mind off the video, I want this video for later and would like to watch it now but I have to ask you for one thing. Are you and Greg done?

I let her think about it for a few moments before Liz nods her head and smiles at me weakly. I move back to my chair and load up the video file and play it right there. It takes a while being a forty minute video with most of the beginning being her and Greg talking, we skip it until I get to a scene where Liz is naked and laying on her back with Greg trying to line up with her pussy. The whole thing is the most awkward sex Ive ever seen with Greg even asking if that was the right hole and once hes inside it gets worse. He doesnt slide in and out to get a feel of it he just lays there not kissing or even making eye contact with her, he just lays there and Liz finally has to start moving her hips against his like shes milking him. About two minutes into Lizs milking fest Greg goes rigid and starts making these high pitched whimpering noises as he cums inside the condom. Liz is calm and talking to him sweetly and after a few moments he pulls out and while I dont see him till hes been dressed again I stop the video and Katy and I just stare at each other before turning our attention to Liz who seems a little put off at our quiet reactions to it.

Well I can honestly say that there are now people in the world who dont know how to have sex, Katy says getting all three of us to laugh.

Im still in my chair chuckling when I hear the girls stop and opening my eyes I see Katys mouth locked onto Lizs mouth and Liz wearing a wide eyed expression. I drop my coat off my shoulders and onto the chair and move to the floor next to the girls. Katy breaks the kiss on Liz and before Liz can react I move in and take her face in my hands and kiss her hard. Liz starts to kiss me back after a minute and with little effort Katy and I get her up onto my bed, I keep kissing her while Katy strips the both of them down till I have two naked girls on my bed. I pull back to strip and watch as Katy feeds Liz one of her breasts, it takes Liz a second to adjust with her head on the pillow but after a few moments I see Katys eyes close as she enjoys Lizs mouth. I get all the way stripped down and am half hard when I nudge Katy to get her attention, Katy looks and smiles before taking her tit from Lizs mouth. Katy takes her time slowly kissing down Lizs body and finally gets to her legs spread; Liz has only been trimming and Katy wastes no time diving in tongue first. Liz is going frantic and doesnt really notice that Ive moved up have myself over her head and my near eight inch cock dangling in her face. I bump her with the head and watch her eyes open and like a hungry animal Liz grabs my ass with her hands and pulls my cock into her warm mouth. I can feel Liz moaning as she forces most of me into her face and while I didnt plan on rough sex today Im definitely not opposed to it.

I lower my hips closer to Lizs face and enjoy myself as she works at fucking her face with my cock. I can feel her moaning as Katy eats her out and the vibrations along with her trying to force more of my member in her mouth has me hard and Im done with foreplay. I pull my cock from Lizs face and watch a drool trail between her lips and my cock fall on her chest as I move down to the foot of the bed. My bed isnt long enough for both girls to lay length wise on it and it shows with Katys ass and legs hanging off the bed. I move behind her and start squeezing her meaty ass cheeks with my hands. I watch Katy pause as I line my cock head up with her asshole, a light push and I press my way into Katys asshole. I reach the base of my cock and back up to the head before slamming deep and hard. Katys ass is tight and she clenches a little every time I push all the way in. Katy moans into Lizs pussy and Liz is biting her bottom lip while holding a handful of Katys hair. The scene before me is hot and I forgo any politeness with Katys ass and pound away hard. Its not long into the assfucking that Katy stops licking Liz at all and is just moaning through me hammering her ass. I slap Katys ass getting a yelp and watch as Liz crawls over straddling Katys back and slaps the opposite cheek getting another yelp from Katy. With Liz pinning Katy down and me hammering her ass Katy gets quiet and locks up before grunting out an orgasm. I bury my cock in her ass and let her ride it out till shes relaxed enough and pull out, Liz gets offKatys back and backs up to the head of my bed spreading her legs wide.

Can I get some real loving today big bro, Liz asks coyly.

Im gonna have to resize you for sex again arent I, I ask crawling up Lizs body.

As I make my way up Liz I start leaving kisses starting at her calf on the left leg and trail them past her midriff and start to suckle on her b cup breast. Weve only had sex a handful of times and all those were about a year ago, before Greg. I can feel my cock lightly bumping against her warm folds and Liz decides to surprise me by hiking her right leg up and with some maneuvering puts it over my shoulder. I forget that she dances considering she never wants me to show up to her performances and she had cut back on them when she started dating Greg. All these thoughts keep distracting me when I feel Lizs hand take hold of my cock and start pulling me into her. Its tighter than anything Ive had in a long time and I grunt and press forward forcing myself into Liz. Both of us grunt with pleasure and a little pain, I look down at Liz and see her face contorted in pain and pleasure. I hold myself inside her trying to let her adjust to my size but my lack of movement.

Would you please not make me do all the work myself again, Liz says with a little frustration.

