60 minutes of luxury and care at Elision Day Spa: massage, bath and mask

60 minutes of luxury and care at Elision Day Spa: massage, bath and mask

Ronit Roy

Also, don't you like when things are only half done? Then relaxation from head to toe will be right for you!

Head to the luxurious Elision Day Spa Centre in Ludhiana, just a short walk from Railway Station. Your back, neck and legs will certainly not come short. A 60-minute full body care will also be a pleasing gift for your loved ones.

This salon is an Ludhiana of peace and relaxation amidst the lively city center. It has an unmistakable atmosphere that breathes on you right at the entrance. Come and enjoy a wonderful massage and experience the right relaxation.

You can choose from luxurious massages:

   Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi - Lomi is a therapy that its therapeutic and relaxing effects are among the most popular massages. It is also sometimes referred to as a “pearl” between massages due to the use of special techniques.

   Lemon and Ginger Massage - Do you like relaxing massages? The massage begins with a lymph flow and then you can look forward to a full-body lemon-ginger oil massage. The massage is suitable for immunity support and for deep relaxation.

   Thai-lymphatic massage - Do you like stretching? Are you a fan of traditional Thai massage? Do you want to multiply its effects and indulge something really extra for your body? Come to this news and you will not want another. The massage is absolutely unique, you will not find it anywhere else. It is a unique combination of Thai tradition and lymphatic massage tradition.

   Sport massage - Sport massage is focused on gentle mobilization of muscular system, tendons and connective tissues. During the first visit it brings immediate pain relief, while the systematic work leads to the dissolution of mental blocks.

   Spa relax massage in ludhiana - Massage includes full body massage. It is a classic Thai relaxing aroma oil massage that uses Thai massage techniques. You can choose from more than 20 types of essential oils

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