40 Best Ways of 2023+ 60 Websites For Earning

40 Best Ways of 2023+ 60 Websites For Earning

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Method 21. Making money on photos

If you have a camera, or at least a smartphone with a good camera, you can try to make money from photographs.

On special photo banks you can sell unique pictures of nature, people, the city, some things, etc.

Moreover, you will be paid for each download of the photo. Therefore, if you have a lot of cool shots in your arsenal, you can make passive income out of it.

Or you can not take pictures at all, but draw pictures in Photoshop or somewhere else. You can also upload them to photo banks and earn money. ?

You don't need to be a professional, amateur photography is fine.

List of the best photobanks

  • Depositphotos is a English-language photo bank. There is a system of bonuses for authors.
  • Shutterstock is the world's largest photo bank. Allows you to make good money even for beginners (the platform promotes new materials). First, they pay 25 cents per download, then 33 and more.
  • Fotolia is another photo bank. Here images are sold per piece, platform percentage is floating (80-40%).
  • Dreamstime is an English-language photo stock . Loyal enough to the authors.
How much you can earn: $ 80-500 per month and above

Method 22. Pulse from Mail.ru

An analogue of Yandex.Dzen from Mail.ru also allows authors to earn money. Now this platform can only be accessed through invitations, but soon they should open registration for everyone.

According to forecasts, a Zen competitor will allow them to earn more - in this way they will lure away authors.

I have just watched a lot of materials on this platform from authors who have an invite. I must say that the money there turns out to be good. Let's see what happens next ?.

How much you can earn: from 2,500 to 10,000 dollars per week

Earnings with investments ?

Now I will describe the ways in which attachments are needed. Somewhere they are minimal, somewhere you will have to throw under several hundred thousand dollars. In any case, the profitability is high here, and this is the main thing.

Method 23. Cashback

You can shop online and get some of the money back. This type of receiving money is called cashback .

Cashback is used by a huge number of people, especially in the west. There, this type of earnings is generally not considered something out of the ordinary. A simple routine that allows you to effectively buy on the Internet and receive profitable deductions from cashback services.


You just need to register for a cashback service, install a browser extension or a mobile application. Everything. Further, for all purchases, you will receive deductions, and as soon as they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can receive this money to your bank card or online wallet.

You can also get a debit card with cashback and receive up to 1% on any purchases. Also, many banks have partners from whom you can get an increased cashback (from 10 to 30%).

Now the topic of "favorite" categories is still relevant. For example, Black debit card users can choose 3 categories every month and receive 3-15% cashback on each purchase in these categories.

Thus, I was able to return almost 3,000 dollars for purchases in the "Restaurants" category. Now I got the category "Pharmacies", and in it I can also make good money on cashback.

I also recently talked about the 10 best cashback services for AliExpress . I advise you to read if you are interested in this topic.

How much you can earn: 700-10,000 dollars per month and above

Method 24. Creating an online store

Do you want you to have a lot of sales and a large turnover? Great - create an online store and start promoting it. Now almost all sales take place via the Internet.

It would be a big mistake to miss this opportunity. An unforgivable mistake that deprives you of the lion's share of the profit.

In addition, to create a simple online store, you do not need to have any specific knowledge. The site can be easily made in WordPress , plug-ins can be connected there and the design installed.


No super complex codes or scripts. You can generally use the constructors and assemble your project with the mouse. Very simple and practical.

Naturally, I understand that not every person can cope with even such a simple platform as Wordpress. I can advise such people to go to freelance exchanges or to a web studio, and order the development of an online store there.

At the same time, you need to understand that the site will not just generate customers for you. You will have to spend a lot of effort and money.

Basically, the money will go to the promotion of the online store. At first, it will most likely be contextual advertising. You need to pay for the advertising office itself, as well as the services of a marketer who can set everything up. Well, or explore this whole kitchen on your own.

But if you're serious about it, you still have to build an entire team. Hire copywriters, marketers, SMMs, SEO specialists, etc.

