A Hot Wife in the Making

A Hot Wife in the Making

Anne Tower and her husband, Jacob, had just said their I dos. They kissed each other and their friends and families clapped and cheered while they walked down the aisle.

They had taken pictures with family and friends. They kissed each other and were having the time of their lives. In private moments, Jacob would whisper in his bride's ear how he could not wait to make love to his wife.

The whole time they dated, they never did anything but kiss. Anne was excited and nervous to finally lose her virginity. She teased her husband, and he teased her back. She wondered how their night together would go. They had dated for two years, and the tension they had for each other was about to explode.

She wondered if he had a big penis. She hoped it was not too big and hoped that they would know what to do. Anne secretly watched porn to understand what she needed to do. She masturbated a lot and learned how to make herself cum with her fingers. She ached for feeling a cock inside of her virginal pussy.

The wedding reception was a great time. The food was amazing, and the drinks flowed. The couple danced and had fun with their friends and families. They partied all night long and eventually said goodbye and goodnight to their guests.

Jacob had arranged for a honeymoon suite at a nice hotel near the airport. The limo driver drove them to their hotel. Jacob carried Anne into the hotel, and a bell boy took their luggage.

Jacob checked in and the bellhop took their luggage into their room. The happy couple walked behind him, and Jacob opened the door and tipped the bellhop. The man smiled at Anne and said goodbye. Anne was nervous and excited to be with her husband.

Anne was so excited to lose her virginity. She went into the bathroom to prepare for the big night. Jacob undressed and lay in the bed. He hoped that Anne would like his small cock. He was embarrassed to show it to her as it was ridiculously small. It was only three inches hard. He hoped his new bride would not laugh at him.

He too had watched a lot of porn before their wedding. He wanted to know how to please his wife on their first night together. He knew that women enjoyed oral sex. He would make his wife cum several times with his tongue before sliding his cock into Anne. He wanted her to be on a high from her orgasms, so she was not focused on when he made love to her.

Anne came out of the bathroom looking amazing. She was gorgeous. She had long brown wavy hair, blue eyes, and large beautiful breasts. She was an absolute goddess. Jacob could not wait to play with her round and gorgeous tits. He was totally in love with his wife.

"Come here, wife. Kiss me, my beautiful angel."

Anne went into the bed and kissed her husband softly on his lips. She climbed on top of him and continued to kiss him. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths. Anne was an amazing kisser and Jacob continued kissing her. His small cock was already hard, but he knew that he would need to pleasure his gorgeous wife first before he would let her see it. Jacob rolled her over and now she lay on the bed.

Anne was wearing a sheer colored negligee and sheer colored panties. He gently pulled down her panties and spread her legs apart. He kissed her thighs up and down and slowly inched his way to her shaved pussy. Her cunt smelled amazingly sweet and he sucked on her pussy lips slowly.

Anne was aroused and was squirming on the bed. She pulled her negligee over her head and played with her large breasts. Jacob licked and found her clitoris, which was swelling while he licked and sucked it.

"Oh God! Jacob, please don't stop. Fuck!"

Anne was moaning and telling her husband not to stop. Jacob continued licking her pussy and pushed his finger inside of her hot pussy. Anne was yelling and moaning while she enjoyed her husband's pleasure. He continued to lick her mons and suck on her sweet petals.

Anne felt her pussy orgasm while her husband licked her multiple times and made her happy. Anne's pussy was ready to be made love to.

"Fuck me, Jacob! Put your cock into me now!"

Jacob was excited and climbed on top of his wife. He pushed his small cock into his bride. He thrust his cock into her and was moaning while he fucked her.

Anne did not feel a thing. She read that first-time sex hurt. She did not even feel his cock inside of her pussy. How could this be? she thought. He thrust in and out of her pussy. He was kissing her passionately while they made love. After not too long, he blasted his cum inside of his bride's pussy.

He pulled out of her pussy and lay next to his bride. Anne did not see blood on the sheet. Her pussy did not hurt, and she felt panic and dread. She looked at her husband's penis and saw how tiny his cock was.

"Babe, we're not virgins anymore. You were amazing, Anne."

Anne felt sick and could not believe his cock was as big as her finger. It was not big in any way. She just smiled at her husband. She did not want him to feel bad, but she knew that she was still a virgin. His cock did not break her hymen, and she was now depressed and sad.

"Babe, tonight was the best day of my life."

"Me too, Jacob."

Anne rolled over and cried herself to sleep. She was distraught and hoped that maybe in the morning they would try again and it would feel like she too lost her virginity.

