7  Winning Ideas to Make your Daughter’s Birthday Super Cool! - Looks good

7  Winning Ideas to Make your Daughter’s Birthday Super Cool! - Looks good

Vidhi Verma

Children are special. They bring the best of our personality and when we talk about daughters! Oh! They are so precious. They know the best tricks to melt our hearts. Be it their affection or their innocence, daughters make their position in our hearts so effortlessly. Is your daughter’s birthday around the corner? Believe me, all she needs is your attention and lots of pampering, and why not? She deserves it. Before you start looking for creative and unique ideas for her birthday, make sure, you get her the best cake. Of course, the first thing she will look forward to is cutting a gorgeous and lip-smacking cake. Ace it by baking her favourite cake on her birthday or order cake online in Delhi remains the best resort.

Now, I understand, thinking of innovative ideas for a surprise is not everyone’s cup of tea. It gets more frustrating when all you can think is either gifting her a soft toy or a “pink dress.” Relatable? Honestly, these mainstream gifts are not enough, and I am sure, your daughter is expecting so much more. Let’s make your daughter's birthday a special one that she remembers all her life. Here are some surprise hacks to win her heart this birthday.

Give Her a Midnight Sugar Rush

Usually, parents are off to bed early. Personally telling you, while I was growing up, my parents managed pretty well to surprise me every year when the clock struck 12. I wouldn’t disagree that it marked the start of my day wonderfully, and to me, it was the best part of the birthday.

So, just when your daughter starts believing that she won’t get any surprise at midnight, boom! Surprise her with a palatable cake. From picking a customized cake of her favourite cartoon character to gifting her a photo cake, making her cut the birthday cake at sharp 12 is a game without a loser.

Get Her Thoughtful Birthday Gifts

It’s time to say good-bye to traditional gifts and make an extra effort to find the best and most appropriate gift for your daughter. Think of a gift that she is wishing for and also which could encourage her hobbies. To quote you an example, if your daughter is a sports enthusiast, gifting her, a pair of skates will make her really happy. Or if she is a painter, then gift her a kit of colours and paint brushes. Technically, these gifts will not just serve the purpose of gifts but will also enhance your daughter's personality. Cool enough?

Decorate Her Room

Daughters are angels that exist in human form. They have their own fantasies of living in a fairy world or riding a unicorn on clouds. Though we cannot get a unicorn or a fairy practically, how about creating them for her? While she was asleep or out shopping, decorate her room with fairy lights, balloons, and fairy curtains. She is definitely going to reward you with lots of kisses and warm hugs for making her room a real fairyland.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

We all love gifts!! Why not make gifting presents to someone more exciting and adventurous? How about playing birthday scavenger hunt for a treasure hunt with your daughter? It will make the whole gifting thing interesting and entertaining. Hide her presents in your house and leave her hints to find them out. Finding presents will become a fun task for her and for you as well.

Throw a Theme-Based Surprise Party

These Millennials are hard to impress, right? Pushing yourself beyond the limits by gifting them something out of the box. Also, your winning move could be organizing a surprise theme-based party. Invite all her near and dear friends, addressing them with proper guidelines of the theme. From getting the cake top decoration to dress code, all synced with the theme, she might get her the joy to behold. The theme could be of her favourite superhero, cartoon, or her it could be her favourite animal.

For example, I attended my niece’s 8th birthday celebration last summer, and the party theme was of her favourite movie, Harry Potter (that’s my favorite movie too and I was the last person to the party). Find something that appeals to your daughter to make it the theme of the party. I am pretty sure, her friends gonna wish for exactly the same parties on their birthdays.

Prepare Her Favourite Dishes

It is well said that the route to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Get the list prepared for your daughter’s dishes and treat her with them on her birthday. To all the mothers out there, it is the best opportunity to showcase your culinary skills. Impress your daughter, her friends, your relatives, and all the guests present at the party by offering them delicious food prepared by you. Moreover, this gesture of yours would surely make your daughter believe the fact that she is dearly important to you. These small things make your bond stronger than ever before.

Plan a Trip!

Children love adventures! They seek new thrills every now and then and they live in their own little world of adventures. Make a few adventures true out of your daughter’s bucket-list on her birthday. In fact, we all have that ‘adult-children’ soul within us who is open to new thrills. Plan a trip to her destination on her birthday and spend quality family time.

Conclusion: Parenting is a blessing, and nothing could make a parent happier than seeing their children happy, and the best part is being the reason behind their happiness. Birthdays are the best day for children. Your surprises and presents can be an overwhelming moment for them. Nurture your relationships by making the birthdays of your beloved one super special. The occasion is for partying, dancing your hearts out, eating and what not. Make your children’s birthdays so special that they cherish them forever. Winni suggests that you can order cake and get the same day cake delivery in Delhi at midnight within 2-4 hours.

P.S- No, I don’t hold any bias against males, and I firmly believe sons are as important as the daughters are. Just that princesses look, sound, and of course dress better than princes.