If you do not want to create a store as a separate site, then you can get by with a simple group on Vkontakte, Instagram or Odnoklassniki. Here you do not have to hire web developers, there will be enough designer who will arrange everything. Well, and an SMM manager who will monitor the state of the media, publish content and do everything else.

Next, you will need to promote your media resource. This can be done using an advertising account within a social network or other methods, such as direct advertising.

Popular bloggers on Instagram very often advertise various stores. People are actively buying goods through Insta, so this topic is in demand. Mostly handcrafted goods are sold: paintings, merchandise, soap in certain shapes, etc.
Handcrafted goods can be easily sold through the website as well. And if you combine the site and groups in social networks, you can get even more customers. True, it can take much more money for promotion.
How much you can earn: 300,000 - 1,000,000 dollars per month and above

Method 25. Earnings on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Avito is a very popular platform where millions of people post their ads for the sale of various junk every day. You can also use the services of this service and earn.


The bottom line is reselling things. You, of course, can just sell some of your junk and have a pretty penny from it, but this will no longer be just earnings. Here you just use the services of the site and get rid of unnecessary trash.

But if you buy this unnecessary junk from others and sell it at a higher price. Then yes, we can assume that you are a successful businessman, which are few.

But in fact, a lot of people are engaged in the reselling of goods. Some unique people have even started selling online courses on how to make money on Ebay. They told how best to find a cheap product, how to bargain with a seller and then sell the same product at a higher price.

To make money in this way, you need to constantly monitor the sites. Yes, not only Avito, but also other similar sites and applications. Next, you need to look out for interesting goods that can be resold profitably. Then buy them back, write a cool new ad, and sell them for a higher price.

If you work with several sites at once, then things will go easier. And if you have a car or you can very easily move from one city to another, then you can benefit from the economic condition of the population. Buy something on the periphery, and then sell it in some Moscow.

How much you can earn: 20,000 - 100,000 and above

Method 26. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the sale of someone else's goods through your own sources. Basically, you create an online store (website, Instagram account, or whatever), promote it and sell goods from other people's warehouses. That is, you are an intermediary between the buyer and the manufacturer of the product. And of course you take a percentage for it.

The topic is new for EU/US and the CIS, somewhat reminiscent of traffic arbitrage. But here you are working with specific stores and the whole process is more streamlined.

It works like this:

  • The dropshipper receives product lists from the supplier (manufacturer).
  • He posts information about these products in his online store.
  • The buyer enters the store, places an order, pays.
  • The owner of the online store (dropshipper) transfers data about the order, customer contacts to the manufacturer (supplier).
  • The ordered goods from the supplier's warehouse are sent directly to the buyer.
  • The difference between the store price and the manufacturer's price remains with the dropshipper.

The advantage of dropshipping is that you do not need to deal with logistics and look for a warehouse for goods. Money is invested in the creation and development of the site, which later becomes an excellent source of income.

How much you can earn: 10,000 - 500,000 and above

Method 27. Earnings on marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon, etc.)

In 2021, this method can be considered more preferable and simpler than an online store (or dropshipping). Its plus is that you sell your products through already promoted marketplaces - Ebay , Amazon, Olx, Aliexpress, etc.

Everything happens here much easier than if you worked through your own site. You provide your product (you can bring it to special warehouses that are in many large cities), create cards on the site, arrange them as needed and promote them within the platform.

By the way, the plus of this option is that usually there is no minimum number of units of goods. That is, you can try to work on the platform, even if you only have a few dozen homemade bags or something else.
Just remember that marketplace rules can change from time to time, so it's better to clarify.

But, of course, not everything is as sweet as it might seem at first glance. You still have to work: study the principles of promotion in the marketplace, give feedback on reviews (even negative ones), pay out of your own pocket if any problems arise, etc.

You will also have to pay for the space in the warehouse, which will be occupied by your product. Although not very much, it will still cost a pretty penny.

In general, the method, in my opinion, is cool. I plan to test it myself. I will write about my successes or failures in this blog.

