20 Trailblazers Setting The Standard In Window Repair Leicester

20 Trailblazers Setting The Standard In Window Repair Leicester

How to Find a Reputable Window Repair Company in Leicester

Window replacement can improve the appearance and value of your home. However it is important to find reputable replacement windows providers and installers is crucial to a successful venture. To find them, you should conduct a thorough search and seek out recommendations. Also, make sure to verify the certifications and verify insurance coverage.

Restoring a Timber Casement Bay Window in Stoneygate Leicester. Upgrade to 6.4 laminate glass, fix wood rot and install draught proof seals.


Window condensation can cause more than just an unsightly appearance. It can also cause many issues. Based on the amount of moisture, it can cause peeling paint or wood rot, and eventually damage to your windows and frames. It also increases humidity levels within your home, which could cause dust mites to thrive and air quality issues. It's best to be aware of humidity levels and purchase a moisture meter to avoid any unwanted negative consequences.

double glazing company leicester happens when the surface temperature of your windows decreases below the dew point of surrounding air. It's a common problem in the spring and summer when warm days are followed by cool nights. Interior window condensation occurs less often, but it's nonetheless possible when warm, moist air is in contact with cold glass surfaces. This is caused by cooking, bathing, houseplants and other activities that increase indoor humidity.

Both types of window condensation could be a sign that the sealing around your window is beginning to break down. Look for signs of a seal failing especially prior to winter's arrival and your energy bills start to rise.

Double-glazed windows can last between 20 to 35 years, however this longevity is contingent on the correct installation to begin with and regular maintenance afterward. If you have a double-glazed window that is beginning to fog it's likely that the seal between the two panes has broken down. This is a major issue because it means that your windows aren't insulate properly and are stopping heat loss.

Typically, misty windows are the result of a leak in the seal between the two glass panes inside an insulation-encased window. This could be due to the aging process or accidental damage. In these cases it's a good idea to speak with a professional about replacing the sealed unit, and then resealing the frame around it. This will increase your windows' effectiveness and prevent any leaks. A new seal can also aid in reducing your heating costs and keep your home warm all year long.


Over time, window units may be damaged and then become cloudy. This is a common issue because of the desiccant or seal failing, which causes condensation between the panes of glass. We can replace the entire unit if needed and while we are there why not upgrade your glazing to A-rated which can reduce your costs and lower your energy costs or perhaps include some design to the glass such as bevels stained or lead work, or fit vents that trickle to help with ventilation.

Restoring traditional timber bay windows in Stoneygate Leicester The process involves stripping the windows to the bare wood and fixing wood that is rotten, upgrading to 6.4 laminated glass and fitting integral draughtseals.

Window Frame Replacement

Repairing a window frame is a common job, however, it can be a challenge especially when there is a lot of damage. The cost for the job will also vary based on the kind of material used to replace the damaged portion of the frame. Frames made of wood, for example are more expensive than aluminium or vinyl ones. Wood is vulnerable to moisture which can cause problems such as mould and rot. It is therefore essential to select an experienced joiner working with this kind of material. The length of time it takes for window frame repair to be completed will vary based on the extent of the damage and the amount of work that must be doing. Small cracks can be filled within a few hours while more extensive ones can take a few days to repair.

A professional will inspect the frame of the window to ensure that it's in good order and then make repairs as needed. This is especially crucial for older windows that are vulnerable to leaks, draughts and frost. They also close the gaps around the window to keep water and air out. This will reduce your energy bills and increase the security of your home.

You'll have to replace your windows if they're leaky or are severely rotting or if they are fogged. This will protect your home from water damage. To test whether your window is rotting, press an instrument into the wood. If it goes in easily then it's time to upgrade.

A sash window specialist can repair or replace the old frame and sash to restore the look of your home. They can repair rotten wood and sills, install 6.4 millimeter laminated glass, and install integral draught seals. They can also strip casement bay windows back to bare wood and then repaint.

In some cases, a full-frame replacement might be necessary. This is a more complicated process, but it's a great way to avoid drafts and rattling that can occur with inserts. A full-frame replacement also reveals the rough opening of your windows, which allows you to check and address any damp or rot that might reduce the lifespan of your new window.

Glass Replacement

We can install new glass units in your existing window frame or upgrade your existing double glazing to A-rated to help save energy and reduce heating bills. We can also install secondary glazing to older homes without modifying the original frames and add decorative features like bevels, stained or lead work to enhance your doors and windows.

We offer a complete repair service for single and double glazing UPVC windows. This includes glass replacement (misting or frosty) and repair of the door frame, (twisted, buckled or gapped), and window lock repair. We can also repair gaskets and seals made of rubber on your doors and windows, and install trickle vents to prevent condensation.

Condensation and misting happen when the seal breaks down or the desiccant fails, allowing moisture to get between the two panes of glass in your uPVC window. Untreated, this can result in the whole unit breaking down and requiring removal of both the window and frame. During the replacement, we can correct any drainage issues that you may have. This is usually the reason for condensation and misting between windows with glazed frames.

Window specialists can also help rapidly in a crisis, such as a broken window that could pose a risk or security risk to the residents of your residential or commercial property. Our team is on call 24/7, 365 days per year.

Our Leicester team in Leicester can install tinted windows into your doors or windows to increase privacy, reduce the glare and protect your furniture from UV damage. We can even install tinted glass in your sun room to create a more relaxing atmosphere. The team at uPVC window repair leicester can assist you in choosing the appropriate tint for your requirements and install it with minimum fuss. We can also apply decorative foils and films onto your windows to add a touch of elegance to your home or office premises.

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