I smile a little at her bravery and back up half way before sliding gently back inside her. I keeps a slow methodical pace feeling Lizs pussy get wetter and wetter as I work her over. The pace feels slow but after two days of no love with Kori Im ready to burst. I feel something pushing between us and see Katy move her hand onto Lizs clit and start rubbing with the pace of my thrusts.

Oh Jesus this is how you get fucked after church, Liz blurts out.

I start moving harder and fast in and out of my step sister, Liz has coated my cock in her juices and I start to feel my own orgasm build and I know Im not gonna last long if Liz doesnt cum herself and soon. Katy reads me pretty well and as much as I like having Lizs limbs wrapped around me Katy backs me off and out of Liz. I get on my knees and watch as both girls start jerking me and playing with my balls trying to force my orgasm out, I look down and see both girls faces wanting and expecting. Its more than I can take and Liz is the first one to receive a blast from me as my orgasm has me in a rush. I close my eyes and let the two of them coax the rest out. I come back to my senses to see I got both in the face more because of aiming by Katy than luck and as I back off my bed and pull on a pair of underwear both girls giggle and joke about what it looks like on each other before they start to clean up and get dressed.

Our parents get home at in the early evening and find that while the girls have been relaxing and talking Ive been in my room since my threesome brooding. Mom pokes her head in to tell me dinner is ready but Im not hungry. I let the evening pass me by and decide on bed at about ten when I get a weird idea and turn my computer on. I get onto Facebook and pull up my account and go to the schools page, I think about how to word what I want to say but simply write ‘Were coming.

Monday morning Im up before everyone else getting dressed in beat up cargo pants and a plain black t-shirt. I rouse Katy awake and point out the clothing I grabbed for her. A long sleeve shirt with a plain red t-shirt over it and some baggy jeans, its the fingered gloves that get her attention. Theyre the same ones that we train with in the gym. I start to head out with Katy and get stopped by Elizabeth, dressed much like Katy and I are. Dad doesnt say a word and Mom looks at us with a little sadness as we head out to school. We arrive at the schools lot and the rest of the crew is there except for Kori and Ben. I dont wait for them as I lead the girls from our vehicles to Devins truck where the rest of the crew is gathered. All of us are hooded and the crew is quiet before me as I lead them into school and class. The first half of the day is quiet save for whispering around me about what happened to Kori and another student last Friday, someone was talking about it and like everything else it spread like wildfire with rumors as to how bad it was. People watch me for signs that I will snap and lash out and when I catch them looking out of the corner of my eye I smile big enough that they can see me.

During lunch I arrive at the cafeteria and the whole family is gathered around the table sitting. I approach and once at the table all stand up and I lead them out of the cafeteria amidst the whispers of students and to the baseball field. I climb the bleachers and take a seat at the top with my feet dangling off the side while the rest of my ‘family stands in front of me looking up and waiting. I almost start to talk to them as I would normally when I see a few of the punk crew and Hideo from Juns friends heading towards us; I bow my head and wait for them to get close.

Family, we have people here who want to believe, I say in a happy tone, See them know their faces.

My whole ‘family turns and stares at the few other students who followed out of either curiosity or for protection. I notice Vicki from the punks moving forward cautiously when Devin steps forward and stops her.

Brother, this one wishes to believe. More than these first few she approaches with her fear but also with her will, I tell Devin from my perch.

Devin steps back and motions Vicki to move forward and after a moment of hesitation she continues and looks up at me with confusion.

There is a question in your mind that I will answer for you, I say to her keeping my tone overly happy and friendly, What happened to us, what changed? Let me tell you that were just being what we were all this time and you never saw it.

That makes no sense, Vicki says confused.

This is the mystery of me, open to the worlds interpretation, I reply smiling down at her, Tell the one you let hold the leash that I will come for him today.

Youre going after Johnny, Vicki asks backing up.

Yes, were going after everyone, I say before dropping down off the bleachers, Tell them were coming.

I get up to Vicki and take her face in my hands, shes scared and I must look like a maniac as I smile at her. I look to the rest of the people gathered and smile before walking back into the school with my family following quietly. The rest of the day goes by quiet and fast as we get into homeroom and see Coach Campbell talking with some of his team before noticing me, I get waved into his office off the court and once inside he closes the door after me and sits at his desk.

What are you doing running around scaring students, Coach asks a visibly upset.

Coach Im just bringing in people to hear my word, when they come for me then Ill get you something better than names, I tell him, Ill give you what you really want sir, revenge for your girl.

Not at school, you keep it off campus as much as possible but you better deliver, Coach says sternly, And Im having my kids run with you as much as possible so nothing happens to them without someone to watch their backs.

Tracy yes but your boy will have to be seen as one who knows, I reply cryptically before exiting the office.

