5 New Normal Traveling habits every traveller should have

5 New Normal Traveling habits every traveller should have

Aziz Q Shaikjh

Covid-19 has disrupted the economies of the countries, and it has badly affected lives in the ways unimaginable. Covid-19 has affected many industries, but the one that has come to complete standstill is the travel and tourism industry.

With the returning of the normal life, we can say that the travelling industry will also undergo the fundamental reset. If you want to take a safer trip during Covid times, we have compiled a few necessary habits based on expert research that you need to follow to keep yourself safe from the clutches of the Coronavirus.

  1. Booking a socially distant hotel – Many hotels have announced new cleaning policies to keep their customers safe from the Coronavirus. Such new policies majorly focus on social distancing like contact-free transactions like digital keys, virtual check-in and check-out, limited dining etc. So, when booking a hotel for your trip, ensure that the property has announced new cleaning measures and is taking proper actions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. However, still, we cannot be a hundred per cent sure because prevention from Coronavirus is also dependent on what protective measures an individual is taking like wearing masks, disinfecting the hands etc.
  2. Deciding the trip – As the spread of Covid-19 is harder outdoors, you need to prepare your vacation to places like less crowded beaches, hiking trails and parks. Additionally, you need to always stay 6 feet away from others in order to practice social distancing. Also don’t miss on wearing masks if social distancing is not possible.
  3. Renting a car – If you are renting a car, you can ask the company representatives what precautionary measures they are taking to keep the spread of Coronavirus at bay. The company representative should be able to explain it to you in detail. However, you should also not miss to wipe the surfaces of the car yourself.
  4. Rest stops – Rest stops can be high-risk areas. Variety of people travelling from different areas may be using them, and some of them may be infected too. When looking for a rest stop, search for the large bathrooms with plenty of airflows. Moreover, don’t forget to wear your mask and following the practice of proper handwashing from time to time.
  5. Taking a flight – It doesn’t matter if you are taking Bangalore to Delhi flights, Delhi to Bengaluru flights, or Pune to Delhi flight, there are few habits that you must follow that may reduce your risk of exposure. Wash your hands frequently during the trips and keep a sanitizer with you. Wipe the seat that you are supposed to sit on and always wear the mask.

Covid-19 has impacted our lives badly, but if you can follow a few things religiously, you can plan a trip while keeping yourself and your family free from getting infected.