3rd Space Studio 2020 Press Release

3rd Space Studio 2020 Press Release


3rd Space Studio became the Bazochka <<base station>> of the Kolxoz in the fall of 2020.

Located in Chisinau, Muzeum Zemstvei.

Zemstva is not anymore a museum but <<Place>>.

Place with liquid status and liquid potential.

It claims work for activation or degeneration.

If <<work>> is well done, it leads to the fact that in this place people and elements meet and communicate with each other.

Such activity returns this space to the functions for which it was built.

It has a secret garden, where Stalkers rests.

Materialism Menu


thermal Printer

epoxy lab

reading corner

coffee and chai corner

HDMI / VGA video input Monitor Workplace

draw place & instruments


onwall archive <<archiv na nĂ­ti>>

tablet digitizer


Plein air in the Secret garden. The passage to the garden is possible only through the window of 3rd Space.

Work Menu

talk a bit, but work more

drink coffee but work fast

help each other

share good tricks and methods

work and than talk

improve by work

experiment and be not mean

don't be afraid of <<oshibka>> (en.mistake)

don't think about money as result

print & publish

clean studio after use it

clean toilet

Memories about visit

If you enter the <<3rd space studio of Kolxoz>> you will see a 7x4 meters room. It's dominated by a working table of size 140x278 cm. Around the table is situated all other facilities. You can sit on a small kindergarten size, fishing or garden party chairs. At the table you find two computer work places. Also two places for manual work. Rest of the table´s capacity has liquid status.

Right from the main entrance door is storage of material. In paper boxes are situated collective art tools as well as material for individual projects. Boxes are labeled to keep system flow.

Next to it is a fishing table with a fax station. So far fax is the main and only studios publishing methode. It works with thermal paper. In the near future there will also be an A4 laser printer for proof prints.

On the other side of the room is a <<coffee corner>>. It's a table for making tea, coffee and preparing simple snacks to keep the brain and body working.

There is a reading corner on the other side of the room. Which has a 40W yellow light lamp and selection of publications and samizdat works. It suits as reference and inspiration. Under sheet of glass is permanently changing the display of outstanding postcards from Kolxoz collection.

In the studio there is as well all needed for experiments with epoxy resin. Small objects can be casted and finalised with sandpaper.

Outcomes of studio work is displayed on hanging <<On Wall Archive>>. This archive allows to display all publications and material at once and store it.

In this space you can meet the plants from the Kolxoz Garden experiment. They travel with little help from collective to different territories.

This environment is also a laboratory for developing Collectivity and creating necrologue of Ego.


A neutral ground Visitors are not tied down to the area financially, politically, legally, or otherwise and are ‒ free to come and go as they please.

A leveler (a leveling place) Third places put no importance on an individual’s status in society. ‒ Someone’s economic or social status does not matter in a third place, allowing for a sense of commonality among its occupants. There are no prerequisites or requirements that would prevent acceptance or participation in the third place.

The regulars Third places harbor a number of regulars that help give the space its tone and help set the ‒ mood and characteristics of the area. Regulars to third places also attract newcomers and are there to help someone new to the space feel welcome and accommodated.

A low profile Third places are characteristically wholesome. The inside of a third place is without ‒ extravagance or grandiosity, and has a homely feel. Third places are never snobby or pretentious and are accepting of all types of individuals, from several different walks of life.