38 Fruit Vitamins For Healthier Ideas

38 Fruit Vitamins For Healthier Ideas

Vitamins are great for strengthening the body and giving you more energy, especially when taken first thing in the morning. Among so many options, the strawberry smoothie is one that cannot be left out of your menu, as, in addition to being a delight, it appeals to all ages!

Want a healthy drink that can be consumed with any meal of the day? Check out an amazing selection of fruit smoothies recipes. They are rich in nutrients, improve the body's functioning and have flavor combinations that will please your palate. Unmissable!

Strawberry Vitamin: The most desired fruit of the year!


In addition to the traditional way, you can prepare your smoothie using frozen strawberries – what is called a smoothie. Another tip is to combine the fruit with different ingredients and thus have countless possibilities. Check out the recipes below and get inspired.

1. Strawberry and banana smoothie

How about starting by trying the most classic combination on the list? You will only need strawberries, bananas, soy milk and flaxseed. Check out!

2. Strawberry and beetroot smoothie: 

This recipe can please both the eyes and the stomach at the same time. Start the preparation by washing and cutting the strawberries and beets. Take it to a blender, add the remaining ingredients and blend everything. Finally, go for ice.

3. Strawberry and Oat Vitamin: 

Rich in fiber and protein, oat is a great ingredient to increase your vitamin. In five minutes you have a delicious, nutritious and very refreshing result. Access and stay on top of the step by step!

4. Strawberry and Quinoa Vitamin

Here's another appetizing option to add to your routine. The preparation includes strawberry, banana, quinoa flakes, whole yogurt and light coconut milk. You can add sugar if you miss it, but the drink is sweet enough.

5. Strawberry and Honey Vitamin: 

Besides having an unmistakable flavor, honey is a natural sweetener and therefore is a much healthier option for everyday life. Learn how to make this vitamin and have a card up your sleeve for times when creativity goes away.

6. Strawberry vitamin and condensed milk: 

If you are part of the ant team and don't give up a sweet result, this can be a good choice. The vitamin here is made with strawberries, bananas, milk and condensed milk. If desired, you can also add ice.

7. Strawberry Vitamin and Milk Powder

Strawberry, natural yogurt, oatmeal, whole milk, powdered milk and sugar are the ingredients you need to have on hand to make this version. The preparation is very simple: just mix everything in a blender or mixer and serve!

8. Strawberry and papaya smoothie: 

The secret to getting the smoothie right is to use frozen fruits, so this is the first step of the recipe. In this version, you will need strawberry, papaya, almond milk and golden flaxseed flour. Check it out and enjoy!

9. Strawberry and jabuticaba smoothie: 

The ingredients list here is made up of strawberry, jabuticaba, water and ice. To enjoy the natural flavor of the fruits, the suggestion is to leave the strainer aside and just mix the ingredients. Try and draw your conclusions!

10. Strawberry and chia vitamin: 

Chia is a seed known to satiate hunger and help with weight loss. If you're on a diet, this might be a vitamin option to call your own. The preparation also includes strawberry, banana, coconut milk and sweetener.

11. Red Fruit Vitamin

This is a great option for those who want to try something different. The combination of red fruits delivers a delicious result that won't go unnoticed! To test at home, you will need strawberry, raspberry, yogurt and milk.

12. Vitamin with fruit mix: 

Why choose among so many fruits if you can combine them all? This recipe teaches you how to make a strawberry, mango and orange smoothie, but you can take advantage of the ingredients that are left in your cupboard and make new versions.

13. Strawberry Alcoholic Vitamin: 

If you want to give your vitamin a special touch, here is a recipe that deserves your attention. The walkthrough takes strawberry, milk, strawberry yogurt, grape juice, ice and vodka – largely responsible for making everything more interesting.

14. Sugar-free strawberry vitamin

One of the main steps for those looking for a healthier diet is to reduce sugar consumption. Check out this recipe and find out how to leave this ingredient aside and, at the same time, have a tasty result!

15. Lactose-free strawberry: 

vitaminMany vitamins include milk in their preparation, so those who do not consume it tend to cross this drink off their menu. Here is an option to solve this problem! The preparation is made with strawberry, banana, coconut milk, honey and ice.

Delicious and Practical Banana Vitamin:


Also, prepared with up to one hundred percent beaten fruit with zero added water and sugar, smoothies are a great source of energy, after all, they are low in fat and have many vitamins and minerals.

Check out very tasty recipes for smoothies and smoothies made with bananas for you to eat better!

16. Strawberry and banana smoothie

Making a glass of up to 400ml and with a preparation time of about ten minutes, this delicious strawberry and banana smoothie takes cold milk, eight washed strawberries without the stem and two ripe bananas without shell. It's the ideal post-gym meal.

17. Banana, goji berry and chia: 

smoothiePerfect for the early morning, this banana with chia smoothie is easy to prepare, makes a large cup, and takes fifteen minutes to make. Set aside one large, ripe banana, two tablespoons of chia seeds, one pitted date, one tablespoon of hydrated goji berries, and filtered water.