We sit in silence in the Gym and school lets out on time as always. We head to the vehicles only to find a group of ‘moralists standing around my bike lead by pretty boy Kyle. I stop and motion to the ‘family to fan out and we walk up as a line to the near twenty ‘moralists. Kyle tells his friends to stay back steps out of his group towards me.

We need to talk about all this fighting, both sides have been hurt and it would be better if we all just made peace and went about making this place better together, Kyle says with a little arrogance.

I can see some of the punks taking notice and more than a few nerds are starting to gather on the fringes. I let Kyle see my smiling face before I start to speak to my ‘family and the small gathering of people.

The snake never cared about the feelings of the mouse until the mice realized they outnumbered the snake, I say loudly, you talk of peace but you chose something different. You chose be brought down by ones who are not anything like you.

What are you talking about? The people who follow you are going to get hurt if you go against this, Kyle continues from his position of authority.

I have no followers, only brothers and sisters in the name of cause, I reply before getting louder, Like a fool this one thinks that we fear pain, Brother Devin, Hit me.

I turn to Devin who pauses for a second and takes me by the coat collar with one hand and slams his fist into my cheek hard. People are gasping and whispering but Devin has a hold of me and I get my full balance again and start laughing.

You think pain is something we run from, we enjoy pain. You talk about pain but you cannot hurt us, now is the time to get your affairs in order Kyle, I say with blood in my mouth, Because this is your choosing, we are upright and we know that we were chosen.

I watch as Kyle backs away from me slowly and his friends disperse amid whispers and talk about how Ive lost my mind. Everyone gets into their vehicles except for Devin and me. I look at Devin and before he gets in his vehicle speak to him.

Brother you are a monster today, but you are in a family of monsters and we will take care of you, I tell Devin smiling.

Yes brother, the one who wants to believe is waiting on you, Devin says pointing behind me to Vicki who is at my bike.

I let Devin leave and take Jun, Natsuko and Lilly home before addressing Vicki. I can see she still has some fear but something else is driving her right now.

I will go with you to see Johnny, Vicki says trying to get on my bike.

You do not believe and you certainly dont know, I say stopping her, I solved the question in your mind that you couldnt even find words for. Now you want to believe but to do so you need to see?

Vicki nods her head lightly and I stick a finger in my mouth and get some blood on it before holding it up in her face.

Did you see this, I ask getting another nod, Then you saw but dont believe. We are more than them, worse than them because we do not have their illusions and labels. We are things that they will never understand because of the lies they were raised with. If you wish to believe then you must find the lies they pulled over your eyes and see what you are in the event to come.

I can see Vicki is confused and I am a little myself but cryptic and charismatic has people talking and thats the start of it. I hand her the spare helmet and once were both on my bike we head out to Johnnys home/compound. My arrival so many times in the past two weeks cause my arrival today to be less dramatic but as I show up Johnny still makes his way out to greet me.

Hey Guy, you coming around here so much Im beginning to think I need to get you a place to sleep, Johnny says being funny.

Brother I need you, I say throwing him off with the ‘brother.

I follow Johnny into what I can only assume is his actual spot considering the nicer furnishings and what I can tell is paperwork. I let Johnny sit but remain standing with my hood on and my hands behind my back.

Okay man, I got word of some bad shit happened and from what I hear there are some things in the works with you and you got hit in the face by your friend, Johnny starts in.

Yes, I needed Brother Devin to hit me to prove a point, I tell him plainly.

What is with the brother/sister crap, Johnny asks confused.

First Brother youve been a part of this family since nearly the beginning so dont start casting down this family, you might not be around but we still consider you one of us, I tell Johnny going from stern to happy, and the family needs you brother.

Okay, well if Im a brother then Im probably going to have to say yes to the help, Johnny says smiling, But Im guessing that its going to hurt me before it helps.

You are worldly in your possessions brother and this will cause some of that to slow down, youll need to not sell at the school till we end this, I tell Johnny who gets disheartened, But if you help I will get you something better, distribution.

Distribution to whom, Johnny asks perking up.

Who isnt important, what is important now is your network. There are some people who want the family to die and I need their friends, I tell Johnny, Ill have Brother Jun get you all the specifics. You heard about what happened to Kori?

Johnny nods and I dont let my emotions show but I burn up with the memory of it. Johnny leaves his shack for a few minutes before coming back to me.

I think you should preach to the masses, Johnny says closing the door behind him.

Your meaning brother, I ask for clarification.

Well you lead us but we call you brother and you call us family, you say that the family knows but youre looking for believers. You need to give them something to believe in, Johnny explains.

I can see that he has a point with a mission statement but just telling people to follow me because I want to hurt people who hurt Kori isnt going to work. I sit and think while Johnny handles some paperwork and before long I leave quietly and take my bike home to think. Getting home shows me something I havent seen before, the entire crew is parked in my parents living room doing homework while Mom serves up soup and sandwiches. I walk into the living room and everyone stands up before I wave them off.

