5 Tips For Building A Government Website That Your Citizens Want!

5 Tips For Building A Government Website That Your Citizens Want!

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For federal organizations, civic engagement is the topmost priority. Despite their best efforts, many agencies are unable to achieve a higher percentage of customer experience with the federal services they deliver. According to the latest Federal Government Report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, shows that the satisfaction, accessibility, and transparency of information and federal services obtained from the organization had declined over the past years. But this did not serve as exceptionally great news, because with changing times, in the post COVID era, civic expectations have reached an all-time high for government information and services, while things and resources remain a lot more restricted for the agencies. This is why it is of paramount importance that federal organizations improve the deliverance of their information and services by building a website that is easier to use and is much accessible than before.

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Let’s have a look at some of the top tips to improve user experience and let your public have a more accessible and transparent approach towards your organization:

All-Inclusive Of The “Holders”

A site that is “designed for everybody” cannot please all. The best way to land on an all-inclusive yet targeted platform is by discussing and interviewing the internal and external stakeholders, the residents, multiply agencies, employees, and partners. This helps you know who your target residents are, what are their wants and also helps refine your further objectives.

Responsive Web Design

Have you ever wondered what does your citizens expect? A one-stop solution that helps them with all the information and services required. And as a responsible government, it is your duty to help your residents get high-quality services and services in just a few clicks in a secure manner anytime, anywhere, on any device. Rather than creating a separate version of your website for every device, it is better to employ a responsive web design, that enables the site to respond to the user’s preferences with flexible layouts that automatically adjust to the screen size, platform, and orientation of the device used.


Accessibility Is The Key

Have you heard about WCAG? If not, it is time to start taking steps to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. As an agency web portal, it should be free of any barriers that make it difficult for citizens with disabilities to access. A design with great accessible features allows potential visitors even with disabilities to have a great user experience and access federal information and services.

Optimizing For Search Engines Is Must

Every page on your portal should be accessible whenever someone searches for it to reap the benefits. This is why federal websites need to adopt search engine techniques to ensure that all the pages are visible in search engines and the citizens can easily find the information they contain. You can work this out by targeting the local searches and strategically using keywords, descriptive page content, and easy to understand language to make sure the federal web portal can be identified by all users searching for local administrative authorities or council services.

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Clear Cut Contact Information

It’s definitely surprising to know, how existing web portals forget about the importance of easy-to-locate contact information for their users. When you land on the homepage, you’ll get an apt view of the town hall and its few services, but as you will further explore the site, you’ll see the connection between you and the organization disappearing. Most organizations don’t understand the usefulness of the contact page that includes important contact details, email addresses, and phone numbers, which can be easily accessible and is highly beneficial and improving the user experience.

Following such tips accompanied with the technological expertise provided by the industry leader, Uncommon Analytics, you can definitely build a better yet successful government website, that will be efficient in meeting the mission of delivering quality services, engaging citizens, and improving customer satisfaction levels while optimally utilizing the financial and personnel services.