5 Post Pregnancy Foods for New Mothers

5 Post Pregnancy Foods for New Mothers

Naina Shrivastav

Going through pregnancy and looking after your new-born baby can, at times, cause you to feel drained of energy. This starts from the strenuous childbirth, even if you have a normal delivery. Therefore, after delivery, do not neglect your own health so that you can be strong enough to tend to your baby’s needs and be a great mother.

The nutrients in your breast milk usually stay unaltered. However, if new mothers do not eat properly, these nutrients will be used at the cost of their health. So, check out some post-delivery foods that are highly beneficial for a new mother.

5 Important Post-Pregnancy Foods that New Mothers Must Have

  • Eat salmon

Salmon is considered a superfood for new mothers as it contains a type of fat called DHA. This type of fat is present in breast milk. Hence, a woman whose diet is abundant in DHA can supply more of it to her baby. The reason for DHA to be so vital is that it is essential to develop the baby’s nervous system. It also helps in lifting your baby’s mood and preventing postpartum depression. However, as salmon also has mercury, it is recommended not to consume more than two servings or 12 ounces of salmon every week.

  • Consume low-fat dairy products

These products are a must for new mothers since they have calcium. Calcium is critical for the development and growth of bones. Besides, dairy products supply proteins, vitamin B and vitamin D which are important to boost your health and energy.

  • Have eggs

Eggs are a rich source of protein and vitamin D. They also contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, iron, iodine and phosphorus.

  • Eat more green leafy veggies and legumes

Kidney beans and black beans contain plenty of protein and are remarkable options for vegetarians. Green leafy vegetables, including spinach, are high in vitamin A. They are also great non-dairy sources of calcium, especially beneficial for those allergic to dairy products. Moreover, they are full of antioxidants and contain iron and vitamin C.

  • Have brown rice, whole grain cereals and whole wheat bread

Avoid trying to lose weight too quickly after your delivery by controlling your intake of carbohydrates. This may cause you to feel weak. Your body requires calories for producing milk for the baby. Whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole-grain cereals are useful sources of healthy carbohydrates. Also, most of them are rich in vital nutrients and vitamins.

Moreover, avoid the following unhealthy foods after delivery:

  • Sugary drinks like colas and sodas
  • Fast-food takeaways
  • Ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook meals
  • Sugary biscuits, salted chips, and other packaged snacks
  • Processed, cured meats

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