At in public only please, I dont need to be the messiah at home too, I tell them getting some goofy looks.

Guy what happened to your face, Mom asks rushing over and taking my head in her hands.

He did, I point to Devin who gets a withering look from Mom, I told him too.

Why would you tell him to hit you, Mom asks confused.

Cause it scared an asshole, I say smiling.

I get a look from Mom about my language and sit in with everyone to get my own class work done. After we all get finished I start to talk about what were going to be standing up for and ‘preaching. Ill be doing most of the speaking which relieves most of the group but my ideology has some confusion. Everyone leaves before nine and Im finally relaxing in my room when my phone goes off with a text, its Kori. When I ask her where shes been she replies that her mother wanted her to stay home for a while and heal. I tell Kori Im not happy about her missing what Im doing for her and she says that shes got a watchful group of friends and to trust Ben since hes doing what I told him. I dont know what it means and after saying goodnight sleep comes nice and fast.

Tuesday morning and Im up early like always but Im not alone today, Katy is getting dressed as I get out of the shower and Liz is up next for it. I get dressed in the same basic clothes as yesterday and the three of us head out again, girls in the car and me on my bike. School goes by much as it did Monday but with more whispering behind my back and finally at lunch time when I arrive and lead my family out of the cafeteria I discover that we have about thirty students who have followed us including Vicki from the punks and Hideo from the nerds. I get up to the top of the bleachers again and see faces staring up at me with a little bit of expectation on their faces.

You dont know why youre here. I call you believers because you havent known yourself, I explain eerily happy, but you know what I stand against, you saw it yesterday. They come and posture with numbers and words as if it mattered. I dont care if you believe because I know.

I see confusion and a little bit of fear in the faces of some students but most are trying to comprehend.

Jun, take one from the crowd and bring them forward, I command to Jun.

I watch him walk into the assembled group and look around, some of the friends of his back up but he settles on Hideo and taking him by the shoulder drags him to the front of the group.

You are afraid believer, I ask down to Hideo who nods, I know you but you dont. I see that you are not what they want you to be. They make you fear them by words and titles that they couldnt aspire to. You believe that they are wrong but you stand idle by and be what they want to make you.

I take the long way down watching Hideo the whole way until Ive moved in front of him. I can see hes a little scared but more ashamed. I point at Vicki and wave her forward till shes just out of arms reach.

You believer, if I told you that I will hurt this one if you do not have sex with him would you, I ask Vicki while staring at Hideo.

No I wouldnt, Vicki says quietly.

And that is why you are an animal, the both of you, I say backing away from the two, You both are persecuted by the same people, they just use different names and yet you cant even see the truth behind it. Theyre ashamed they cant know the world like you do. You girl are free and independent, you have no ties that you dont want. You dress the way that makes you feel like what you want. You boy are smart and articulate, you have a future in a world that will try to grind you into paste but more than them you will earn it on what you know not because you were born deserving it.

I watch the two look at each other and see the rest of the group looking around at each others faces before focusing on me again. I hold my arms out to my sides and lean my head back to the sky; the clouds are dark grey and light with rain.

Will you be persecuted until you can prove that you are walking upright or are you walking upright now and just need to stand with something that is more than you, worse than you, I ask bringing my gaze back to the crowd.

I can hear some of them talking about worse than them, I can see some are beginning to understand but I am seeing Hideo in quiet contemplation while Vicki has moved closer and is now next to him facing me.

I know why theyve chosen me, I say quietly but happy, You will believe once you enjoy the pain they caused you. Tell others that in two days I will bring my message to bear for those who want to believe.

I head through the crowd and back to class with my family quietly in tow. The rest of the day goes by with more quiet whispers and people talking but the highlight is after fifth period when Im leaving and I see Heather walking in my direction. I know she doesnt see me and I wait there for her; she gets within arms reach before noticing me and backs up suddenly dropping some papers. I turn and look down at her as she cleans up the papers; I catch some of the words and guess at a speech. Heather finishes picking up her papers and composes herself to speak but I cut her off by chuckling. I walk away still chuckling and get to the gym ahead of some of the crew and head straight to Coach Campbells office and close the door behind me getting his attention.

Coach are we having an assembly soon, I ask quietly.

Yes actually tomorrow, Principal Jackson caught wind of a few students who have been attacked and apparently there are a few groups concerned and one that is speaking, Coach tells me leaning forward in his chair.

I think I need to say something during the assembly, I say with a visible smile on my face, and I need your help to do it.

What about my boy and girl, Coach asks concerned.

They havent come to me yet but I will be waiting for them at the bleachers once were done here, I tell him before getting back to my immediate planning, I want to speak over them but not at them, any ideas on that sir.

Get with my boy and Ill have something by tomorrow, but only if they get in this protection blanket you got, Coach tells me skeptically.

I leave the office and head out to the bleachers drawing my family out with me. I get seated from my perch and turn my attention to the only people there.