How much you can earn: 10 - 100 thousand dollars per month and above

Method 28. Traffic arbitration

A rather complicated method to implement. To arbitrate traffic , you must be able to set up ad campaigns across a wide variety of sites. It can be Yandex Direct, Google Adwords, Instagram or Facebook.

The bottom line is that you are promoting a product or service and get a percentage of the sale. Sometimes this percentage can reach 3-5 thousand per lead. But to work with such numbers you need to have experience and understanding.


This is how a typical case for the discharge of a product looks like:


The person earned almost 500,000 dollars in a month and a half. He just advertised a baldness remedy for men on Instagram and Facebook. Naturally, money was needed for this, so I threw this method into the section of earnings with investments.

If you are interested in this case, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it at the link . There, the action plan is described in more detail, the creatives used (advertising materials) are shown, etc.

The standard, known to me, traffic arbitrage model is as follows:

  • You register in the CPA network;
  • Choose an offer (product or service);
  • You create special advertising materials (creatives);
  • You go to some site, you start testing advertising materials;
  • You choose the most profitable ones, throw money into the campaign;
  • You are waiting for people to start clicking on your ads and buying a product / service;
  • The affiliate program pays you a percentage from each purchase;
  • You try to make this very percentage pay off all the invested funds;
  • Affiliate income - money spent on advertising = profit;
  • You rejoice at the profit, go to look for a new offer or keep pouring on the old one.

But this is a very primitive characteristic. There are really a lot of complications to consider. This method is suitable for beginners, but you will have to spend time and money on training (not all advertising campaigns will work).

Now I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a small selection of affiliate programs. There you can find offers (advertising offers) and make money on it.

List of popular CPA networks:

  • Admitad is the largest CPA network in EU/US and the CIS. You can find commodity, financial, gaming and other types of offers. Pros: convenient English-language interface, instant payments for experienced affiliates, many tools for optimizing advertising campaigns.
  • Advertise is a great network that I have been working with for a long time. There you can find financial offers, internet services affiliate programs and much more at great rates.
  • M1-Shop is the best product affiliate program, which contains all the trendy products in the English Federation and the CIS. If you want to work with a product, this is the place for you.
  • LeadGid is an affiliate program with financial offers. It features a cool interface, good support and the availability of products from renowned companies like Tinkoff and Alfa-Bank.

Each affiliate program and offer has certain rules: allowed and prohibited sources of traffic and ways to attract. Therefore, before testing something, I advise you to read this information in more detail. Better yet, contact support. There you have to explain everything in detail.

How much you can earn: 100,000 - 1,000,000 dollars for one traffic drain and more

Method 29. Earnings from the sale of sites

Now people are actively buying a variety of sites for monetization, development, or for resale. Once upon a time I also managed to earn about 40 tr. - sold one of his projects, which seemed hopeless then.

You can earn money on this in several ways:

Develop your projects for subsequent sale : here you will have to constantly create projects, bring them to a certain level of earnings and traffic. In the future, these sites can be sold at a price that is calculated as monthly earnings * payback period .

That is, if you want to sell a site for an annual return on investment, then you simply multiply the monthly profit by 12. If for a two-year profit - by 24, etc. Usually sold for a yearly payback.

Buy projects for a cheaper price, refine and sell . A lot of undervalued projects are published on the exchanges. Usually these are sites for beginners who have not yet learned all the intricacies of this craft.

You can easily grab a cool resource for little money, and then sell it for a higher price. Naturally, a simple outbid will not be enough.

You need to do something like the following:

  • go to the exchange for selling sites or various forums,
  • find some promising project there,
  • redeem it at a minimal cost,
  • finish, correct mistakes and bring the site to a certain level of earnings,
  • sell a resource for a higher price.

A simple sequence of actions that can bring enormous profits.

Which of the options is closer to you - decide for yourself. I would choose the first one because it is more interesting. But here there is also a minus - it will take six months or a year before the resource begins to bring at least some traffic and money.

Until that moment, you can forget about selling a site for a more or less reasonable price.


