3 Top Web Design Trends To Adopt In 2020

3 Top Web Design Trends To Adopt In 2020

One thing that’s true about web design trends is that it keeps changing. You might have witnessed the day when fancy websites used to be the center of attraction for users. But now their taste has changed and they prefer minimalist sites instead to acquire the information. Unlike what you would have seen earlier, today’s web design is all about abundance of whitespace, and muted colors. It’s so because repetitive research has shown that more breathing room on the page and dull color design elements tends to draw more visitors attention. 

Just because the light colors are pleasant for eyes, visitors tend to spend more time on such sites than the highly colorful ones. The main intent behind this concept is that when users land on your site, they should be fully comfortable in viewing and using the site. If your site succeeds in delivering a positive experience to the users, there is a higher chance that your visitor will be converted into your customer quickly. Not just this, if you want to speed up the process of conversion, you can create a compelling CTA and put it in in the easily noticeable location.         

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With that over, it’s time to jump right into the main matter of the content: 

1. Minimalist Web Design 

This is one of the newer web design trends in the industry that’s solely focused on giving visitor’s relief from viewing a lot of bright design elements. Keeping the minimalist approach in mind, the webmasters design websites in such a way that the main content remains highlighted and the rest is noticed thereafter. It compels visitors to not divert from their purpose of visiting the site or lost in the heap of other elements.   

Remember, the more blank space on the page, the higher the focus on the content. Such design not only puts less stress on eyes while viewing the content but also helps you to achieve better ranks in Google’s search result. It’s because the lesser the content your page has, the quicker it loads.   

Have a look at the official website of Buffer that clearly shows how you can create great web designs using fewer elements:  

A few things you need to check out after you design your website are:

  • How does it look on viewing from some distance?
  • Does it look cluttered?
  • Is there enough space between elements?
  • Does your main content stand out? 

In case you are not able to create a minimal web design for your website, you can approach our Los Angeles web design company to create that for you. 

2. Tempting CTAs

With the growing trend of no click searches in Google's search result, it has become crucially important for website administrators to convert the visitors ASAP. If you don’t know what “no click search” means, I must tell you that it is the search result page of Google that displays the most relevant answer to a user's query at the top of the page. That allows users to obtain the information without clicking on any link.    

But even if users click on your link, that means they want to see the information in detail and check out all other elements on your site including CTA. An easy way to make your CTA button more effective is to analyze the intention of the user behind searching something. For example, why have they visited your page, what information they want to find out, and more importantly how can you show that information to them.            

The fact of the matter is that if you want to make your CTA super effective, you need to focus on the actual intent of your users. To explain you in a better way, let’s assume that users are looking for “timeline infographic templates” on the internet. In that case, if you place a CTA like “create a timeline now” on your website, visitors will more likely click on your button and convert. So, the biggest lesson to learn here is that the “direct and actionable” language is the main need of a powerful CTA.       

To ensure that your CTA is very convincing, check if:

  • It grabs the user's attention instantly?
  • Compel users to click the button quickly?
  • Provide a solid answer to the user’s intent?
  • It is visually noticeable?

In case you want to create an actionable CTA for your website or a complete sales-focused landing page, get in touch with our Los Angeles web design company now. 

3. Multi-Purpose Content

We all write blog posts to publish it on our site and improve its rankings, right? Now can you tell me how many times you use the same content? Probably you publish one blog on your site once and then start writing another one. But what if I tell you that you can use the same content in multiple ways to benefit your site ranking? 

Yes, you can create different content types from a single blog post and then post it on different channels. This way you can reap more benefits from the same content and also save your time and resources on writing one article after another. All you need to do to get more juice out of one blog post is focus on the quality of the content instead of quantity.       

You can write an article on a certain topic and then generate different content types out of it such as:

  • Infographics that can be easily noticed and understood
  • Quotes and statistics that describes the main content in fewer words

Below you can see how a list of chart design tips has been converted into one single infographic. Now using this infographic you can generate ten new posts by picking a single tip at a time. Once you have done that, you can also share them on different social media channels.   

So, how can you curate your content:

  • Write a blog
  • Create an infographic out of it
  • Share that infographic on different social networking sites
  • Make a video from the content of your blog
  • Share the video on various social media platforms

So, everything boils down to a point that you should create content keeping its multiple uses in mind.  

In case you want to have quality content for your site that converts your visitors into customers, get into conversation with our Los Angeles web design company.  

Now that you know the latest web design trends in the industry, it’s time to implement and take its advantage. Remember that the user-friendly web designs have always been the favorite of search engines and it is even now. So, it’s important for you to make sure that whether you choose a minimalist or heavily-loaded web design, your visitors should be willing to spend more time on your site. And that can happen only when you put every element on your website keeping the higher usability in mind. If you succeed doing this, you will see a major improvement in your website traffic, user engagement, leads generation, and more importantly, conversion rate.       

Do you have any questions about 2020 web design trends? Ask us in the comments below! We would be happy to answer your questions and clear your doubts about the discussed web design trends. Beside this, you can also let us know if you need services like minimalist web design and development, landing page design and development, copywriting, online advertising, and SEO. SFWPExperts is a leading web design company in Los Angeles that offers result-oriented services to every type of business around the world.      

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