Theres going to be an assembly tomorrow, I have decided to say something during it since Heathers group will be making a statement about what happened to Kori, Im going to tell the school about my ‘vision. Also Ive brought Johnny on board and hes ready to help so Jun Ill need you get him information about Kyle and his Russian bride, I dictate noting my last words make Devin scowl.

I see two figures heading up towards us across the field, I motion to my family that we have company and drop down to greet Tracy and her brother. I step in front of my family and greet our guests. I finally get to see Tracy after her altercation, most of her hair has been cut short and is matted to her head with some sort of hair product. I note the jogging coat and matching pants in blue and white but its her brother who is only six feet tall and noticeably younger than Tracy but its his clothing that probably has Jun feeling nostalgic with a black windbreaker slacks with a sweater vest underneath. I almost go after him first but decide to start with some love.

Sister its been too long, I say placing my hands on Tracys shoulders, this family has missed your determination and Im glad to see you again, come by my house after school today so we can talk amongst those who know in private.

Dad says that youre really unhinged but I should just listen to you and do what you say, Tracy says with a little determination, But you get in the way of my practice and Im gonna kick your ass.

I wouldnt expect any less from you sister. You on the other hand are a quiet simpering little shit and Im not even certain as to why I havent had Devin pull your arms off, I say turning my attention to her brother.

Im Isaac, our dad said I should stay around you and follow your lead but why are you attacking me, the boy says getting defensive.

‘Why are you attacking me because you should be crawling on the ground not walking upright, I sneer and mock, youre a pathetic excuse for the male species. My sister Tracy has more temerity in her than you do. You do know what that word means boy?

I can tell Isaac is pissed and that anger makes him foolish and reckless, I watch him drop is bag and swing with a right that I see coming. I let the punch hit me but lower my head so that his knuckles pop as they connect with the top of my skull. Isaac recoils from the punch holding his hand and cursing; I start laughing and turn to my family.

He has fire right Brother Jun, I ask still laughing.

He does Brother, should I help guide him, Jun asks stepping forward.

Of course, his fire is wasted and he doesnt hesitate, I say placing a hand on Isaacs shoulder, You follow Brother Juns lead and listen to what he says.

Isaac nods warily and backs up from me, boy has spirit and honestly I like him now more than I liked Jun the first day. We gather and leave school heading straight for my house to work and lighten the mood. Once at home and inside all appearances drop and Jun gets a chance to talk to Isaac and explain how the family works and why were all acting the way we have been for the past couple days. Tracy looks confused but Isaac seems quick to pick up on what were doing and the fear Im trying to put in.

People are wondering about some sermon you are going to deliver on Thursday, Isaac says keeping me informed on the gossip at school.

The topic gets everyones attention but my shrug ends any questions or comments as to what Ill say and do. Homework gets done again among the watchful supervision of my folks and everyone heads out before my Mom starts setting up sleeping bags. I get into my room and shoot Kori a text asking how shes been today and tell her that I miss her at school. I dont get a reply for a while but when I do its just her telling me to be patient and shell be back before I know it. I dont reply because I want her back at school now and not later. I head to bed ready for a grand interruption of Heathers activities.

Third morning in and its like a well oiled machine, at school before classes there are people watching as now Tracy and her brother Isaac have come into the fold. We all bow are heads as if were praying and head off to class. What I hate more than anything is that point where you have something planned and yet you have to wait through the most boring shit in existence before you get to have some fun. At the end of second class I get a notice from Coach Campbell that we are having a meeting in the library during the assembly at home period. The news puts a bit of a spring in my step as lunch comes and goes with no real speeches or people who need to be adjusted. I let Jun know that Ill need communication from him as to when to interrupt Heather and whoever is speaking with her. Last two periods drag on but mercifully pass and I watch as others head to the gym for the assembly. I take my note and get to the library where Coach Campbell is waiting in the office and the librarian hands off the keys to Coach before passing me and leaves us alone. I get into the office with Coach and he explains his plan.

Okay meathead, theyre going to be speaking in the gym but you can use the PA system from here to interrupt them, you got some way to know who you are interrupting I take it, Coach asks quickly.

Yes sir, and thank you sir. I will remember this, I say moving to the phone he pointed out.

Well my boy is talking about how what hes going to be doing is cool and at least I am less worried

now than I was last week, Coach says taking out some files.

Ill keep him around after all this as well, he has fire, I tell Coach Campbell taking out my phone.

I didnt think I would need to wait long but Im thirty minutes into the final hour of the day when Jun sends me a text saying that Heather and Kyle are heading up to the podium to speak. I give it a minute and after taking a deep breath punch the buttons to pull up the PA system, I hear the PA tone kick on and begin.