If you want to see approximate figures, then just go to the Telderi website exchange . There, as a rule, many different lots are presented, where all the necessary information is indicated.

How much you can earn: from 10,000 dollars per site to infinity

Method 30. Development of programs, applications, web services

It was possible, of course, to attribute this option to earnings without investment. However, as a rule, investments are needed in such adventures. And not 1000-2000 dollars, but a fortune.

You first need to create a product, test it, launch a large-scale advertising campaign, hire staff, etc.

All this requires money. But this option also brings profits just the sea.

Developers of programs, mobile applications or web services, more often than not, do not blow up. Their monthly earnings can reach several million dollars, and it happens that the numbers do not lend themselves to comprehension at all - their eyes are on their foreheads.

You can hardly run something like this alone. Now is not the time when any bullshit will shoot with great success. You will have to pack your product beautifully, constantly add something new, keep in touch with the public.

A whole team should do this. So, in fact, this paragraph is about creating your own startup, and not about just developing something.

How much you can earn: millions of dollars (if the app takes off)

Method 31. Digital agency, services

You can provide services over the Internet alone - then you will be a freelancer. Or you can team up with like-minded people and create your own digital agency. The same thing, only on a larger scale.

In this case, you still have to work on a lot of directions. So, the way is not easy.

There are many different options here. You can provide services for writing texts, promoting sites, setting up advertising campaigns, design, developing some plans and projects. An agency can be dedicated to one thing, or all of them.

The most popular directions for creating a digital agency:

  • Programming, development of websites, applications for PCs or smartphones
  • Advertising and internet marketing
  • SEO promotion
  • Design, logo creation
  • Copywriting, writing sales texts, blogging
  • Game development
  • Etc.

There are a lot of directions, new and new ones constantly appear. In general, all that remains is to keep an eye on the market and not miss out on opportunities.

How much you can earn: 100,000 - 300,000 dollars per month and above

Method 32. Coaching and information business

You've probably seen that now there are a lot of information businessmen, all kinds of business coaches, etc. All this is not easy - information business and coaching are an excellent form of earnings that can bring millions of dollars, or even dollars.

The average price for an information business course is from $ 500.

Imagine a thousand people come to him and buy this course. 500,000 bucks like a bush. It is for this reason that a large number of people are now striving to go into the info business and make a lot of money on it.

How much you can earn: millions of dollars (depends on the popularity of the courses)

Method 33. Channel in Telegram

Channels in the Cart are trending now. Absolutely everyone rushed to create their own media sources in such a popular messenger. The excitement is great, but the competition is not yet as strong as on other social networks. Therefore, you have every chance to occupy some niche in 2021 and make good money on it.

Advertising, by the way, is being sold out on "Hurray". Many have 50-80 tons. per month from fairly small channels. But before that, you will also have to grow, engage in promotion and PR.

How much you can earn: 10-60,000 dollars for 1 advertising post

Method 34. Facebook group

Facebook groups cannot be written off. There are not so many free niches there, but if you try hard, go with a certain budget, and do everything cool, then you can ensure yourself a stable passive income from advertising.

We are talking about both native advertising from the social network itself, and about third-party sites. They offer exactly this type of ad posting, but usually at higher prices.

I recommend paying attention to this option if you have the money and the opportunity to attract competent SMMs.

How much you can earn: 5,000 - 300,000 dollars per month and above

Method 35. Instagram

Instagram bloggers make good money too. If you have traffic, you can definitely monetize it. Another thing is how to get ahead, because the competition here is really tough.

If in the same TikTok you can still become popular thanks to algorithms, then with Insta it will not work out that way. ?

The easiest way is to unwind on simpler sites, such as the same tiktok, and transfer the audience to Insta. Many people are doing this now.

For promotion, you will have to actively invest money, which is why I attribute this method to making money with investments.

How and what - you cannot tell in a nutshell, but the essence is clear - you gain an audience, then you start selling advertising or else somehow monetize it (transfer it to Telegram, FB, YouTube).

