5 BEST Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper

5 BEST Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper

Let Vintage Watercolor Wallpaper in your home through the year with these Ways to Use Floral Wallpaper

If you’re looking at updating your house quickly in a non-fussy manner, then wallpapers provide the easiest solution. It is relatively faster and non-messier to apply and can also be changed easily.

Recently, Grey Floral Wallpaper have made a comeback in a big way and in all colours – ranging from dull greys and bright reds to pale pinks and light blues.

Take floral botanical wallpaper at our gallery of wallpapers to find the one perfect for your home

Mural Wallpaper

This wallpaper is the perfect choice for those of you who wish you could paint a beautiful mural on your walls. If you don't have the artistic talent to make a masterpiece out of your living room, this paneled wallpaper from Etsy easily turns a simple room into a work of art.

Go Graphic

If you're more of a white walls, neutral room type of person, this ink drawing-inspired wallpaper is perfect for you. The crisp lines and graphic design are a great complement to a neutral room and don't take away from the simplistic decor.

Lush Nature

Some people would pick a beautiful succulent or a calming eucalyptus plant over roses any day. This lush, rainforest-y wallpaper is a great way to truly bring the outside in. vintage chinoiserie wallpaper work very well in a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, but would also add a soothing pop of color in a living room or bathroom.

Gray Chinoiserie Wallpaper -Inspired Floral

Geometric prints are huge right now, but if you're more of a botanist than a mathematician, this intricate wallpaper design is a lovely choice. Large Floral Wallpaper repeating, symmetric pattern will please any perfectionist and is a great choice for a nursery or an entryway.

Abstract Tropical Wallpaper , dark prints are in this year. Tree Chinoiserie Wallpaper 've seen how this deep and romantic choice can make a bedroom feel like a queen's chamber, but don't be scared to incorporate this trendy look into your dining room. Keeping the rest of the room simple and neutral (think wooden tables and jute rugs) will allow this gothic print to shine.