5 Best Sites to Watch Anime Streaming

5 Best Sites to Watch Anime Streaming


Anime (manga) has always been a great success. Currently Japan still produces most of the market with a striking version that is almost impossible to copy. The Japanese style of manga or Japanimation has kept its identity through the Japanese culture no matter the history of anime we can always notice its artistic imprint and its difference. Today the Streaming websites offer the possibility to watch and download the manga of your choice in English Subbed version or in the original (Japanese) version subtitled in French VOSTFR.


 Vostfree.com This is the first of our selection. This site is certainly one of the best sites allowing visitors to watch manga online and for free. It proposes you the " VF " version French version and the " VOSTFR " original version subtitled in French. The home page of the site can tell you everything from the beginning, if you are lucky you don't need to go further to find your favorite anime. The site also offers you a ranking of the most popular manga movies. You can watch or download any series (manga).

Given the huge database of manga that this site has, not finding your favorite anime is almost impossible! The interface is well done, the design is average but efficient and the speed of the site is acceptable, we do not notice any slowdown in the navigation between pages. This site will undoubtedly be at the top of your choices in terms of manga.


Jetanimes.com Another VF and VOSTFR anime site that will interest you and may become one of your favorites! The design of the site is very well done and very well organized. You will immediately notice that the dark theme of the site is much more comfortable for navigation between pages. As for the search Jetanime provides you with several search tools, the search filter by year is very handy if you are looking for a rather old anime whose title you have forgotten. But the most efficient search tool is the alphabetical order filter placed at the top of the page. This will help you to put order in your searches from the beginning.

You can also use the genre classification if you want to discover a new series. For a free site the ad is quite reasonable and access to your episode is not long - just a link or two and off you go! Navigation and Streaming is fast, no registration to start watching. Jetanimes is surely a site that has a lot to offer and will become more and more popular. Keep this site in your favorites you're going to need it.


Mavanimes.co Mavanimes puts at your disposal a list of animes in VF and another one in Vostfr so it is impossible to make a mistake. The search is based on an alphabetical filter so it will be easy to find your favorite anime. The design is acceptable but we notice an important presence of advertising. For the speed the navigation between the pages is flexible and the videos are of good quality. Take the time to visit this site it will surely please you!


Anime-ultime.net/ A very interesting site that offers both Streaming and free downloading of animes in VF and VOSTFR. The site is quite popular with nearly 100,000 registered members. Anime-ultime has a huge database of animes with more than 35,000 available files and more than 132,000,000 total downloads with 40,000 hours of streaming. A large community of users support the site and a Room Discorde chat with 1600 members is available, you can join this community right away and make new friends.

The site doesn't display too much advertising and the speed of navigation between pages is quite good, the site is well organized despite the small text size. You can choose from the beginning to download or Streaming which is very convenient. The design is well done with a unique style. You can go further and connect on the forum proposed by the site. Anime-ultime is probably one of the best sites for Streaming and downloading animes in VF and VOSTFR. If you like animes you must absolutely have a look on the site!


Otakufr.com is one of the most popular sites for Streaming animes in VF and VOSTFR. You will surely love Otakufr because it's a free site and without registration. The design is very well done and you don't notice too much advertising. The site is easy to use, we like the filter in alphabetical order and the main menu with the filters (in progress, popular, finished, movies, vf and manga games). It's always a great pleasure to see the updates first. Otakufr has gained a lot of popularity and its Alexa rank is #35.700 which is very high for a site that offers Streaming animes in French. Otakufr will find a place in your favorites of manga in VF and VOSTFR.

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