18. Banana vitamin with oat milk:

With a preparation time of thirty-five minutes and costing less than two reais, to prepare this vitamin, you will need chopped papaya, filtered water, chopped dwarf banana and oat flakes

19. Apple and banana:

Smoothie Light, refreshing and a great option to add more fruit and milk to children's diets, this apple and banana smoothie takes four glasses of milk, cinnamon, sugar, two apples and two bananas.

20. Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie: 

With this healthy option that takes vegetable milk and peanut butter, your breakfast or afternoon snack will be even better. You can also add sugar or molasses if you think it's necessary.

21. Melon with banana smoothie

The melon by itself is delicious, but imagine combining it with the banana? This recipe is refreshing and super tasty. To prepare it, use three slices of very ripe melon, a large frozen banana, water, ice and mint leaves.

22. Banana fit vitamin: 

Soy milk, silver banana, crushed flax seed and a scoop of pollen is all you will need for this vitamin. She is super recommended for a post-workout.

23. Banana beetroot smoothie: 

To make this recipe, it will take you about fifteen minutes. Bananas, beets, apricots, chia and sesame seeds, oat flakes and water are the main ingredients. It is important to pay attention to this recipe step by step, after all, you will need hydrated or soaked seeds.

24. Banana and Pear Vitamin

Skimmed milk, a banana and a pear are the ingredients of this vitamin. You can also use sweetener. In addition, it is important to serve it chilled and increase the amount of fruit and milk if you want to serve more people.

25. Green Vitamin: 

If you're looking for a nutritious and tasty recipe, you're going to love this green vitamin. To prepare it use a cup of strawberry tea, another one of raspberries, a large banana, a cup of almond milk, a hundred grams of spinach leaves and six ice cubes. Blend everything in a blender and serve.

26. Banana and Carrot Vitamin: 

The mixture of banana and carrot is amazing. Furthermore, the recipe is simple and quick to prepare. You can use either the dwarf banana or the silver, choose the one you prefer and have a good appetite.

27. Banana Vitamin, Flax seed and Soy Milk

If you overindulged in your diet over the weekend, this banana smoothie with flaxseed and soy milk will help you get back on the diet. You can prepare it for breakfast or to entertain friends.

Avocado smoothie: The most requested in the world Fitness:


Avocado smoothie is a good intermediate snack option. In addition to being super tasty, it gives you sustenance to get through the day and has healthy versions for those trying to maintain a low-calorie diet.

In this list, you can check out special recipes for avocado smoothie. From simpler options to more different options - which take Milk Nest, kefir or green tea -, it's impossible not to find a vitamin that catches your eye. Enjoy!

28. Simple avocado:

smoothieWith just three ingredients – avocado, milk and sugar – it is possible to make a delicious smoothie. In the video, the recipe was made with white sugar, but you can make it with brown or demerara, if you prefer!

29. Avocado smoothie with cream and condensed milk:

A liter of milk, a can of cream, a can of condensed milk, an avocado, a pinch of salt and sugar to taste are the ingredients needed to prepare this vitamin so hot it will leave everyone wanting more.

30. Avocado smoothie with yogurt and honey:

Write down the ingredients for this recipe: an avocado, two natural whole yogurts, honey and ice – lots of ice! You can prepare the smoothie in a blender or mixer, if you prefer. Cut the avocado and blend everything in a blender.

Papaya Vitamin: Discover the benefits!


Papaya is a fruit rich in health benefits. The most consumed types are papaya and papaya formosa, which are constantly used in vitamins. Learn different ways to prepare the papaya vitamin so you don't get sick and be deliciously nourished.

31. Papaya, Apple and Banana Vitamin:

Great choice for breakfast or dinner, this vitamin will make your next meal faster! The combination of papaya, apple and banana is traditional in vitamin recipes and brings a lot of flavor to this super creamy drink.

32. Fitness papaya vitamin:

This recipe is ideal for those looking for a more fitness diet. Creamer than green juice, this vitamin is made from a mixture of papaya, banana, spinach, chia and milk.

33. Papaya and plum vitamins:

Papaya and plums are recommended foods for those who have a bowel movement or are lazy. The vitamin is a practical way to ingest these fruits that can help the body to function properly. Learn how to stimulate your bowels in a nice and natural way.

34. Papaya and banana:

smoothieCreamy and sweet, this recipe will win over the kids and please the whole family. Condensed milk brings even more flavor to the traditional papaya and banana drink. What was already good can get even better!

35. Papaya Vitamin with Orange Juice:

If you are sick of mixing papaya with water or milk, this recipe promises to innovate and make the vitamin even tastier. By adding orange juice and oatmeal, the vitamin gains nutrients and can give you more energy.

36. Papaya and Apple Vitamin:

Super simple and a great option to consume after exercise and training, this papaya and apple smoothie is ready in a few minutes. Don't forget to peel and remove the seeds from the fruits to have a more homogeneous consistency.

37. Papaya vitamin with oats and Brazil nuts:

This is a delicious and very creamy way to consume oat and Brazil nuts. Crushed in a blender with papaya and milk, they are a great alternative to refresh and eat!

38. Functional papaya vitamin:

Do you have an unregulated bowel? This vitamin will help your body get back into a routine. Check out the ingredients and how to make this home remedy to catch up on your health.

Tasty and consistent, the vitamin is a great alternative to get out of the common drinks of everyday life and include a fruit in children's diet.