How much you can earn: 0 - 1,000,000 dollars and above

Method 36. Buying shares

Quite a complicated and not always profitable way. The bottom line is buying shares of well-known companies and receiving dividends.

Let's say you buy Yandex stock at $ 100 (for example). The next month, these stocks go up and your earnings go up with them.

You can sell the stock at a higher price, or you can simply receive royalties from the company (dividends).

I myself have recently been fond of investing.

This is what my portfolio looks like now (I replenish it every month).

So far, all my shares are growing and this is very encouraging.

I mostly buy shares in IT companies. I also took the FinEx fund, which showed the highest profitability.

For several months I have earned about 10,000 dollars . Completely passive income. This is about 25% of what I invested.

If you also want to buy stocks then Investing will be one of the best options. There is an extremely simple interface, a lot of useful information and good rates for novice investors.

⭐ More mobile investment apps can be found in my freshest selection of the best brokers in EU/US 2021 .

How much you can earn: Millions of dollars. And so, usually 10-15% per month of the invested

Method 37. Trading, playing in the foreign exchange market

Trading has long since reached the level of the Internet. People work right from home, playing on exchange rates, and now also on cryptocurrencies. In fact, everything is extremely simple here: you buy a currency, wait for it to rise in price, and sell.

To make money on trading, you must understand the principles of the foreign exchange market. These are not binary options for you, where you just need to poke up and down - everything is very serious. Money can be lost in no time.

How much you can earn: similarly, it all depends on the amounts invested

Method 38. Investing in raw materials

Gold, oil, silver and other precious metals can also be bought online. In the future, you can keep your property in the bank, or come and take it home. When the price of a commodity rises, you can sell it and make a profit.

How much you can earn: on average 5-15% of the invested amount per unit of time

Method 39. Cryptocurrency mining

A recently appeared way of making money is mining cryptocurrency for its subsequent sale. Mining profitability will depend on a large number of different factors.

Starting from the currency that you mine, and ending with the power of your equipment and the situation in the world.

How much you can earn: less and less every year.

Method 40. Earnings on bets

Bets are when a person places real money on a certain event (most often a sporting event), and in case of a correct outcome, he takes 1.5-2 times more of the invested amount. If the outcome is wrong and the person did not guess, then he loses his money. It's like an argument with a friend, only here the bookmakers act as a friend.

There are a lot of bookmakers. There are proven reliable companies, and there are scam sites who simply steal your money no matter the outcome.

It is best to bet only in licensed bookmakers that are connected to the MCCIS. This way you can minimize all the risks of dishonest loss of money.

I don’t know if it’s right to consider sports betting as income. Rather, as an additional income. But this does not negate the fact that you can earn decent money on bets, you just need to understand a certain kind of sport and be able to make predictions.

How much you can earn: 100-1000-100,000-1,000,000 dollars or more.

Read also: TOP-20 Best Reliable Bookmakers

Method 41. Selling things in online games

There is just a lot of money spinning in the gaming industry. Someone is really willing to shell out a few thousand dollars for pixels. And you can make money on this. I'm talking about selling things in online games. The method is complicated, incomprehensible, risky, but very monetary.

This has a ton of options: you can just buy cheaper things (in CS: GO / Dota / Fortnite, etc.), wait for the average market price to rise - and then sell.

By the way, I recently wrote an article about TOP-10 ways to make money on games . Be sure to check it out. ??

You can try to knock out expensive things through the cases - paid roulette, where with a small chance you can knock out some expensive things. After that, of course, you sell them.

In general, everything revolves around things in various games. I think it will not be difficult to understand what kind of games we are talking about. But you can get creative and try this in less popular projects.

How much you can earn: from 2-3 thousand to 100-200 per month. It all depends on the turnover and the price of things.

? Where to study to earn more

You can get an internet profession to make money from freelancing or telecommuting.

I considered these methods in "Earning without investment", but if you immediately want to get a high-paying remote job (or learn how to look for expensive customers, etc.), then you should think about taking online courses.

