20 Things You Need To Know About Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso Beans 1kg

20 Things You Need To Know About Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso Beans 1kg

Kimbo Extra Cream Espresso Beans 1kg

Kimbo Extra Cream espresso is the espresso of preference for coffee lovers from Naples and around the world. This espresso is sour, has dense crema, and a balanced body. It is sure to please any palate.

This blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Central America and Asia has a medium roast profile. It's a great base for Latte Cappuccino, and Flat Whites.

Product Description

Kimbo Espresso Bar Extra Cream is a blend of premium coffee beans that produces an aromatic espresso with a rich crema. Its carefully sourced Robusta and Arabica beans are able to hit the sweet-point of acidity/sweetness and provide an intense flavor. The result is a superb espresso base that punches well above its weight in milk, excelling in Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites.

This blend is comprised of 40% Arabica and 60 percent Robusta sourced from Central and South America. It also includes a small amount of Indian Robusta. This combination results in an exceptionally strong espresso that has sweet and fruity notes, which are seasoned with cinnamon and pepper. This balanced blend is ideal for making in a fully automated coffee maker and is particularly suitable for espresso-based drinks with milk.

This coffee is shipped in a biodegradable plastic bag made from natural fibers that can be reused multiple times, drastically reducing use of cardboard packaging. This is a great option for those who are concerned about the environment. The coffee is gluten-free, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.


Kimbo extra cream has a mild aroma and a sweet flavour. It is the result of a meticulous selection of the raw materials used and has the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. This blend is completed with a persistent, lingering crema and a well-balanced body. It is a treat for all palates.

This Robusta-Arabica blend of coffee from Brazil, Central America and Asia has a medium roast profile, full body and a sweet spot of sweetness and creaminess. It creates a wonderful, thick crema and an excellent espresso base that punches above its weight through milk; excelling in cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. This is our number 1 selling blend from the Kimbo professional range.

The beans are selected with great care from the most renowned coffee-growing regions in the world and carefully roasted to make an exceptional coffee. They are then carefully blended to make the perfect blend suitable for use in fully automated coffee machines. Kimbo's Kimbo product line has been a success for more than 50 years thanks to a commitment to the past and a commitment to highest quality standards.

Kimbo can provide a wide variety of top-rated Italian cappuccinos and espresso mixes for all types of espresso machines. Kimbo also supports local farmers and producers in the areas where it operates.

The ingredients that go into making this premium coffee are sourced locally, which aids the regional economy. It also helps to conserve the environment and reduce the environmental impact. This is the reason why all of our products are packed in paper and glass, reducing the need for cardboard packaging.


Kimbo Extra Cream, a high-quality blend of coffee with a delicate aroma and a slightly sweet flavor is a blend of coffee of exceptional quality. The blend is made of carefully selected beans that are expertly roasted to provide a truly exceptional coffee experience. The result is an espresso that is rich and full-bodied with a crema that lingers in the mouth. This coffee is perfect for those who enjoy traditional Italian cappuccino and espresso.

This blend of Robusta beans and Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America is characterized by its medium roast profile. This guarantees that the coffee is full-bodied and reaches the sweet point of sweetness and acidity. The roast also produces a superb crema. This makes it perfect for milk-based coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and caffe lattes.

The roasting process is conducted in close collaboration with the coffee farmers in the countries that are producing it. Kimbo's experts Kimbo select only the finest ingredients from the coffee-growing areas. The beans are then carefully prepared before being roasted in the factory of Naples. After roasting the coffee, it is then inspected by professional tasters to ensure consistency and quality. Kimbo's experts are determined to achieve the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, and body.

A roast that is too dark can cause the coffee to become bitter and unpleasant. The roasting process must therefore be carefully monitored and controlled to produce the best results. Kimbo utilizes sophisticated equipment and modern technology to get the best results. 1kg roasted coffee beans has its own laboratory to monitor the roasting. This ensures that the coffee is always produced in accordance with the highest standards set by the client and that it follows strict guidelines.

Kimbo's coffee Kimbo is of high-quality that can be used in any type of coffee machine. Kimbo also has its own cafe serving delicious coffee and other dishes. The coffee is also available in capsules which can be used in the Nespresso system. The coffee is available in both light roasted Crema Classico and dark roasted Crema Intenso. Explore both varieties to determine which one you prefer.


The blend of top rated coffees creates a delightful espresso that has a thick and sweet crema. It is perfect for making milk-based drinks like cappuccino or latte macchiato. It is the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. The rich flavor is enhanced by the fruity notes and a hint the flavor of licorice. Its well-balanced body and long-lasting crema ensure an espresso of high-end quality that will please everyone's taste.

This coffee is unique and stands out among other Kimbo products due to its being made from 100% arabica beans. It is milder than the typical Kimbo range. It is a cup that can be enjoyed all day without losing the distinct taste of Neapolitan Espresso culture.

Kimbo Extra Cream is a strong and reliable coffee that offers an excellent basis for espresso creations. It is robust and completely solid, pounding its weight in milk and performing well in Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites. It is the result from a careful selection of Arabica Robusta and Arabica beans, with medium roast. The resultant coffee has the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness, and is full-bodied, creating an outstanding crema, and a great base for espresso. It excels in lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos. Its long-lasting, dense crema and well-balanced body make it an great choice for all coffee lovers.

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