your friend


These are the times that define us. At our most vulnerable, we are who we really are. I'm not that strong of a man I thought I was. I'm not smart. I can't be alone. I need someone to talk to. After all, it's the connection that keeps things going. I need someone to give me peace, to tell me that it's going to be fine. And when it's over, I get back to my normal me. That's abnormal me. I need to express what I mean, I can't hold all within. I'm not a steel door that won't let anyone in, I'm a bubble that will burst if the panick's in. I wish I'd realised it all long ago. I wish I hadn't pushed the ones I love.

And now I sit. Music's kicking in. To convey from reality, to make me feel things. I'm sorry for everything. I can't fix things.

music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxSXxWADCTw