21Dukes Casino - games for mobile devices at a decent high level of quality

21Dukes Casino - games for mobile devices at a decent high level of quality

21Dukes Casino Review

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more important. At a time when smartphones and tablets dominate the market, this is not surprising either. Thus, providers should make their games available for mobile devices as well. At 21dukes casino , there is no separate app that the customer needs to download. The game is played on the mobile site. This side has advantages, but there are also disadvantages. The advantage is that you don't have to download additional software on your device. You don't have anything to do with updates either. Another advantage is that mobile pages are designed for many operating systems. One disadvantage, however, is that the mobile version of the site does not contain all the games that can be found in the desktop version of the online game libraries.

21Dukes Casino: gambling security issues solved completely

In gambling, security and regulatory issues are part of the process every provider must go through. Not surprisingly, because the industry has not always had the best reputation. However, with 21Dukes Casino, the customer has nothing to worry about. There is no fraud or robbery here because there are two valid gambling licenses. The license is issued by the MGA, the Malta Gambling Authority. This is one of the biggest and most renowned authorities in the gambling industry. But also the license of the Gambling Authority of Curacao is honorable and certainly just as valuable. But why two licenses, really? The question will be answered quickly. Thus, all games available at 21Dukes Casino are protected. In fact, a license is not a certificate that you've just been assigned. Providers have to do something, too.

For example, data protection requirements must be met. Anyone who moves to an online casino knows that a lot of data goes "over-the-counter." This starts with registration and ends with bank details. Sometimes very sensitive data is sent through the server. If this data is discovered along the way, cybercriminals can do a lot of damage. That's why ISPs have to provide secure encryption. Otherwise, licensing problems can quickly arise. Equally important - especially for online game libraries - is the issue of fair play. The customer wants to be treated fairly. Thus, games must provide that fairness. Of course, there is always an advantage in a casino. However, this should not become even greater to the detriment of the customer. Software, also called RNG (Random Number Generator), ensures that certain rules are followed and random results are guaranteed. It is also software that is particularly active and scrutinized by the gambling authorities - even after successful licensing. This ensures a high standard of quality.

21Dukes Casino - designed to be extremely convenient

Support is another wildcard for online gambling provider 21Dukes Casino. Because regardless of the quality of the offerings, a gaming library should always be able to provide its customers with advice and assistance in case of problems or questions. Our experience is that the service here is good, but by no means outstanding. For example, it is possible to contact the support team through a form. Alternatively, the customer can also send an email if they want to formulate their request in writing. There is also a live chat room. However, there is one catch: only registered customers can use this chat. Interested parties who browse the site and have questions can only contact the support team by email or through a form. In addition, there is no separate FAQ area that customers can use to organize their own questions. There are some points here that are explained in more detail, but they have nothing to do with the actual FAQ area.

The 21Dukes Casino website is designed to be extremely user-friendly. The customer doesn't have to search for a long time before they can enter the desired area. First of all, the very simple categorization of games is convincing here. There are no unnecessary subcategories or misleading classifications. It's also easy to find service options here. They are available as separate buttons on the page. The site itself also manages to please with its good English translation. Also commendable: the buyer can also try out the games in test mode. A very useful feature, especially for the willing. What also contributes to a pleasant surfing experience is that the site is not as "live" and shiny as many competitors are used to.