what's up everybody this is sunit and today i will be sharing some very important tips and tricks for drawing.

So the first problem is that i have observed that you are not able to draw long and straight line with perfection on a blank paper.

Ok what causes that only good artists are able to draw long and good lines ? It is the hand movements that rstict you from drawing more longer lines.

well if you cant draw long or straight lines just make them short I' ll show you how its done

so.First we need to set two points on the paper and then try to connect them with 2 lines instead of one. And again by more and more lines. you will notice that the shorter the lines the better the results.

now the second problem is that some people are not able to draw a circle. Thier lines mess up when they try to draw curved lines. You might have seen tutorials of drawing that start with circle and you are not able to draw them cause of the oval shaped circle at the beggening.

The solution is almost same as a straight line but instead you will now have put 3 dots at equal distances. Try to keep them at equal angles even if they arent eqaual its fne to continue.

So connect the first dot to the second dot with some very small peices of lines. you will find it easier for you to draw as you practicce daily with it .drawing curves comes with practice.

Now we will also discuss about parallel and congurent lines.

For parrell lines just try to make equal distances i will show how

place two dots and draw a straight line using small lines and place two more dots at 90 with desired distance in my case i will just take this much. Now you can do the same for congurent lines using a triangle as a reference

now lets have alook at a more complicatedd drawing which is basically made of curves and staright lines.

As i told before Curves and straight lines and guide lines can be drawn easily using short lines so try to copy it now.

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