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8chan обход

8chan обход

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OpenIB is a security-focused version of infinity , an open-source software that allows anyone to create and manage their own anonymous imageboard without any programming or webhosting experience for free. An imageboard lets you post text and images anonymously without a name about any topic - or no topic at all. Unlike forums, imageboards do not hold or store old content permanently and old threads are pruned as new ones are created. The individual boards that make up 8chan are maintained by their respective owners, who are not affiliated with the 8chan administration. The 8chan global staff maintains and improves the site and protects it from illegal content and spam. The 8chan administration does not enforce any rules other than the 8chan global rule. Navigate to the board you would like to post on, fill out the post form, and click on New Thread. No board requires you to provide a name or email address. On 8chan, threads are ordered from newest top to oldest bottom , while replies are ordered from oldest top to newest bottom. Enter your reply in the Comment field. Once it is posted, your reply will be highlighted in the thread. Click on the number of the post you wish to reply to. A Quick Reply box will pop up automatically, prepopulated with the post number you are replying to. Enter your reply under the post number and click on New Reply. When someone replies to you, you will see You after the post number as a hint. If you wish to delete a post you made or an image you posted, you can do so by clicking on the triangle on the left side of your post. Board owners may disable self-deletion, so it might not always be an option. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America and do not create boards with the sole purpose of posting or spreading such content. For more information on the United States obscenity laws and how they relate to 8chan boards, please click here. For more information about the Dost test, please click here. In short, 8chan considers all nude images of children to be child pornography and they will be deleted and the posting address will be banned, if viable. Just who is this 8chan person anyway? Most posts on 8chan are made anonymously, but this is not the only way to post. The Name field can be used to establish identity as follows:. Additionally, users are able to anonymize all posts on any 8chan board by clicking on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\[Options\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\] top-right corner and checking the Forced anonymity box under General. This is because many users including board owners do not like people using tripcodes if there is no proper reason for it. Alacrity , also known as the Alacrity daemon, is an open-source caching layer and write buffer workaround created by the 8chan Administrator to alleviate the resource-intensive hard-disk write bottleneck issues 8chan was suffering from in late and early Alacrity is composed of four scalable servers one master and three slaves. Each server contains multiple nodes and others may be added on demand for instance, if there is a sudden influx of users. Whenever a node crashes, some threads on the website start displaying despite not being deleted yet. The thread is deleted but still visible cached because of the way Alacrity works. The thread will properly show in a matter of time, whenever Alacrity catches up. Read the What is Alacrity? When an Alacrity node crashes, threads and board index pages that were not written to the 8chan hard disk will generate a blank page and result in a page. A node may crash when Alacrity is improperly or incorrectly restarted after bugs are fixed or upgrades are implemented usually, once a day. If Alacrity is not restarted, nodes remain functional indefinitely. Some time ago, we found that board volunteers could fix threads themselves by using mod. If you are not a volunteer, but you still want to fix a thread, you can do so by using a public account to log in and posting in the broken thread to fix it as previously mentioned. After logging in, add mod. Then, post in the thread. This should fix the thread for every user. On most boards, you can delete your own post afterwards. If a large amount of threads are broken on a board, please send an email to admin 8ch. If you click on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\[Screencap\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\] at the bottom of a thread, a screenshot of the whole thread is created for you to download. Alternatively, if you want to screencap only specific posts instead of the whole thread, you can select the posts you want to capture by clicking on the triangle on the left side of the posts and choosing Select post. Please watch the video demonstration below:. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. All lists are optional. You may disable the Trending Boards and Top Boards lists by clicking on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\[Options\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\] and unchecking either the Show top boards box or the Show trending boards box or both. By default, only the Trending Boards list will be displayed. To see if you are banned, you must try to post on a board - a ban page will be displayed if you are. Since boards are managed individually, being banned from one board does not necessarily mean you are banned from others. Only global volunteers are able to ban you from all boards and only if you break the 8chan global rule. Here is a public list of all bans sitewide. Overchan also works on several imageboards, but currently does not display images on 8chan. Please contact their respective developers if you have any issues with them. An official archive is currently in the works. Previously, 8chan used 8archive , an archival website supported by 8chan that is currently being worked on and could be up for public usage again in the future. Alternatively, users may create their own archives on an as-needed basis by using an archival website of their choice archive. If you wish to create a third-party archival service, please only archive boards that have opted in to this feature. You may reach the 8chan Administrator by sending an email to admin 8ch. For more information about who owns 8chan, please