During the night, Anne went into the bathroom and played with her vibrator. She shoved it into her pussy and fucked herself hard. She had her foot on the tub while she pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She made herself cum and started again in a higher position.

She fucked herself in and out. She was aroused and turned on while she made herself cum. She tried all the different speeds which made her cum buckets. She wanted to satisfy herself because her husband's tiny cock was a disappointment. She hoped in the morning it would be different.

She put her vibrator back in her suitcase and went back into the bed. Jacob woke up and held his wife in a tight embrace.

"Baby, I'm hard again. Let me lick your pussy and afterwards we can make love."


Anne lay on the bed, her pussy a dripping mess from fucking herself hard with the vibrator. Her pussy was creamy after her playtime. Jacob inhaled her scent and got busy pleasuring her with his tongue. He kissed her thighs and licked every crevice of her pussy.

He was amazing at pleasuring Anne with his tongue. Anne squirmed on the bed while he tongue-fucked his wife. Surprisingly, his tongue was longer than his cock. Anne moaned and groaned and held her breasts while he made her cum multiple times with his tongue.

"Baby, I'm going to put my cock in now."

Jacob pushed his tiny cock into her soaking wet pussy. Again, she felt nothing. He thrust in and out of her and she did not feel a thing.

"Babe, are you inside of me? I don't feel you."

"Baby, I already came. It was great."

"You came already? I think I am a fucking virgin, and you are done. Jacob, I can't feel your tiny cock. I'm sorry, but this isn't what I imagined."

"Baby, it's not the size of a cock! It's what you do with it."

"Babe, I haven't felt it inside of me. I'm sorry, I love you, but this isn't going to work."

Jacob knew this would happen. He did not think it would happen the morning after his wedding. He felt disappointed and horrified that his wife did not feel his cock. He wondered now if he was still a virgin since she admitted she did not feel a thing.

"We can work on it. Hell, I will let you fuck other men if you want. You can pick them out and I will just watch. The only rule would be that I suck your mixed cum from your pussy or ass. The guy can even direct me if you want."

Anne rolled her eyes. You are going to let me fuck other men while you watch? Jacob, are you listening to yourself? Why would you want to watch them fuck me? Don't you love me?"

"Baby, it's a thing. It is called cuckolding. You can fuck who you want, and I will just watch. I know my cock is tiny and I knew this would happen. I am fine with you having sex with other men. I just love you and want to be with you forever. Come here!"

Anne was terribly upset while her husband held and kissed her. She was annoyed and was not sure she wanted to stay in her marriage. Her husband would be fine with her having sex with other men. How could that be? Why would he not mind sharing his beautiful wife with other men? She hoped they would all have large cocks and not tiny ones like Jacob's.

"Babe, it will be fine. We'll go on our honeymoon and when you see a guy you want to have sex with, we'll bring him into our room. You can fuck whoever you want, honey. It's okay. I know my cock is too tiny to do anything."

Jacob grabbed his wife and kissed her passionately. She was naked and her breasts were full and large. He was so excited that she married him. His cock was constantly hard for her, but he knew he could not please her in any way.

"Baby! Let me order breakfast. I will ask the waiter to have sex with you."

"You just want me to have random sex with strangers? You don't care about me? You want me to be just a slut?"

"No. You are my wife. I cannot please you with my tiny cock. You will find men who you can regularly have sex with. I'm okay, baby. Have sex with whoever you want. I love you and want to be your husband forever. I just want to lick your pussy after you are done with your studs."

Anne put her robe on and called in room service. Jacob got dressed while they waited for their food. About a half an hour later, somebody was knocking on their door. Anne took off her robe and lay naked on the bed. She figured she would start acting like a slut. She needed to be rid of her virginity.

"Room service."

Jacob opened the door and a hot Latino man pushed in a cart with their breakfast. Anne was playing with herself while the young lad set up their breakfast.

"Your wife is naked. I'm so sorry."

"Don't be sorry. Would you like to fuck my wife?"

The young man looked at Anne and swallowed hard.

"Yes. She is fucking gorgeous. You don't mind?"

"Nope. You can think of it as your tip. Her name is Anne. Please have sex with her. She is horny and needing a hot Latin like yourself. She's a virgin too!"

"Is this a joke?"

"No. Please go enjoy my wife."

Jacob went over to the couch while the young man took off his clothes. He was quite endowed. His cock was at least eight inches long.

"Miss, you are so gorgeous. Is it really your first time?"

"It's a long story. Wow, your cock is so big. Come lay with me."

