5 Types of Breast Pads Every Mother Needs to Know About

5 Types of Breast Pads Every Mother Needs to Know About

Breast pads, probably the most underrated products for new mothers right now. They are so helpful that once you get used to it, you possibly cannot live without them. 

Breast pads are used to absorb any leakage for a breastfeeding mother. These can be placed into a nursing bra to absorb any milk that usually leaks out. It prevents any embarrassment for the mother and also protects your clothes from getting stained. 

When Does Leakage Occur?

There's a probability that you might not experience leakage at all, for a few weeks or a few months. It might also be for as long as you breastfeed your child. There are chances of leakage during the first week of breastfeeding, during sleep, during sexual encounters, or when you have an excess of milk supply in your body. 

Types of Breast Pads

As mentioned above, you have different shapes, types, sizes of breast pads. These pads also are differentiated based on usability again and again. So, let's discuss the standards and help you choose the most suitable one according to you. 

Reusable Breast Pads

These are the most cost-effective types of breast pads. As the name suggests, these can be used again and again after giving them a thorough wash. So, we can also consider them as washable breast pads. Any reusable breast pad has to be washable. From your side, you need to wash it thoroughly to stay away from diseases. 

Best Breast Pads

Disposable Breast Pads

It's the exact opposite of the above type, as this can only be used once. However, the rarity of disposable breast pads in much more than the above. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses from various brands. Remember, disposable breast pads can prove to be expensive as you need to rebuy new ones. 

Silicone Breast Pads

These types are not for absorbing the milk but to prevent it from leaking. They push your breasts gently through soft silicone to prevent normal leakage. These are generally going without a bra because they stick to your breasts quite easily. 

Homemade Breast Pads

Just as the name suggests, you can make some changes to an already existing pad. You can add sanitary napkins to make them fit properly. However, you sure know how to sew and Stitch the new material together. 

Hydrogel Breast Pads

The hydrogel breast pads are only to make you comfortable. These do not absorb the milk and are just made to soothe and heal your sore breasts while they are being pressurized for milk. 

Making your motherhood easier, you can choose any of these best breast pads according to your situation. However, we recommend you to buy at least two different types   (1 absorbent and 1 to heal) to glide through your days of being a mother.