A Day Out

A Day Out


I tell you beg me for it and you softly say "Please give it to me". I tell you louder and you say "Please let me suck your cock".

On the video screen, some chick is sucking a guy’s dick on a couch. I grab a fist full of your hair and turn your head towards it. "I want you to suck my dick like that depraved little slut on the screen...you got that?" I tell you and you nod obediently. You open your mouth and I shove my cock in as deep as I can. You gag a little bit but you don’t choke. You put your hands up to gain some control but I knock them away and tell you to put them behind your back.

I grab more of your pretty blonde hair and continue fucking your mouth. You whine a bit and I pull my cock out. "What’s wrong slut?" I ask as I rub my slobbery cock on your face. You tell me your knees hurt from the cement floor so I pull your hair and stand you up then spin you around and pin you to the wall. I take your collar out of my back pocket and put it around your neck. From the other pocket I take out your chain leash and connect it to the collar. I yank the leash and pull you towards me . "Let’s go for a walk then, pet" I say as I open the door to the booth.

With your hands behind your back I lead you toward the theater. I can tell that you’re nervous and you resist a bit but I pull you forward. Our eyes adjust a bit to the theater from the darkened hall and I glance a handful of people scattered around the theater watching two women on the large screen fuck some guy. Their attention turns toward us as we enter. We sit down midway in one of the back rows and I put my arm around you.

A few moments later the audience resumes watching the movie and settle back in. I look to the left and notice that a man from the back row moves forward to sit in our aisle. He is older and looks like an accountant (balding with glasses and wearing a tie). You hope he doesn’t notice the bone shaped tag on your collar that says "Slut Puppy" the thought makes you hot though.

After a bit the scene on the screen changes to another scene where some house wife is fucking a plumber or something stupid. I take out my dick again and put your hand on it. You start to slowly stroke it and I whisper in your ear what a good little slut you are. I lean back into my chair and watch your face as you pretend to watch the movie. I notice the accountant at the end of our row has taken his dick out and is stroking it while he watches you.

I put my hand on the back of your head and draw you close to me and kiss you for a bit. I push your head down into my lap and you resist a bit but then give in. You open your mouth and take the whole length of my cock. I look around the room and see if anyone else is watching. No one else notices. There is a black guy, a heavy set guy, a skinny young guy and a couple in what looks like their early 30’s.

I move your hands behind your back and hold your wrists together to stop you from using them. You choke a bit and I pull my cock out to let you breath a bit then force it back in. I make eye contact with the accountant and give him a nod and a smile. Your body is twisted a bit as you give me head and I can tell you are uncomfortable so I reposition you where your knees are up on the seat. You sit up and notice the accountant jerking off and staring at you. Before you can say anything I puul you by the hair back down onto my dick.

You start sucking me off again but this time with a lot more enthusiasm. Your ass is up in the air and you try and stabilize yourself with your hands but I put them back behind you. The accountant moves a couple of seats closer. I lean down and tell you what a good little whore you are and reach between your legs and start rubbing your pussy through your jeans. Your pants are hot and wet from excitement I pull my hand away and smack you hard on your ass drawing the attention of everyone else in the theater. You whimper a bit but keep on sucking.

The black guy and the skinny guy stand up and move to the row right in front of us. The heavy set guy I now notice is asian and turns back around to watch the movie . The couple get up, walk over and sit right next to us. The woman is tall and has brown hair while the man is shorter and muscular. The black guy and skinny guy are leaning on the backs of the seat watching us.

I reach under you again and try and slide my hand down your pants but they are too tight so I unbutton them and slide my hand in and start rubbing your hot pussy. The woman reaches over and holds your hair away from your face so every one can get better view of you getting throat fucked. The accountant gets up and moves to the seat right next to you and I slide two fingers into your cunt.

You start moaning. The woman has her husbands cock in her other hand while she still holds your hair. She starts telling you what a dirty hot little whore you are. I slide my hand around you and give your ass a squeeze, your zipper opens up all the way and your pants fall down your hips a bit exposing the tattoo on the small of your back. The two men in front of us pull out their cocks and begin stroking them. I pull you by your collar and tell you to stand up, and you obey. I pull your shirt up over your head and remove your bra. I pinch your nipples hard and tug on the piercings. You breath heavy as you watch the men stroking their hard cocks as they watch you. I tell you to remove your shoes then I lower your pants and underwear. I wrap my hand around your throat and pull you close to me as you shake off the last of your clothing.

"Do you like being on display, slut?" I ask you and you nod and wrap your hands around my throbbing cock. I reach down in front of you and shove two fingers into your wet pussy again and you spread your feet apart. The accountant is touching your thigh with one hand as he strokes himself and I turn you around so he can touch your ass and tell him to give it a good spank. He is gentle at first but I encourage him to put more into it and he does. I bend you over at the hip and he continues spanking you. I shove my cock back in your mouth.

The black guy starts playing with your tits and he is not gentle. He squeezes them and pinches them as I fuck your throat. Behind me the woman is sucking her man’s dick but still keeping us in sight not wanting to miss any of the show we are putting on. The Asian guy is still pretending to watch the movie but keeps glancing back at us. The young man next to the black guy joins in by rubbing your stomach and soon his hand disappears between your legs. I take your hand and put it on the black guy’s dick and you start stroking him, he climbs over the seat to get closer to you. I stand you up then sit down in the theater seat then pull you down onto my cock. You are facing forward as you ride my dick, your legs are spread so everyone can see. I grab your hair and push your head forward and you take the black guy’s thick cock into your mouth.

The accountant starts to play with your breast as the woman’s husband plays with the other one. Not to be left out, the young man climbs over the seat to our row and puts his hard cock near your face waiting for his turn. You take it in your hand and stroke it as you keep riding my dick. The woman crawls between your legs and starts eating your pussy and her husband grabs your other hand and wraps it around his dick. The Black guy pulls his cock out of your mouth and lets the the young man have his turn with you. You take the accountant’s dick in your other hand and start stroking him.

The shy Asian guy has decided to get a closer view and moves closer to us. The woman has now moved beside you and encourages you suck her husband’s dick. You take him in your mouth as she rubs the black guy’s cock against your cheek. The accountant starts taking pictures of you with his cell phone. This goes on for a while as you take turns sucking each of the four men around you. The woman tugs on your pierced nipples and cheers you on. She starts kissing you as you switch cocks and licking your face.

I can’t take any more and lift you off of me and tell you to get on your knees. The woman kneels beside you and tells me cum all over your pretty little whore face. I stroke my cock a bit a cum flies out and lands across your nose, forehead and hair. I say "Who’s next? I want her face covered!" and the accountant steps up and cums on your cheek and upper lip. The black guy is next and paints your forehead and hair. The woman’s husband steps forward, jacking himself off onto face and tits. I look down and notice you are finguring your hot cunt. The young guy moves into position and your eyes roll back as you take his load. He comes a lot and some gets in you eyes and is dripping down your face.

The Asian guy has taken his dick out and is stroking it. I tell him to come closer and he finally joins us in our aisle. You sit on the theater seat, spread your legs and start playing with your pussy again. You beg him to cum on you and the woman hikes up her skirt and starts rubbing her pussy next to you. The Asian guy blows his load all over your tits and you cum again yourself. The woman the starts to lick the cum off of your face and tits and shares it with you. You make out with her for a while, then get dressed.

We leave the theater and head home. Walking down the sidewalk you go in for a kiss and I run away from you telling not before you clean up! You chase after me giggling.









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