I told you that we were coming but it was a lie, weve been here all along. Theyre lying to you; theyll tell you that theyre trying to make things better but how different are they from each other. So much of the same that they see you and you and you and you as so wrong because you are different from them. They are addicted to the idea that they are heroes; they want you to see them as heroes so they can feel better about the empty hole they live with everyday. They want to lead you like sheep to a slaughter, covering your eyes so you cant see the end until its right in front of your face. But I think its time for the masses assembled to wake up, WAKE UP AND SEE THE LIE THEY WANT YOU TO LIVE! I watch them make people deteriorate and wither all around them, they whisper and wonder at it but they never do anything about it. They want you to crawl but you know youre meant to be upright. You know my name, you know my brothers and sisters, you whisper and wonder about what comes next. I know why theyve chosen me, Ive seen it in my thoughts and in my waking dreams and I know that this is not the beginning of their new regime. Its the end, I get the last words out and chuckle for a few seconds before pressing the hang up on the phone then placing the receiver in its place.

Coach Campbell has me sit next to him and we start looking busy going over my file when I hear the doors to the library open behind me and a few teachers along with Mrs. Jackson come in looking for someone. Coach greets them and says that he brought me in here so that I wouldnt do anything during the assembly and that I never touched the phone while weve been in here. Mrs. Jackson doesnt push Coach but I can see Ms. Detress is fuming mad and ‘knows that I did it. I watch her call Coach Campbell a liar and that gets Principal Jackson to turn on her wonderful ‘No you Didnt look. I let the whole proceeding play out and as final bell rings I calmly put all Coach Campbells files in order and quietly leave with my bag, no smile or laughing as I pass Ms. Detress or Principal Jackson.

Im walking towards the parking lot and see the Gym is letting out from the assembly but more than that the students from the assembly see me walking and soon enough my family filters out to me and gives me a barrier as some cheer and others ask question. I get to our vehicles in the parking lot and can see that behind the assembled punks and Goth, past the nerds and outcasts there are the ‘moralists. Theyre watching and looking to see what Ill do next and it has me smiling.

I think that someone heard my thoughts today, I say loudly but keeping my head downcast, Are there people here who want to believe?

I can hear some saying yes and there is more asking questions as I raise my head to look at all the faces staring at me for the answer.

Its not time yet, Ill be where the storm gathers tomorrow at the end of the rush, I tell the assembled cryptically, If you cant find me then find my family, they know and will guide those that want to believe.

I can hear the talking and dont wait for anyone to give me another chance to speak. I get on my bike and before I can get anywhere Tracy stops me with a gesture and after getting the spare helmet from the seat whispers ‘Johnny in my ear. I guess she has business there and decide to help out by driving us there. It takes a moment to realize that the whole family is following us and our arrival at Johnnys is greeted with some happier faces than Im used to seeing when I go somewhere. I waste no time finding Johnny in a side trailer and let Tracy have her time with him, I didnt think she was into Johnny but it doesnt matter to me as I am getting my phone blown up with a text message from Kori. Koris message takes some priority and I guess Jun or Lilly must have made a video because shes promising me some serious alone time when shes all better just for scaring Heather. I follow the link and check the video out, apparently I cut Heather off in mid sentence and before I was even finished she left the podium and Kyle had to talk about how theyre going to help change the student body. I smile and find Jun just to pat him on the back for the video. I tell the family that Ill be along later and that this is just a personal stop for Tracy. Devin give me a look like I need to fix something and I remember that hes still interested in some girl in the moralist camp.

Brother you need to tell me who this girl that Im supposed to help you with is, I ask Devin privately.

Her name is Masha. Ive seen her hanging around whenever we gather but I dont like the way theyve been treating her, shes like an attack dog as far as their concerned, Devin says pleading.

Okay but which one is… the bodyguard?! The damn Russian bodyguard that Heather keeps around to make sure one of the girls doesnt take her fucking head off, I say shocked by the realization.

I like her okay, I have seen her looking at me too man but I just think that maybe if you could show her that shes just a tool for them that maybe Id have a shot with her, Devin pleads with a puppy dog face I should not see on a large guy.

I pat him on the shoulder and let him get to taking Jun and some of the others home. My family leaves and I wait patiently by my bike for Tracy to get done with Johnny. Im only waiting about ten minutes when Tracy heads out of Johnnys shack looking about the same that she was when she went in, guess it didnt take long for her get what she needed. I start to get my bike ready to go but Tracy stops me and pulls me into following her off to a cabin towards the back, it looks better than some of the makeshift ‘huts that others are using. I watch her take a key in her hand and unlock the door before we head inside. Its pretty basic inside, crappy bed with blankets folded up on it and a small desk with a chair by the blacked out window.

Johnny says this was the only building he didnt put up on the grounds, Tracy explains sitting down on the bed.

Okay, thanks for the history lesson, so why the fuck are we here, I ask taking the sole chair and sitting down.

I gotta ask, are you really losing your mind or are you really good at fooling people, Tracy asks a little angry.

