A Dragon's Lover Ch. 02

A Dragon's Lover Ch. 02

The rhythm of his thrusting hips was soon furious, the slow gentle movements a distant memory. He pounded my pussy harder and harder, and all I could do was enjoy every fucking second of it. His massive cock stretched and rubbed my pussy like nothing ever before had. His each movement was a fanfare of delicious pleasure, sending wave after wave of lustful joy coursing through my mind. I knew I was going to cum, but that was all my brain could tell me right now.

"YES, FUCK ME, STUD!!! SHOW MY PUSSY WHO'S IN CHARGE!!! YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!! YOU ARE MY FUCKING KING, ASREN, SO FUCKING POUND MY FUCKING PUSSY SO FUCKING HARD I CAN'T FUCKING WALK TOMORROW!!!" I screamed as I neared orgasm. I could only hold on for dear life, while the dragon's 23 inch monster cock cored me out with enough strength to render a lesser woman unconscious. I wasn't far from that, though.

I gasped for air, as the first surges of powerful orgasmic pleasure crashed through my body, making me tremble and convulse. My eyesight became blurry, and I screamed from the top of my lungs. "FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!" My elven pussy squirted and tightened around the dragon's shaft, the juices blocked inside me by the sheer thickness of him. With every relentless stroke of his hips it splashed out from around his cock, his movements not even slowing down as my pussy gripped him tighter. His thrusts prolonged my orgasm for several seconds, and my eyes rolled back into my head from the pleasure. It took several minutes to get my head straight from that delicious assault of incredible pleasure.

Asren kept pushing his dragon-dick in and out of me with wild abandon, now all fourteen thick inches I could accommodate stretching me with every thrust. Suddenly I felt his hands grabbing me by the hips and lifting me up from the bed. He spun me around without pulling out of me, his cock rubbing my insides in a way that I had never felt before, and slammed me down on the bed on all fours. He resumed pounding me immediately after that, and my hands gave out on me right away. My legs would've, too, if he hadn't held me by the hips.

My ass up, my face down and my big tits squeezed against the mattress under my weight, I moaned louder from being roughly taken from behind like that. Each one of the dragon's strokes would've probably been strong enough to send me smashing against the bed's headboard if he had not held me in place. And to think, that there was still several inches of thick meat that could not fit inside my pussy. But I could not think about anything at that point, I could only moan and scream and pant from the pleasure. From beyond the thick mist of lust and pleasure clouding my senses I could hear the dragon grunt and pant too.

"FUCK, SYLENA!" Asren yelled, his voice full of powerful desire. "I'M GOING TO CUM!"

The magic words.

"OH YES, YOU POWERFUL STUD!" I screamed back at him. I could not speak without screaming.

"WHERE DO YOU WANT IT?!" he yelled. Apparently he couldn't, either.



He let out a pleasurable moan and upped the speed of his thrusts. Hearing him enjoy this so much made me even hotter, eliciting the wonderful feeling of an approaching orgasm. Fuck, never before had I come even once just from getting fucked. Now another one was about to hit. Lucky me.


Asren grunted and groaned, and drove his huge member into me five more times as hard as he could. I came again on the last one, my words reduced to a bundle of incoherent moaning and screaming. My mind blanked for a second, and I could only sense the blissful rush of contentment and pleasure into my body. I was able to regain my senses quicker this time, even though the orgasmic afterwaves kept rippling through me. Asren pulled his dick out of me, turned me around by my shoulder and started jerking himself vigorously with me laying before him, my upper body propped up by my elbows. I was pushing my huge tits together and bracing for his load. Judging from the expression of sexual bliss on his face, it was imminent.

And then it came. The first explosion of hot spunk did not take me by surprise, because from the last time I knew what to expect. The thick stream of white hit me in the face with enough force to splatter wide over me, and I gave a horny moan. I relished the feeling of his potent cum on my skin, gladly taking the second blast in the same place. Two spurts, and I looked like a whore passed around by several men. The third one caked my left boob in white with some to spare, and the right one received the same treatment by the fourth voluminous blast.