Their trick is that they teach you everything from scratch. From a complete lack of understanding of the topic to a successful interview for a position with a good salary.

Here is a list of popular online schools where you can get an internet profession from scratch:

  • Skillbox is a popular online school that offers courses in programming, internet marketing, SEO / SMM, design and other digital areas. At the end of each course you will find a prestigious certificate and employment assistance.
  • GeekBrains is another popular online university that has programs in many areas. There is also a chip with getting a job / internship and a prestigious diploma.
  • Netology is a good school where you can find many useful courses in a variety of areas. At the end of your studies, you will receive a diploma and help you get a job. The Expired promo code gives you a 5% discount.
  • SkillFactory is a school that specializes in programming and data analytics. Here you can find courses in data analysis, data science, management and other areas.
  • Contented is a design school with a huge variety of courses. Definitely noteworthy.
  • BeOnMax is a site with paid and free programming courses.

All of these schools have experienced enough teachers to help you with any question.

The only thing is that many of these courses are quite expensive. Therefore, they are suitable for those who are serious about working in the chosen direction.

Moreover, the cost of training can be recouped in the first 3-4 months of work in a good position. Don't forget this. ?

Some online schools offer favorable terms of payment by installments. But this needs to be clarified already on the websites of the schools themselves (links above).

How to avoid cheating and what to do if you are cheated after all

Newbies very often fall for the bait of scammers. There are global projects bred, such as financial pyramids, economic games, or even fake bookmakers. And there are private cheaters who profit from freelancers and just users who want to make money.


Financial pyramids are especially widespread now. They are disguised as investment projects. Like put in some money and withdraw more after a while.

And you don't need to do anything, we ourselves will make money on: cryptocurrency, the sale of information generated by artificial intelligence, rates, promotions, etc. Substitute any option and you can open your own financial pyramid.

But seriously, all such projects are a scam. They can pay at first, but then at some point they will simply close (scrimp) and all the money left in the account will simply go into the owners' pockets.

Here are some signs of a scam:

  • Investments at a high interest rate. You are offered to deposit money and in a month get almost twice as much. Especially impudent scammers who do not pay anyone at all do this. If you transfer money like that, it will be very problematic to get it back.
  • Excessively high earnings. There are scammers who make such absurd headlines like Make 500,000 in two weeks. All you need to do is register on our website and add 10,000. And now, as if by magic, the amount will increase 50 times.
  • The site has only good reviews. Do not believe the reviews that are posted on scam sites. Better to read the title once again and read real comments from real people on other sites. Most likely, you will be convinced that in front of you is a scam.
  • Video reviews from "earned". People on these videos really made money. 500 dollars at the nearest freelance exchange. Scammers very often order fake video reviews on freelance exchanges to convince you to give them your money. If there are videos on the resource in which people show wads of money and tell how good everything is, then this is a scam with a 99% probability.
  • Insurance premiums. A little-known site or a person directly offers you to earn a good amount, but to be sure of your intentions asks you to transfer money to your account. Supposedly they will be returned to you immediately. In most cases, this is cheating and no one will return anything to you. On some sites, like Work-Zilla or FL.ru, there is a concept of “payment for a subscription”. But these are proven projects that have been working for a single year. They have a reputation. But faceless no-name projects do not. Therefore, it is not worth the risk.
The insurance premium is often offered by private fraudsters who operate from a fake social media account. They motivate this by the fact that they want to test you for conscientiousness. Believe it all the more, because payment before work is the surest sign of fraud.

By the way, very often scammers create fake sites, fakes for existing white projects. For example, there is a site called Work-Zilla.com, they create exactly the same, but with the WorkZilla.com domain. And people who don't really understand, thinking that this is a real workzilla, throw money and lose it forever.

Be carefull. Better yet, install a special extension - Web of Trust . It will allow you to see the reputation of each site.


There are other extensions that can show the reputation of sites. But this is what I recommend, as it often contains information about scammers. If you come across a resource of deceivers in the SERP, the extension will immediately highlight it in red.

