8 Tips from Norton Support to Lower down Mobile Heating Issue

8 Tips from Norton Support to Lower down Mobile Heating Issue


Mobile phone is an integral part of our life. Slowly and steadily it is taking the place of the desktop and laptop devices. The task which were mostly done on the laptop devices are now easily completed by the mobile phones. However, with small size and less hardware usage, some issues of heating are reported by users on regular basis. Here in this blog, the experts of Norton Antivirus have mentioned down some steps to cool down the heating issue.  

More often than not, the reason a phone goes in flame is all because of several issues, not just one. Some tips are mentioned to help a user drop the temperature.

To begin with, never place the phone in the freezer. Unexpectedly presenting a phone to completely diverse temperature atmosphere can cause the screen to bang and also exposed to face hardware errors. Likewise, placing phone in the fridge will lead to condensation both in and out of its cover, which can harm electronic circuits.

Some suggestions include:

1. Switch off that App

If you observe that the phone of yours is heating up after you switch on a specific app, turn it off by first minimizing it, then open the Settings > Apps > Running Apps > [Click app you want to turn off] > Click Stop or Force Stop.

2. Take away the case

A case, skin or the cover of phone can work as insulation, leading to accumulation of heat. Eliminate it to make the phone cool off a bit. If the issue remains same, use the phone without a case.

3. Run the phone on low battery

On Android device, opt for Battery Saver Mode.

4. Shut down unnecessary settings

A number of times, phone users leave GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options remain on, even when they are not using them. Turning off unnecessary apps can stop overheating and save battery life also. Better would be to, switch on the Flight Mode when you phone is not in use.

5. Throw out junk

The apps you don’t use are not only Trash, but also junk file that needful apps keep gathering as well. Norton Cleanup for Phones can help a lot in such situation.

6. Lower down the brightness

Lowering the brightness makes the screen to release less heat.

7. Keep Apps updated

Updating is basically another name for improving. The more optimized an application is, the lesser resources it uses, which leads to less heating issue of a mobile phone.

8. Replace the charging cable

Every once in a while, a damaged charging cable can source the charging part to breakdown. If the heat is mostly focused around the cable port, then you might consider changing to another cable.

How to Prevent Heating in the first place

In the beginning install an antivirus. This is the best way to, make sure nothing troublesome gets inside, like malware, virus or adware. A robust software like Norton Antivirus blocks the virus from entering, as well as alerts phone user, if a website opened is infected in nature. Take the step to secure yourself and the phone. Norton Customer Support is ready to handle issues when experienced by the phone user.