I thought we went over this with your brother, Im just doing this to get peoples attention. I scare the moral majority and get people theyve been picking on to start standing up for themselves, I explain keeping it simple, And when I get the names of who beat Kori with belts I start looking into renting a wood chipper and a boat.

Well thats graphic and probably never going to happen. So my new problem, I talked to Kori and Im guessing she hasnt said anything but I need sex, Tracy says with no subtlety.

Well thats wonderful but I have to ask, why me, I ask plainly.

Well youre not bad at it from what I remember and Kori wants to make sure youre in shape for when shes ready to reward you for that speech today, Tracy says pulling off her hooded athletic coat showing me her toned body in a lose tank top and sports bra.

Thats great but no, people just dont volunteer to have sex for a friend just to keep someone ‘in shape, especially one who has girlfriends who are more than willing to take care of me. So whats the real deal considering you and I havent had sex in almost a year and I heard that you were dating someone last summer, I tell her keeping some distance.

Nothing, I just thought youd like to try something different but never mind, Tracy says with a little frustration grabbing her coat and standing up.

Never mind, one thing I learned from having four girlfriends is that never mind is one of those things that when it comes out of a womans mouth it usually means either take cover or youre pushing all the wrong buttons. I get up and block Tracy from leaving the shack, we have a bit of a staring contest and Tracy moves back to the bed and sits down and I move to sit next to her. I look at her hair and notice where the burned off patch is covered by the new hairstyle.

So did I just kill your mood or can we talk about it, I ask concerned.

I asked Kori if it was cool if we had sex and she said it would be fine, I dont normally go after a girls boyfriend but you were with me about the same time you and Kori hooked up for real so I figured it was okay to ask, Tracy explains showing a rare bit of nervousness, Im just messed up after last week I guess.

Im messed up after last year but look at me now, I have a good group of people around me and Im working on driving my ex further insane, I tell Tracy getting a little smile, Come on, lets get you home.

I start to get up from the bed but Tracy grabs onto my shoulder and pulls me back down on the bed before kicking her leg over me and straddling my hips. With one move Tracy grabs the bottom of her tank top and pulls it over head and off taking her white sports bra with it. There in my face are Tracys wonderfully shaped large for a b cup breasts in my face sporting the same half dollar sized nipples that I remember from last year. I put my hands on her hips and pull Tracy hard against me latching my mouth onto one of her nipples and gently sucking. I feel Tracy put one arm inside my coat and the other around my head to keeping my head right where she wants it. Being an athlete is one thing but unlike Mathilda, Tracy is softer. I switch nipples and push my hand into the back of Tracys athletic pants to and grip an asscheek and squeeze it firmly. Tracy pulls my head off her breast and backs up off the bed and once on her feet starts stripping down until I see only tight pair of white athletic panties hugging her hips. I start to strip down but Tracy stops me again and starts to do it herself starting with my coat and shirt, then my boots and finally my pants just leaving me in my boxer briefs.

Now that were both down to our basic underwear Tracy backs me up the bed wordlessly until my head is resting on the pillow. Silently she shifts her body around until my face is staring at her cloth covered slit and I feel Tracy working through my underwear for a brief moment before pulling my cock free. I cant see anything but I know she has one hand on the base of me and is trailing her tongue up and down my shaft; its a different feeling to have at the start of foreplay as opposed to it happening at the end of sex. I almost get to rest and let her work until her body pushes back bumping my chin, taking a hint I reach my arms up around Tracys hips and pulling the tight fabric aside start to slowly lick the length of her slit. Im taking my time enjoying trailing my tongue around her pussy hole while in contrast Tracy is bobbing her head up and down on me fast and frantically. She has me hard and I cant tell if shes trying to get me off or not so I decide to shake her up a bit, I spread her cheeks wide and shove my tongue deep as I can get it into her hole. The first noise of the night comes as I start wagging my tongue in Tracys pussy, letting my cock drop from her mouth and moaning through what Im hoping is a minor orgasm. I feel my shorts getting pulled further down and raise my hips to get the fully off, as Tracy crawls down to get my shorts off I hook a finger in the crotch of her panties and pull them off. For the first time I see her turn to face me and smile, Ive never seen her smile before and its one of her new best features as far as Im concerned.

Grab a thick blanket and get that ass over here, I tell Tracy smiling.

Its a bit chilly in October this time of year and with no real heat were gonna want to keep a little warm. Tracy pulls the thickest blanket up and throws it over her shoulders before crawling up my body and resting her clit and slit against my shaft. I feel her start to grind and with the lube she put on me orally and my work getting her ready I dont want to wait much longer. Sensing that Im a little eager Tracy shifts her hips and knees a little before taking me in hand and lining me up with her warm folds. A little pressure is all there is before I feel her warmth wrapped around me and its not tight like other girls but more accommodating and experienced taking a larger member.