The simplest thing that you can do if you are deceived is not to fall for the bait again. But you can also try to get your money back by writing to the support service of the payment system or the payment acceptance service that was used for the transaction.

Basically, scammers avoid direct transfers and operate through services and exchangers. If the service is well-known, then there is a chance that the support will answer you and return the funds to your account. And the scammer's account will be blocked. But this is quite difficult to achieve, so it's better to just double check who you are working with.

If you were cheated on freelancing (you were not paid, blocked, etc.), then you can add an unscrupulous customer or even an artist to the black list. There are such in all sorts of popular communities on social networks. By adding a fraudster to an emergency, you will do a good deed - others will not be deceived either.

Tips for beginners

Now, with your permission, I will give some tips for making money online for beginners. I myself also make money on the Internet and I had to start small: freelance exchanges, copywriting and bookboxes. But it gave me valuable experience and understanding of what I want to achieve.

  • Don't chase big money. In the beginning, without experience and skills, no one will offer you millions. You will have to start with simple tasks on freelance exchanges or books. But you will be able to understand the whole principle of making money on a particular service and in the future determine in which area to develop.
  • Test different ways. To determine which method works best for you, you should try several different options. Choose for yourself a bunch of ways to make money and test them. Then you can leave 1-2 and develop directly in them.
  • Learn and develop, gain new knowledge. Development is the path to progress and increased income. You do not want to constantly plow for a penny on the axle boxes, right? To do this, you need to choose a specialization and how to master it. That being said, you shouldn't be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Keep improving constantly.
  • Do not give up. As I said, rarely does anyone make good money outright. Basically, people start from 2-3-5 thousand dollars per month. Some get discouraged and leave. Others continue to study their topic and multiply their earnings. Don't give up and keep going. And everything will be okay.

FAQ: Answers to readers' questions ?

Question number 1. What is the most profitable way to make money on the Internet in 2021?

Complex issue. If we talk about earnings without investments, then the most profitable, in my opinion, are : creating your own website, a channel in TikTok, Yandex.Zen, affiliate programs, streams.

If about earnings with investments, then traffic arbitrage, earnings on marketplaces, dropshipping, your own online store.

It is impossible to name the most profitable one. Everywhere has its own nuances.

Question number 2. What methods have YOU personally tested? ?

I tested a lot: copywriting, freelancing, remote work, creating my own website ✌, traffic arbitrage, sports betting, book boxes, making money on comments, etc. I don’t even remember everything.

Question number 3. How can a beginner immediately make money without investment and right now?

For beginners, the following methods are suitable: bucks, captcha, viewing ads, making money on likes and comments, etc.

If you have some understanding, then you can go to freelance exchanges or copywriting exchanges. You can easily earn from them from 500 dollars per day. ?

Question number 4. How to earn 20, 30, 100 thousand per month?

There are several options. You can become a cool freelancer, copywriter and earn this money from orders (this will require a lot of study , experience and portfolio).

Or you can invest in the creation of a website (it is much easier to move it with money), an online store, traffic arbitrage, FB group, YouTube, Telegram channel, promotions, raw materials and multiply them.

In general, in any case, you will need to acquire new knowledge and learn to apply it.

Question number 5. Where to begin?

The most important thing you have already done is that you started to be interested in the topic and read this article. ? Now you can bookmark it (the article is regularly updated), read other materials on my blog, look at thematic social networks (I gave links to many above), look for other information.

And most importantly, you can just try to make your first money. That is, register in a box, on the freelance exchange, complete a task there and just see your first earned money on the Internet.

Such, here, is the psychological moment that will give you the opportunity to start further. ?


As you can see, making money on the Internet is quite real. Here I have presented only 40 ways, but I'm sure there are many more. Each of the proposed options can generate income. Not always, of course, big, but nevertheless.

Hope you found some useful trick in this collection that you want to try out with impatience.

In the future, on this site, I plan to release more detailed analyzes of each of the presented methods. There I announce new articles, publish my thoughts, etc.

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