5 Advantages of Industrial Automation

5 Advantages of Industrial Automation

1.Augment Manufacturing Pace and Output

Industrial automation employs machines programmed to reduce per-unit production time, or in other words, increase the daily output. As against a human workforce that confronts physical limitations, systems based on the principle of industrial automation are quick and facilitate 24/7 production.

2. Ensure Process Compliance

Committing mistakes is a human tendency. Even the most experienced workforce can make mistakes, some of which are trivial and some significant enough to impact production and product quality. However, an automated production assembly line is programmed to adhere to a particular workflow and thus ensures process compliance.

3. Achieve a Higher Product Quality

Industrial automation increases production output, and since it ensures process compliance and reduces manual errors, companies achieve better product quality. It helps them enhance their competence. However, there’s another and a much larger dimension to it. Adoption of industrial automation at the industry level fosters healthy competition and gives consumers even better options. These factors prove beneficial to the country in the entirety.

4. Reduce Labor Expenses

Automation does what a group of 100 people can’t! As a result, you do not have to employ an extensive workforce for a particular job, and annually, you save millions spent in paying employee salaries and administration costs. 

5. Increased Work Safety

Often, manual operations, especially the age-old ones, make assembly workers vulnerable to many onsite accidents and health risks. However, modern-age industrial automation employs structurally and operationally safe setups that reduce work safety risks. Besides, the fact that machines can lift excessively heavyweights, and perform various risky jobs, reduces workplace safety threats to a significant extent.

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