5 Celebrities Who Hate the Paparazzi

5 Celebrities Who Hate the Paparazzi


Celebrity lifestyle is not easy. You are always in the spotlight, and that can get tiring at times. Celebrities, most times, don’t like the paparazzi but they have no choice. No matter how tiring it may be, celebrities have to keep up with the life, updating their fans about their lives, projects and work. 

While physical paparazzi is one thing, the media is one form of paparazzi that the celebrities dislike so much. Most times, these celebrities don’t reply to interviews or questions from media. Media has a reputation of always twisting even the most plain and self-explanatory of sentences. This unhealthy relationship, is sadly, unavoidable for the celebrities. 

This hate for paparazzi is innate of every celebrity, but there are some who are more vocal about their reservations on it. 


·       Donald Trump

You’d be surprised to see the name of the 45th American President on the list of celebrities who hate the paparazzi. Donald is very vocal, social and can talk just at anybody. However, he only wants you to know just as much as he wants you to know. Which is the complete opposite to the mission of Paparazzi. Paparazzi wants to have insider information about anything they are interested in. Donald hates this. The activities surrounding his businesses and life are always wild, and he wouldn’t want anyone else privy to them without his will. Donald also hates when paparazzi wants to try force him to answer the question he doesn’t feel like. 

·       Louis Tomlinson

Just like the rest of the One Direction team, he hates paparazzi. The members of the team don’t like their photos taken. There was an instance where Louis had fought with a photographer who didn’t stop filming him at Los Angeles Airport. A similar scenario happened again, while he was at the airport with his family. As you’ll expect, these didn’t play out so well with the media. 

·       Mike Tyson

Mike is a heavyweight world boxing champion, and his abilities to leave a man messed up physically was felt by a photographer when he was at a particular airport. The situation had not been a good experience for either side, but it was resolved. According to Mike, he had only reacted to the photographer because he ignored warnings from airport security and had bumped into the stroller of his daughter. You really don’t want to mess with Mike or his family. 

·       Justin Beiber

Justin’s celebrity status started when he was 14 thanks to his YouTube sensational video. This shot him into the limelight, and as expected, into the hands of Paparazzi. He has experienced so much success, but on the way, there had been a lot of fights with the media. He later admits to being wrong, and with age, he had grown more responsible and able to manage his anger. 

·       Eminem

His real name is Marshall Mathers for those who didn’t know. He is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan, and he hates the media. Most times, when in an interview, he gives curt or incorrect answers to questions asked of him. This leaves a cloud of mystery around him, which he’s good with. 

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