3.A / 3.D?

3.A / 3.D?

Raffaele Lorini

3.1 External interface requirements

3.1.1 User interfaces \\STANDARDS COMPLIANCE?

• The iOS version of the app must adhere to iOS Human Interface Guide


• The Android version of the app must adhere to Android design guidelines.

• The web pages of the web application must adhere to the W3C standards.

3.1.2 Hardware interfaces

• The app must be able to access the GPS data of the user’s device.

3.1.3 Software interfaces

• The system interacts with a driving license database, in order to check

whether the license numer provided by the user during the registration is

valid or not.

• The system interacts with a web mapping service, in order to retrieve

maps when the user looks for a car and when the user needs to be shown

the route to the destination (money saving option).

• The system interacts with a third party digital payment system, which at

least needs to support transactions involving PayPal and the major credit

card companies.

• The core part of the system should allow the building of new interfaces

and modules.

3.1.4 Communications interfaces

• The communications between clients and server should be HTTP request


Hardware limitations?