6 Ways Men Deal With Emotions Way, Way Differently Than Women

6 Ways Men Deal With Emotions Way, Way Differently Than Women

Bella Rini

Scientists may have recently chanced upon water on the Martian surface, but you will be shocked to find out that it is NOT the tears of men, who are allegedly from there. We bet you did not see that one coming! But yes, men process and deal with emotions very differently as compared to women, and knowing how they do that can help you, the reader, to understand the man (or any man) in your life. You need to understand that every single person has a unique characteristic and a unique personality, so trying to group all of them into one is inherently boxing people up. There are quite a lot of similarities among the two widely known gender groups, but there are a wide gamut of differences as well, and at times, it can get pretty confusing when one is trying to establish communication.

Men and women are very different when it comes to their approach and perception toward the world. As human nature, what men do for women, they do it thinking that the particular thing is exactly what men require. On the other hand, women also do the same thing where they end up doing the thing they require, for their man. It is safe to say that we usually tend to offer what we wanna get.

Here, we at talkality are going to break down the six ways how men deal with emotions way, way differently as compared to women, and hope you get some points to take away:


They love to feel needed: Talking through the spectrum of evolution, the male of our species had to risk their lives for over a thousand years or more. They went out to hunt, score food as well as protect their family when it came to natural calamities, other dangers or just dangerous neighbours. They would also handle all the emergencies that came in. So, if you were a primitive human being, it was extremely easy to appreciate the men. But in the modern society, we usually have a sense of security, and women have their own jobs, so naturally they are not codependent on their male counterparts. This makes men feel like they have lost their ‘job’. So, men necessarily like to feel needed.

They love feeling appreciated: Any human being likes getting and feeling appreciated, and the social conditioning for men in this case have been a little different. They secretly hope and want to make a positive impact on people around them, with whatever little thing they do. Men love the fact that their actions have a purpose, and an impact, and showing them some amount of appreciation can go a long way. The act of appreciating them makes them feel fulfilled, and they know that they have served their purpose. When men are appreciated, they are also inclined and encouraged to put in more efforts.

They need the woman in life to feel a sense of security with them: Men love it when the woman in their life (their moms, sisters, daughter, partner) can count on their help even if it is a very small work. They also like it when the woman in their life can trust them with tasks and appreciate them for it. This makes them feel needed (going back to point 1).

Men require their time alone:  Men are usually not the kind to talk it out whenever they are under stress, they would rather have their alone time. They love going into these bubbles, and that is almost like a mini vacation for them where they can get rejuvenated from all the stress and tension that is building up in them. It is advised not to chase after men whenever they are in their cave, or they can retreat deeper into it.

They undergo a cycle where they get close, pull away and get close once again: Men are almost like a rubber band. Their requirement of emotional closeness can be compared to someone having a meal, and then they forget focusing on meals until they are hungry again. They usually spring back, since men really require emotional closeness, but they are also very inclined toward their independence, which in most cases is goal oriented. His emotional attraction along with his independence fuels the desire in him and attracts him back to his woman.

Their isolation and independence can sometimes make women feel abandoned emotionally: The primary requirements for a woman is to have someone who is kind, who can understand her and respect her. The time they spend together is the most valuable thing for a woman. But the lack of communication in the relationship can make both parties feel that they are giving in too much, yet not receiving anything, and this can make them feel resentful.

We hope this article helped you in understanding how men inherently operate and improve your relationship.