The guy lay on the bed and Anne went to town on his cock. She moved her hand up and down his shaft. He was hard in a few seconds. She opened her mouth and accepted his cock down her throat. She held and massaged his balls and made all kinds of sucking noises. She choked several times as this was her first time doing a blow job.

Jacob pulled down his pants and played with his tiny cock. He was enjoying watching his wife suck the guy's huge cock. She seemed to really be sucking on his baton. The man moaned while she serviced him with her hot mouth.

Anne continued to suck the guy's dick.

"Miss, lay down. Let me lick your pussy."

Anne lay on the bed with her legs spread. The man opened his mouth and licked her pussy and sucked on her swelled button. Anne moaned while he licked her pussy. She arched her back and pulled on her tits while he made her cum multiple times.

"Please fuck me! Please, make love to me."

The man stopped licking her.

"Get on your hands and knees!"

Anne went to the middle of the bed on her hands and knees. The man pushed his cock slowly into Anne. Her pussy was incredibly tight.

Her pussy was so tight. He slowly pushed the head of his penis up into her virginal pussy. He got in a good rhythm and slammed it harder into her pussy. Her hymen broke and Anne softly screamed. She knew she was not a virgin anymore.

The room smelled of sex while he fucked Anne. He wanted her to get the whole picture and pulled out of her pussy. He licked at her secret place and pulled her buttocks apart.

"May I fuck your butt too?"

"You might as well. I want to not be a virgin, period."

The guy spat on her butt hole and again slowly pushed his cock up inside of her butt. Her butt was even tighter than her pussy.

"It sort of hurts. Please go slower."

He pulled out and spat more on her butt. He slowly pushed his cock up inside of her butt. Eventually, he was inside of her. He got into a rhythm and continued to fuck her. It was too exciting for him, and he moaned out and came inside of her butt.

He pulled out of her butt, which now was a gaping hole. His thick cum dripped out of her butt. Jacob loved watching his wife get deflowered. There was blood on his dick and a small spot on the sheet.

The man lay on the bed, side by side with Anne. They kissed passionately while he played with her breasts. Anne was smiling and felt amazing.

"You are so sexy, Miss. My name is Julio. I will never forget you."

The hot man got dressed and left the room. Anne lay on the bed, thinking about what she had just done. Jacob was smiling at his hot wife.

"Baby, that was so hot. Did you have a good time?"

"It was amazing. But this feels all wrong. I love you, Jacob. How will this work? I will just fuck whoever I want, and you will just love me?"

"That's right, angel. It's fine. I know my dick is a disappointment."

"Maybe you can have an operation and make it bigger?"

"Baby, you can have sex with whoever you want. This will be amazing; you will see. Can I lick your butt? I want to taste his cum inside of you."

"You want to lick his cum from my butt? Okay! If you want!"

"I do, baby."

Jacob went over to the bed. He was still naked. Anne went on her hands and knees. Jacob pulled her buttocks apart and licked at her butt. The cum tasted salty and Jacob gobbled it up. His tiny cock was hard, and he would ask Anne if he could put it into her pussy.

"Baby, may I put my tiny cock inside of your pussy?"


Anne stayed on her hands and knees. Jacob pushed his cock up inside of her. He thrust into her many times. He was excited and chttp://abdennouriq.newsblur.com/










ame inside of her pussy. He pulled out of her and went back to licking her cunt. Anne enjoyed his oral efforts, but she could not feel his tiny cock inside of her pussy.

Jacob cleaned his wife up. They took a shower and got dressed. A limo was waiting to take the couple to the airport. They chatted, but Anne was just not sure she wanted to stay with Jacob. She loved him but did not understand how this would work.

Anne continued to think about her marriage to Jacob. She could have sex with whoever she wanted. The rules were quite clear. She had to have sex with Jacob watching. He would watch her have sex and be allowed to masturbate. Her lovers would be allowed to cum in her ass and pussy. They would not be allowed to clean her up. That would be Jacob's job. He also would make his wife cum by oral pleasure and beg to fuck his wife before taking a shower.

Perhaps she would enjoy it over time. She tried to forget about it and just enjoy their honeymoon together. She would need to research about being a "hot wife." Jacob did not care who she had sex with. The only condition was that he could watch and clean their mess from Anne's pussy. He also wanted to be able to beg her for sex.

She could basically be a tramp and it was fine with her husband. She drank on the flight and fell asleep thinking about being a naughty wife. She planned on fucking anybody she would find on their honeymoon. She would be the talk of the resort. She drank many glasses of champagne on the flight. Her mind wandered while dreaming of her new life.