4 Tricks to Optimize Twitter Profile Ranking

4 Tricks to Optimize Twitter Profile Ranking

Alex Roe

Getting your blog or website ranked by Google is a good thing. And that too using the Twitter, you can easily increase the ranking of your webpage and Twitter profile without getting penalized by the Google.

Of course, the Google ranking algorithm is a closely guarded secret and one cannot easily decode it, but by implementing some fundamental tactics on your Twitter account, you can easily attract the attention of the Google authority and increase your ranking. Once you have achieved the desired ranking, then you can use the third party tools to identify the targeted market leads within the Twitter territory.

Most individuals follow the tricks given in the search engines of Google in order to increase the Google ranking, but it is not going to be beneficial for you on a long run.


  • 1 Twitter Optimization Tricks 20191.1 Increasing the Tweets
  • 1.2 Re-tweeting
  • 1.3 Optimize the profile picture, details, and header
  • 1.4 Using hash-tags (#)

Twitter Optimization Tricks 2019

The following are some of the tips that you could follow in order to be even with the other Twitter users:

Increasing the Tweets

A straightforward approach is increasing the volume of tweets. Now what you are going to tweet and when you tweet is an entirely different question, however, it is critical that you tweet. When you continuously tweet and reach the count of 5000 tweets, it would automatically catch the attention of the Google authority. When that is done, then just continue to tweet and make sure to be consistent and tweet informative contents to your viewers.

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One of the best means to optimize your Twitter account is just to re-tweet. Google gives a great weightage for re-tweet than a normal tweet. There are various ways to get re-tweet and before that is done, you need to ensure that the foundation which you require has to be noticed by users so that you can be followed. It is important that you complete your profile and fill in the fundamental details which can help you to be found out by others.

Optimize the profile picture, details, and header

Before you upload your picture, it is important that you use keywords for defining the picture file name. This file name will be used as an ALT tag which would be used by Google for indexing. In addition, you have to customize the header image of your twitter account. Of course, the background will not have any weight in the perception of Google, but it would be an added weightage for you as it gives a professional look to your profile.

Using hash-tags (#)

Besides using keywords, you have to include hash-tags(#) in your tweet. Of course, it doesn’t imply that Google ranking formula is based on the importance of having hash-tags in your twitter account, but it does make sense to use keyword rich hash-tags. However, you should avoid using the black hat methods of implementing hash-tags as the results could be quite disastrous like Google banning the account, shut down of the account, etc.

The above given are the simple strategies that you could implement and it can optimize the Twitter Ranking.

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