5 Scrumptious Gujarati Dishes to Try in Your Next Ahmedabad Trip

5 Scrumptious Gujarati Dishes to Try in Your Next Ahmedabad Trip

Anamika Thakur

Gujarat's diverse cuisine is one of the state's most appealing features. It is not only distinct and vibrant but also colourful. The food is primarily vegetarian and is inspired by the geography and traditions of the state's four regions. Tourists visiting the state are pleasantly surprised by the flavours, which will undoubtedly last much longer than the visit itself. 

In 2018, the state was India's ninth most visited place, with 54.4 million tourist arrivals. If you're planning a trip to Gujarat, online flight ticket booking is a secure and convenient method for all domestic flights. 

5 Scrumptious Flavours of the West Coast

Ahmedabad has several fine dining restaurants as well as street food stalls serving the best local delicacies from the state. Here’s a list of five dishes that you should not miss on your next trip to the capital. 


Khakhra is a popular non-fried and crispy healthy snack among locals. The crispy tortillas are light and delicious, and they can be eaten with or without food. It comes in a variety of flavours, depending on the spices and ingredients applied to the flour. It is eaten for breakfast or with tea in the evening. There are dozens of vendors selling the snack all over the city. 


The humble dhokla is a Gujarati dish that has gained popularity across the world. A delectable fluffy dish associated with local cuisine can be eaten at any time of day. When paired with various types of chutneys, the sweet and salty flavour of the steamed cake satisfies both your appetite and your taste buds. If you are planning a trip to Ahmedabad, online air ticket booking is the easiest and convenient way to travel. 


This is a common traditional Gujarati dessert that is prepared in almost all households during festivals. The soft fudge-like sweet is a treat for the palate and is said to be a favourite of Lord Krishna. It is also served at teatime and is available in almost all sweatshops in the state. The best time to visit Gujarat is during the Navratra festival when the city is at its cultural peak. It is an excellent time for visitors to immerse themselves in local culture, and you can book air tickets online for ease of travel. 


Khandvi is a delicious dish that can be found in many restaurants and stalls throughout the city. The light and delicious snack is also known as suralichya wadya in Maharashtra. The snack, which is both nutritious and tasty, can be eaten for breakfast in the morning or tea in the evening. 


One of Gujarat's most famous dishes that has gained a reputation as a cheat-day meal. You will undoubtedly be in food heaven when you combine a crunchy, salty, spicy fafda with a piece of sweet jalebi. With this mix is teamed up with a fried chilly or dry papaya chutney your taste buds will erupt. The delicacy is served by many street vendors and restaurants and is a must-try dish for any visitor to the area. 

Gujarat is a foodie's paradise, with something to please everyone. For every meal, there are a variety of options in the local cuisine. After your eventful stay in Gujarat return home using online flight booking in any airlines.