3DCoin Project Districts 3D ...a look at the future!

3DCoin Project Districts 3D ...a look at the future!

Michele 3DCoin Daemon (Project Districts Italian Community)

There is a project away from the radar that in about 8 months has reached the 3000 enabled masternodes and whose development team from Dubai has been working for years away from the spotlight. Currently for number of masternodes the project is in the top 10 worldwide of the masternodes sector, but it is a project that looks far beyond the masternodes sector, it is a project that brings a wave of innovation in two key areas of technological development in the coming years: blockchain and virtual reality.

This is not a project aimed at pure entertainment, although it is a project oriented towards virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D contents. It is a "generalist" blockchain that will give the opportunity to realize dapps / smartcontracts for any "sector" (see examples of use cases at the end of this post) but in a virtual environment, in a highly innovative and performing way overcoming the technical obstacles and costs that today make virtual reality not accessible to anyone who wants to bring their contents into a VR world. The project is not a mere "marketplace" for virtual content like other projects in the sector and above all it is not and has never been an erc-20 token, so it has no connection with the Ethereum blockchain. Instead it is a project with its own open source blockchain (forked from Bitcoin and Dash and with source code available on Github) which aims to compete with its own innovative features and with the strength of its own network of masternodes with the major "generalist" blockchains that exist today, in particular those that manage dapps and smartcontracts (for example Ethereum and EOS) and will also present itself with its own blockchain and its innovations to the VR / AR / 3D industry where giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft have already taken part. It is therefore an ambitious and innovative project that will compete with the best players in the two reference sectors (blockchain and VR).

A glimpse inside the Districts world

Now that I have raised your curiosity, I tell you that I'm talking about 3DCoin / Project Districts 3D a very special project of blockchain with masternodes and VR/AR/3D platform (two projects in one: 3DCoin + Project Districts 3D) with its own blockchain 3DCoin now already active for 8 months (block zero occurred at the end of march 2018), but NOT YET IN EXCHANGE (soon exchange announcement) and NOT IN ICO (there was already many months ago). The project has a great community and a great team, very active on Github, on Telegram and in the official 3DCoinTalk! forum where fortnightly updates are released. My role in the project is only the manager of the international community and the Italian community that has a significant numerical presence in the project, but I am only a volunteer and not part of the team, so what I write is only in a personal capacity, from simple big enthusiast of the project that I have been following since the end of 2017 since the ICO's time.

3DCoin is now a POW blockchain enhanced by over 3000 masternodes today and which will host a real virtual world for dapps and smartcontracts. The potential and the spectacular nature of the project are clearly visible in the video below... the video speaks for itself! The project will have 3 blockchain in one (see the architecture in whitepaper, awesome... and soon only the masternodes will manage consensus no longer the miners) to manage both 3DCoin and Project Districts virtual environment (Districts Visual Studio powered by UnrealEngine4) of which we see a glimpse in the video and soon will also be in exchange with their own currency 3DCoin after a successful ICO concluded at the beginning of 2018 (a normal ICO not a "masternodes IMO"). The team has never sold whole masternodes and although the masternodes were well specified in the whitepaper they were not advertised during the ICO because the team has always remained more focused on promoting the "product" ie the virtual platform. The ICO was a normal ICO that sold about 47 million 3DCoin at a rate of 40,000 3DC for 1 Bitcoin (on average the coins cost about 25 cents of dollar based on the average prices of BTC of that period) and anyone could access since the minimum purchase was 40 coins whose total cost was about 10 dollars, so a normal ICO, not an "initial sale of masternodes", the team has never sold complete masternodes. After the coinburn of the unsold 3dcoins, the expected final supply is about 85 million coins (between sold in ICO and mined thereafter). The team's coins are also blocked for five years, in any case more details about the ICO results and the supply and locked coins are available in a link below.

Masternodes / Pulsenodes / Primenodes

As specified in the "nodes" section of the whitepaper, there will be three types of nodes (master, prime, pulse) to manage the whole 3DCoin and Districts ecosystem. The team is also taking the masternodes to the highest level of importance, specialization and development implementing an innovative consensus protocol that will be managed exclusively by the masternodes, so the POW / mining will soon be decommissioned to delegate the creation of blocks exclusively to the masternodes (not POS / staking but a consensus managed by masternodes). Incredible as sometimes in a sector the most innovative proposals that constitute a technological "leap" or a "shot" forward come from projects that are not merely aimed at that sector. As already mentioned, the project is not aimed exclusively at the masternodes sector (in fact it is little known in the industry) but for its technical needs is leading the development of masternodes to the highest level ever seen and already has an active network of over 3000 masternodes despite its own coin is not yet in the exchanges but is available only for those who managed to buy it in ICO or in the OTC market ("over the counter") by miners who have sold some in the community.

Now that you know the particularity and the evident potential of this project that will soon land in the exchanges, here is the final twist, the latest demo video released in October 2018 has literally left the community open-mouthed. do not miss the details with the highest possible resolution!

After the video you will find all the useful links with the resources of the project, while waiting for the imminent exchange announcement expected for December 2018 so you can study the project starting from the resources that you will find below. Welcome to the future!

Impressive DEMO video

(Little trick: watch videos at the highest resolution available!)



Architecture / blockchain section in whitepaper


Nodes section in whitepaper


ICO Results and coinburn of unsold coins


Official Websites

🌐 3DCoin site 🌐


🌐 Project Districts 3D site 🌐



πŸ’¬ Telegram main group (official international group)


πŸ’¬ Telegram HUB for Districts 3DCoin resources


Announcements and updates

πŸ‘₯ Forum 3DCoinTalk! πŸ’¬



Other Resources

πŸ”Ž Explorer / πŸ”— Blocks (3dcstats.net)


πŸ—„ Github Repositories πŸ’Ύ


πŸ’» Wallet Desktop Core (Win/Mac/Linux) https://github.com/BlockchainTechLLC/3dcoin/releases

πŸ“œ Paper Wallet


🌐 Web Wallet


πŸ“‹ Masternode install guide πŸ’»


πŸ“ Masternode scripts πŸ–Š


πŸ“Š Masternodes statistics πŸ“Œ






🎞 YouTube πŸ“½


Twitter 🐦 3DCoin


Twitter 🐦 Districts


πŸ‘₯ Facebook πŸ‘₯


BitcoinTalk Topic πŸ’­


βœ’οΈ Team on Linkedin πŸ’Ό


πŸ“© Email: contact@districts.io πŸ“¬

Some USE CASES of Project Districts

🏠🏑🏘 RealEstate 🏠🏑🏘


πŸ“šπŸ”¬πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“Educational / education / scientific πŸ“šπŸ”¬πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“


πŸ“ Other examples on the main page of Project Districts 🌐


πŸ“See also the use cases on our #whitepaper πŸ“https://github.com/BlockchainTechLLC/3dcoin/wiki/Project-Districts-Whitepaper#use-cases

DISCLAIMER: This post is not an invitation to invest in cryptocurrencies or in the field of masternodes, neither in the project in argument. It is simply a post for educational purposes to study the phenomenon from a purely technological point of view. Always do your research with due diligence even with reference to the topics discussed here that do not claim to have treated exhaustively. The writer has no economic agreement with the project team in question, but only has a voluntary role in managing the project community. All images and audio video material published here come from the official sites of the project in question and belong to their respective owners.