click here. Alternatively, open a GitHub issue. Better yet, write it yourself and open a pull request. The use of VPNs is allowed on all boards. Unlike Tor posting, board owners cannot opt out of posting through VPNs. If your VPN has been banned, a ban message will be displayed and you may appeal the ban. If you get an error, something went wrong. If you see any 8chan donation drives that are not mentioned here, they are a scam. If you want to financially support 8chan anyway, you can do so by advertising on the website. Read the next question for more information. Yes, 8chan uses a softserve system that makes it easy and possible for anyone to place ads. Go to our softserve page and get the necessary vouchers to place your ads on 8chan. You can choose to have your ads displayed on a specific board for USD 5. Alternatively, please email ads 8ch. If you are a board owner, go to your board settings and click on Edit board volunteers. Then, add a username and a password for the volunteer you wish to create. Make sure you are using the board owner or volunteer interface to view your board. The URL of your browser should be https: If you are a volunteer on the board, enter Board Volunteer in the Name field. Create your post and click on New Reply. It will appear with your capcode. Alternatively, at the discretion of the 8chan administration, the board in question may be forced into becoming a textboard instead to remove all law-breaking images. You may lose access to your board if you fail to log in for two weeks. Furthermore, you may lose access to your board if it is reassigned as a result of noncompliance with one of the conditions for board reassignment. If the board owner is not doing anything illegal, the 8chan administration cannot and will not help you. The 8chan administration does not dictate how board owners or volunteers should manage their boards. The board will then be eligible for reassignment, at the discretion of the 8chan administration. For a list of boards that are available for claim, click here. Yes, take a look at https: Qualifying boards are selected by an algorithm and change periodically. If you do not want your board to show up , choose the option to have your board unlisted in the board owner settings. Anyone can create an email account under the 8chan. The 8chan administration takes no responsibility for this service. That said, we have quite a few official 8chan email addresses. Just read the data to get an idea of what is exposed and under what attribute names. It should be self-explanatory. Endpoints that are not listed here, like post. See this page for more information. It shows threads from all 8chan boards in catalog view. The Nerve Center can display up to eight boards of your choosing by adding the board names to the URL. You cannot create threads or moderate boards from the Nerve Center. On the Nerve Center , each catalog tile has four capital letters: R number of replies , S speed , M mass , and E energy. Speed, mass, and energy are calculated as follows: This is a work in progress and more functions will be added in the future based on community feedback. The previous version looked like this. What is an imageboard? How is 8chan run? How do I create a new thread? How do I reply to a thread? How do I reply to another poster? Are there any global rules regarding content? How do I format my text? What is a tripcode? How do I fix it? How does \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\[Screencap\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\] work? What are these featured boards at the top? Where is the mobile app? Where is the archive? What is the best way to contact the 8chan administration? Do you have a privacy policy? Which boards are global and owned by the 8chan administration? Could you add a new feature? Did you discontinue Tor support? Did you globally ban it or are you not allowing VPNs to post? I am getting X error when trying to post, am I banned? Can I donate to 8chan? I would like to advertise on 8ch. I saw an ad that I believe violates global rules, how can I report it? I created a board, how do I manage it? How do I add more volunteers? How do I post as a volunteer on my board? My board has been deleted! I lost ownership of my board, what happened? Are there any publicly available statistics? I want my board to show up in the recommended board list! I got an email from an 8chan. Can I have a list of all API endpoints for getting raw data from 8chan? I would like to contribute a translation in my language. What is the 8chan Nerve Center? The imageboard format has several advantages over traditional forums: There is no registration process, which allows anyone to post what they like without having to jump through hoops; Users are not required to have names and, thus, feel no reason to build up an identity or reputation for themselves - posts are judged based on their content rather than who made them; Sharing images and multimedia content is as easy as saving and uploading it to the site. You can also report, hide, or filter other posts by clicking on the triangle. Other than that, you are free to make whatever rules you want on your board. The Name field can be used to establish identity as follows: By simply entering a name in the Name field. This is not secure, since any other poster is able to use the same name; By entering one character and a password in the Name field. Adding example to the Name field would generate! This is reasonably secure - however, with increasing GPU speeds, these tripcodes may be cracked in a few days by a dedicated attacker; By entering two characters and a password in the Name field. Adding example to the Name field would generate!! This is quite secure, but it relies on a secret salt on the server. This means the code will not work on websites other than 8chan; Board owners and volunteers may capcode by entering Board Owner or Board Volunteer in the Name field, depending on their respective positions. Please watch the video demonstration below: There are three different lists that may be displayed at the top from left to right: If you are banned, you should see a ban page telling you that you are. How do I manage it? If you are the owner of the board, enter Board Owner in the Name field. As of November 13th, , board expiration no longer occurs automatically. However, a few conditions must be met:

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