Asren was moaning loudly as he kept on jerking his mammoth cock, coaxing more and more tasty cum-juice out of his huge heavy balls. The fifth spurt hit me in the underside of my chin, splashing to add to the cum-glazing my tits had just gotten. The sixth one landed on my face again, this time caking my left eye shut and getting into my blonde hair. The seventh wet shot of spunk was more powerful than the previous ones, overshooting my awaiting face and hitting the headboard of the bed. The last parts of the rope landed in my hair again.

Asren's cum-cannon kept discharging the hot love-nectar I had come to like so much, so I opened my mouth and got immediately rewarded. He aimed the eight shot right into my mouth. The sheer force of the liquid hitting the back of my throat made me gag, however, and I had to do everything in my power to keep from coughing and losing the chance to swallow his tasty seed. I cocked my head backwards to keep as much in as possible. My eyes were watering, and my mouth was more almost full of his cum. He gave me another spurt, the white seed blasting my body this time, giving me a moment's respite and allowing me to swallow. It was so fucking good. Humming and moaning I drank his nectar almost like in a trance, delighting in the taste and texture unlike anything else.

While swallowing, I felt more white spunk erupting on me, hosing my already fully painted tits and stomach in Asren's seed. I kept my head upturned, because I could only take drink so much with each gulp, but I also wanted to see the dragon covering me in his cum, so I tried to do it as quickly as possible. It wasn't until three more huge blasts later that I could turn my face down to watch the delightfully hot action again, but lucky for me Asren was still going strong. His thirteenth spunk-grenade covered my face and open mouth, making me moan again. He blasted the fourteenth on my breasts again, the amount of warm spunk now so large that the sheets around me were getting soaked with the excess cum that physically did not fit on my my body anymore.

A wave after wave of dragon-cum erupted on me, until what must have been some thirty spurts of white spunk had made a complete mess of my hair, my face, my entire body and the bed where we had fucked. Asren grunted contently, jacking a couple last voluminous globs of his warm seed on my stomach, and then sighed with pleasure. Each of his hot blasts of cum had been larger than the combined entire loads of at least three men, so I looked like I had been drowned in cum. I breathed heavily and slowly, enjoying the feel of the dragon's nectar on my skin. Every now and then I scooped some off my body and licked it into my mouth.

Asren sat down beside me, and stroked my cum-covered hair, not caring that his hand got messy. We enjoyed the afterglow in silence, both of us regaining our breaths. His dick was still hard, and I had a feeling he could've done all of that again in a matter of minutes. Lucky me if I ever had the need to.

"I think you need a bath" he finally said after a few minutes.

"Yeah..." I mumbled.

"And we better give the one to clean all this some extra."

I giggled a little. The place was a veritable disaster zone indeed. If this had happened with someone else than Asren, I might've been embarrassed from the mess. But with him, I didn't care. With him, I was proud of it.

"Well, I'll go order that bath for you" the dragon said and got up. I closed my eyes and heard him leave. I wanted to just lie here for a while. When he returned, I opened my eyes to the sight of a luxurious bathtub, soap, sponges, bathsalts and fresh towels.

Asren lifted me from the bed and helped me into the warm water. He washed me gently, helped me to clean my hair and massaged my back while I enjoyed myself. After the bath, Asren quickly cleaned himself up and we sat down before the fireplace, wrapped in soft towels. I pressed my head to his shoulder. He held me close and tight.

"That was quite the fuck" I whispered, grinning.

"I couldn't agree with you more" he answered and gave me a small kiss on the forehead.

"I'm going to want to do that again."

"Me too."

"But I think I'm going to need to learn alchemy."


"I want to feel your entire dick inside my pussy, so I need to learn how to mix a potion that allows my body to stretch enough for that."

Asren laughed. "Well, I'll be happy to help you make that potion. I'll even hunt down the ingredients, if you want."

"It's a deal, dragon."

We chatted for a while longer before going to sleep. Naturally we chose to sleep on the one Asren had not covered with his cum. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and I closed my eyes. What a day.