3️⃣ TABOO for "Forcible set". Extension for chats on Prime.Date [🇷🇺 Русская версия]

3️⃣ TABOO for "Forcible set". Extension for chats on Prime.Date [🇷🇺 Русская версия]

🇷🇺 Русская версия здесь

1. Do not choose 1 or 2 or 3 invitations for sending! It needs at least 5 👇

2. Do not greet the man in each invitation for the "Forcible set" 

We explain why: a man will see on the screen only one invitation from your set, BUT when he opens the chat with you, he will see each of them. And therefore inappropriate to greet a man every time, because the meaning of the next invitation follows from the previous one.

For example. How it looks:

Hello, do you like sport?

Hello, would you like my training?

Hello, it's very hard sometimes for me, but what a result! Can I share?

Hello, do you still have doubts? Let's do it together

Hello, I can be your trainer. Do you want?

You should admit that your "Hello" will look strange for a man.👇

3. Do not create inconsistent meaningless invitations for the "Forcible set" (see picture👇)

It does not make sense to send 5 invitations to a man about "How are you" 

Recommendation how to do it:

1. Go to the History and create a set of 5 to 10 consecutive semantic invitations taking into account the mistakes described above (how to create new invitations in the History we described in details in the channel in a post from 19.02)

2. Go back to the Main page in the extension and select these invitations to send the "Forcible set" by clicking on each in the right order.

3. Scroll down (step 1 in the picture👇)

4. View how many invitations, which invitations and order for sending you set up (step 2 in the picture👇)

5. Set up the desired interval between sending each message (step 3 in the picture👇). The default is 120 seconds (it's optimal, but you can experiment)

6. Start sending.

Effective work to you and many pleasant interlocutors!