I think youre a little bigger than last year, Tracy groans out once Im all in.

Id think youd be disappointed that Im not the size youre used to, I reply trailing my hands up her sides then back down taking hold of her ass.

Well youre big enough to get attention but not so much that I have to adjust to you. Also youre not pushy making me fuck in the same position every time, Tracy says starting a long rhythm of strokes on my member.

Same position every time, your summer boyfriend must not have been much fun then, I say licking her breast.

He stopped seeing me because I wasnt any fun, saying that I just lay there and dont do anything. Kinda hard when if I move you… fucking bitch… like a…, Tracy says speeding up her hips.

Bitch, I ask getting a nod.

Tracy starts groaning and with most of my cock working in and out of her fast it doesnt take long for her to lock up and get a hard orgasm out. I let her breath and while she rests a little I get an idea to try something different. I get her to straighten her legs till theyre almost straight next to mine but Im still inside her, I tighten my abs to make my member twitch inside her which gets me a look of surprise.

What are we doing now, Tracy asks once were adjusted.

I tighten my abs again and roll my hips up into her in more of a grind than a thrust; I do it again and can see Tracys eyes are shut and enjoying my new movement. I keep my grinding up and try to take my time with my new trick when Tracy takes my idea and does it against me, feels a little better than before and were soon in a solid rhythm that has me panting with the effort to keep from losing my cool to soon.

Why are you slowing down, Im gonna cum again and this time its not gonna be little, Tracy asks not slowing herself down at all.

Im getting close, I gasp out speeding up a little.

Oh you dont know where to cum. Heres the trick, I am going to cum hard soon and you are gonna cum with me but, She pauses with a wicked grin, Am I on the pill or safe today or are you getting into more trouble than you bargained for.

No joking Tracy Im really gonna cum, I say gripping her hips and slamming my cock hard in and out.

Maybe I want you to cum in me, you like that idea? Finally getting your white cum in my black pussy, Tracy asks teasing.

I dont know what comes over me but I latch my teeth onto Tracy breast lightly and start bucking my hips into her. Tracy pushes her body flat against mine and lets me do the work moaning while pulling my head off her tit. I get that rush and grunting shoot my first shot into her warm folds, the sensation makes Tracys eyes go wide and as I try to push more into her she starts pushing against me as my first shot must have triggered her own orgasm. We lay there grinding against each other trying to get the last bit of our orgasms out when Tracy takes my face in her hands and kisses me openly. Its weird and brief but warm and wonderful. I figure we must have been just laying for ten minutes as I feel Ive fallen completely out of Tracy. She notices it too and curls up onto my side; I wrap an arm around her and just wonder about what happened I have no clue how bad this could be.

Hey, Im on the pill so relax, Tracy says after seeing my face, besides if you havent figured out someone else has dibs on your first kid and it isnt gonna be me.

Kori right, I ask getting a little nod, Yeah, shes the only one I can see myself having a kid with immediately.

What about the other three or four girls you got pining after your juice, Tracy asks propping her head up on her elbow to look at me.

Well Katy maybe, Matty Im not sure if she sees herself as ever being a mother but Imelda most definitely, I explain reminiscing a little.

And what about Natsuko, Tracy asks.

Not my girlfriend, she likes being a free agent and I like her a lot but I have enough girls I need to keep happy regularly, I tell Tracy rubbing my hand on her flank.

We cuddle for a short while but while Tracy is in happy post orgasm land I get a dark thought about all the fear Ive been trying to throw around. Im gonna eventually back Heathers people in a corner so bad that theyre going to try to kill me, and not Derek ‘tried. Probably full on kill me with a gun at school or something. I register that one for the back of my mind and decide on the next best thing to tell the assembled masses tomorrow and remember that there is a park downtown that people have to walk to, yay hippies for your exercise trails. I have a plan but now Im just wondering when someone is finally gonna punch my clock. I figure I should talk to Dad when I get home but for now I just enjoy warm woman and relaxed muscles.

Id like to apologize loyal readers for the massive delay. Yes I was sick but I also condensed 2 chapters into one and removed a lot of meaningless side talk so that you could have a more fluid read. I did get some questions and comments to my inbox and am going to answer a few now since they didnt read my reply. Yes I am alive and continuing the series and have ideas for different stories but I will finish this one first before considering doing a new story or series. I am writing a story with sex, not sex with some story added, people like it and no I wont add a character that you sent a bio to me just so you can see yourself in my work. Yes I have a vote troll and yes I do watch the votes but he doesnt bother me, I may remove anonymous votes in a future series but I will always allow comments. Finally to my spam hater, bad move pal, its one thing to create a profile to harass me but you actually went after my Yahoo ID. That lag you got was a back trace, Im not a computer whiz but I have a couple of good friends who write programs. Think on that for a while. Any way readers I have not abandoned you and if you are liking the bit more darkness to my story please let me know.











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