A Change in Perception

A Change in Perception

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Emily shifted again in the uncomfortable bus seat, the barely cushioned metal frame losing out in terms of comfortability only to her sweaty face mask. She couldn't have imagined a couple months ago that commutes home could be made any more unpleasant and yet here she was. The only thoughts on her mind (other than keeping her distance from the other denizens of the bus) were of the leftover Indian in her fridge and her bed. It turns out that having months off from work had destroyed her tolerance and now even just a normal day behind the tills had wiped her out completely.

As she stared blankly out the window as the cityscape slowly turned into motorway she barely noticed as the once full bus slowly emptied out. Her apartment was near the end of the line which made her commute hellish, but as a fulltime student she didn't have much choice in her price-range. Finally she passed the petrol station that was milestone meaning she was 20 minutes from her stop, but just as she did she felt somebody sit down in the seat behind her. For a moment she considered that this was strange since the bus hadn't stopped recently, and also since people should've been making an effort to social distance. But before long her mind was drawn back to thoughts of having a long, warm shower and curling up in bed with a full stomach.

She could practically feel her comfortable duvet enveloping her, infusing her with a calm warmth and she let out a long sigh. As she fantasised more intently the feeling get stronger, until she couldn't help but close her eyes, promising herself it was only for a moment. She felt more at ease than she had ever felt before, the feeling of the coarse bus seat and light breeze slowly fading away, until all that was left was the thrumming of the bus's engine. She didn't feel sleepily, in fact she felt strangely invigorated. She wanted to let herself float in this warm, relaxing void forever but sadly she felt the tap on her shoulder which meant it was time to wake up.

As she opened her eyes to an even emptier bus, Emily realised that it must have made a stop or two without her noticing. She looked out the window and realised that there were only 4 stops left until she would be home, meaning she had closed her eyes for at least 15 minutes. She blushed under her mask, silently hoping she hadn't snored or done anything embarrassing and sat back up straight. As she did the bus pulled in to another stop, and she noticed the soft-spoken man sitting behind her stand up and walk towards the door. Looking out the window she realised that even though she had been living so close to this side of town, she'd never properly explored it before. Suddenly in the mood for a short walk, she rushed to stand up and follow the handsome man outside before the doors closed, her earlier weariness forgotten about. And as she did she was filled for a moment with that familiar feeling of cosy warmth, confirming that she'd made the right decision. Flipping a coin in her head, she decided to head down the road, in the opposite direction of her apartment. Telling herself that it was only a quick detour, Emily started following the nice man down the path.

Strangely, with each step she took she felt another, albeit smaller wave of pleasure wash over her. However, with each one they felt less and less cosy and warm, and more sharp and hot. Not that Emily minded, as each wave rushed through her she felt better and better, less concerned about getting home and more focused on chasing this feeling. She considered speeding up so as to get more steps in, and therefore more waves, but decided against it. She figured she had best keep a clear distance between herself and the smart man so that people wouldn't be suspicious. As her walk went on, taking turn after turn bringing her deeper into an unfamiliar housing estate, Emily was feeling better and better. She could feel her body heating up now with each step but she was careful not to show it outwardly apart from a deep blush.

Finally, Emily arrived at the house she had wanted to visit. She turned onto the driveway and walked through open door. For a moment she felt confused, standing in an unfamiliar hallway with nobody to follow. Thankfully the reliable man reminded her from an open door that she wanted to go downstairs into the houses basement. After following him down she settled herself into the armchair the kind man had pointed out and got comfortable. Suddenly, the screen in front of her lit up with a strange spiral pattern overlaid on colourful static. Strangely, Emily's gaze was magnetically drawn to the screen. This would have seemed strange to her but thankfully the understanding man explained it was perfectly normal and that she should pay attention and focus.

Emily vaguely felt headphones being put on her and the familiar sound of the bus's engine returned, sending her dropping back into her state of relaxation. After that, her concept of time seemed to slip away. Everything blurring together into a haze of relaxation, pleasure and obedience. Eventually, the screen went dark and the sound of the bus's engine cut out, and Emily came back to her senses. The first thing that she noticed was that she was now naked. Sir must've taken her clothes off to make her more comfortable and to more easily access her for pleasure conditioning. He was so considerate like that.

On that thought, she rose from the seat and went upstairs to look for Sir before she left. Finding him sitting in an armchair working on some code on his laptop, she dropped to her knees and engulfed his shaft. Taking him down to his base with ease, she vaguely noticed that she didn't have any trouble with her gag reflex like she had had with her ex whenever she had tried giving him a blowjob on his birthdays. Instantly, she felt waves of pleasure crash through her, stronger than any orgasm she'd ever had. She took her time to work up and down his shaft, taking note of which techniques elicited the best response so as to give Sir the best blowjob possible. Savouring the taste and feeling, Emily almost didn't notice Sir was getting close until she felt him tense up and grab the back of her head. But when she did, she had a sudden realisation that she was craving his cum. Quickly rising until only his head was in her mouth, she used her tongue for a final attack on the base of his head before he spurted rope after rope of hot, delicious cum into her mouth. The taste that was one thousand times more addictive than his precum as well as the intense orgasm she felt from the knowledge that she had pleased Sir almost made her black out. However, she dutifully held on and made sure not to lose a single drop.

Finally, when he had finished, Emily rose from her knees and made sure to show off the fresh load on her tongue before swallowing. With that she explained to Sir that she needed to head back to her old place to collect some things but she would be back in time to make him dinner. With a smack on the ass and a "Good girl" that made her swoon, she was out the door and heading back toward the bus stop. For the moment she would only be grabbing the bare essentials along with her favourite lingerie to wear around the house. She had to be careful not to raise any suspicions. She knew that her friends and family would have trouble understanding why she chose to dedicate herself to Sir, even though it seemed so obvious in her mind. Things like merging her bank account with his and signing over property rights would have to come later sadly. But Emily was content with that fact that in time they would all understand. In fact, she already had a short list of the first couple people she would invite over to Sir's house so that she could properly explain all the things that made Sir worth serving. She just knew that they would get it eventually, and Sir could always use some new helpers.