72 Things to Know When Selling SEO Services

72 Things to Know When Selling SEO Services

It is tough to sell the services of SEO because the changing of rules always happens. But it is great to do. Now, many clients need to sell businesses with a budget of limited marketing on good SEO benefits. Arfadia, as the best SEO service, has done it. There are many important things to understand before deciding to sell SEO services. 


How to sell services of SEO?

Basically, for this article's purpose, SEO is the search of organic. Local SEO is included here. It does not involve paid tactics such as ads of Facebook, Google Adwords, or the paid PPC ads. Then, how to sell the services of SEO?

The point is educating the clients. Jakarta SEO service, such as Arfadia, generally educates well the clients. When the team of SEO service knows well about SEO (how the SEO basically works, the requirement for the services, and the client), the relationship with customers will be much better. 

Minimally, the clients must really understand how the SEO actually works and also what a consultant or agency will do. Generally, clients want the work done more and more and even be so glad to pay more when the clients have understood what is SEO doing and how complicated SEO does it well and successfully. Then, it can be said as a professional SEO service.


Everything to know in selling services of SEO

Before selling the services of SEO, there are many things to know including concepts related to the skilled SEO. Below are the important things to know:

  1. It can be called as the best SEO company when having a good understanding of the goal of the search engine. Well, the goal of the search engine is for providing good results for the query of a search. The job is to understand the intent of the search. 
  2. There are many reasons the website does not show a particular keyword. 
  3. The primary job of SEO is for getting traffic which is more relevant through the search of organic to a website. It is good when SEO gets more traffic. But, it is much greater when SEO really understands the business of clients and even gets more sales or leads to the clients' business.
  4. The quality backlink service should the work of search engines is really important. There are many great tutorials on Google related to the work of search engines.
  5. Understanding the page type of the search result. The result of the search engine has many different result types that make up the result page of the search engine.
  6. Paid results of the search and the organic results of the search are very different. For most queries of search, Google shows the results of local, especially if the name of a location or city is included in the keyword. 
  7. The paid ads of search are paid, well. An advertiser basically needs monthly or even daily budget to pay the ads in which the ads usually appear below and above the listings of organic.
  8. The listings of local maps are usually based on the place or location. In most cities, the listings of local maps are very competitive. Then, there are many factors coming into the paly including reviews, the name of local business, the time number, address, number of phones shown on websites. It is usually called citations. 
  9. Typically, the results of organic appear under the paid advertisements and sometimes under the results of local or listings of maps. That is exactly the specialization of SEOs. 
  10. SEO needs strategy and of course, it needs time. So, the clients must know and also understand that most competitive niches may take some years to get great organic visibility. The SEO article services must understand about it.
  11. Generally, SEO revolves around the unique and also good contents in which the contents are created and even uploaded on a website of the client. Arfadia is a great choice of content marketing service because Arfadia really knows this thing.
  12. Before the coming of Google, SEO is about selecting a list of keywords, putting the keyword on a website, and also optimizing the page of a web for every keyword.
  13. After the coming of Google, SEO has the innovation to link the websites. 
  14. All websites have to follow the specific guidelines of Google, which is Google Webmaster.
  15. If the techniques of SEO do not really comply with the Webmaster Guidelines of Google can create a penalty.

Well, those are only some things to know and understand when selling the services of SEO. Actually, as an SEO service, there are other important things to know more.


Search Engine Optimization

In doing SEO on a Website, there are several things that Arfadia does. This is also what customers will get by using the services of Arfadia. And, some Bali SEO services may also do these things.


  1. Conduct customer website audits

Before doing SEO or Website Optimization, the first thing to do is the Website Audit. Generally, the Data-Driven-Approach approach is used in studying the structure of a customer's website. Starting from UI / UX, Links, Content, Categories, Tags, Robots, Page Errors, Sitemaps, etc. Thus, SEO Service can get a conclusion based on data and provide recommendations for implementation.


  1. SEO Analysis of Major Competitors (Competitive Insights)

Conducting an Analysis of the Website Competitors' customers are very important stages to do all Indonesia SEO services. This data will be very helpful for making good strategies.

It also aims to find out what can make the website number one on Google. This process is divided into 2 stages:

  • Analysis of On-Page SEO Competitors
  • Off-Page SEO Competitor Analysis


  1. Planning of Content Strategy

Content is one of the important things that can appear in search. Like economic law, content also has demand and supply. So it is important to understand website owner visitors and how visitors can find products/services.

So, looking for potential keywords that are relevant to your product/service is very important. The SEO specialist in Arfadia, digital agency Jakarta, will look for several alternative options to be developed into the customer's website.


  1. Perform SEO Website Optimization

After seeing the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Website, the next is to do SEO on the Website. A good monthly SEO service do:

Website SEO Plan

From the data that has been collected, the SEO Service will start planning SEO on the Website. Ensure optimization is carried out systematically and measurably.

Perform On-Page SEO

Next up is making SEO Friendly Content. This content is adapted to Google SEO Rules which have been tested until now.

Perform Off-Page SEO

Arfadia and even SEO services in Surabaya will also look for potential and relevant websites to become backlinks. So that website becomes page 1 faster on Google.

Create an SEO Report

In the final stage, which gives customers easy-to-understand reports about the work of SEO services that customers have entrusted to Arfadia.


  1. Ongoing Consulting

Arfadia and other SEO services in Bali also  offer Consultation as long as customers use Arfadia SEO Services. Customers can consult anything and anytime with Arfadia SEO Specialists / Experts.


Those are everything related to the selling SEO service. Remember, selling SEO service needs a good understanding.


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