$55 million a year in affiliate marketing with twitter

$55 million a year in affiliate marketing with twitter

April 07, 2022
Our income for 2021

Twitter can be used as a search engine, which means that you can post information on it that will be seen by an audience of millions.

Twitter is able to give good traffic to the site - this is useful for promoting affiliate offers.

How we use twitter to make tens of millions of dollars:

1. Post 15-19 well-known quotes to your twitter account every day, it can be anything, even general phrases like "Hello world" or "Good morning people" will do.

2. Post 3 affiliate offers with thematic hashtags in the morning, afternoon and evening. For example: This is the coolest exchange, register now using this link...

3. We increase the coverage of tweets with our affiliate offers by a thousand times with the help of the highest quality elite SMM service, only with the help of it we bring hundreds of thousands of potential customers to affiliate products and earn tens of millions of dollars on this.

3.1. Specifically, we order from 3,000 to 5,000 likes, retweets and clicks for each of our tweets with an affiliate offer. For example 3790 Retweets 4735 Likes etc. Below are the services we order to promote our tweets