7 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Small Bedroom

7 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Small Bedroom

Dharmendra Chahar

There are countless design ideas and tricks you can use when decorating the interior of a small bedroom. In fact, small spaces can often feel quite roomy and very comfortable. The following are several tips and suggestions you can use when decorating a small bedroom.

Small bedroom designs:

1. Storage:

When you have little space to work within a bedroom, look for storage space in unusual places. This can be under a functioning table, bed, or other furniture. Read about online furniture stores.

2. Natural Light:

When you have access to natural light, use it! Even a small window will make space feel much more open, airy, and comfortable. Use shades that allow for optimum light control. Tall Shades with horizontal slots are a popular choice. Read about wooden furniture online.

3. Window Treatments:

Hang the window treatments as close to the ceiling as possible, which will help the room feel taller.

4. Color:

Keep the colors light and crisp; darker colors make the room feel dreary.

5. Wall Mounts:

Use wall-mounted lighting and shelving to save space on night tables.

6. Bedding:

Beds with rounded edges take up less floor space and open up walkways.

7. Focal Point:

Create a focal point that draws the eye. This could be a colorful bedspread or wall hanging.

Follow the tips above when designing a small bedroom and it will feel more open and comfortable. Read about wood furniture online.