90 FPS Pubg :

90 FPS Pubg :

Enable 90 FPS in PUBG-M

by HEX editing a game file.

Download this app: Hex Editor https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myprog.hexedit

• Open the file named "Active.sav" inside the app, this is the path -


• Tap on search & change "Hex Fragment" to "String".

• Search for the string "FPS" and hit find.

• On the 4th line below "FPS", tap on the number "06".

• Tap on edit icon (bottom left) & change "String" to "HEX Fragment".

• Set new value as 07 & save it. (top right)

• Confirm changes

• Run PUBG-M, it should be running at 90 FPS.

Manually edit or auto set it to 90