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18yo Naked


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Not Rated | 132 min | Comedy, Drama
Parallel tales of two sexually obsessed men, one hurting and annoying women physically and mentally, one wandering around the city talking to strangers and experiencing dimensions of life.
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This is one of my favourite films. I don't think that you can necessarily call it realistic. Johnny in particular seems to be one of those characters that you sometimes see in psychological dramas in film, theatre and literature who embodies too many extreme characteristics in his mode of living and his thought processes and experiences too many hyperintense situations in the short timescale of the film's action to be wholly believable. So you probably won't meet a cynical, sharply witty and intelligent and cruel f**k-up quite like that even from Manchester. But I don't think that that detracts from the film as some of the other commenters seem to feel - I don't mind a bit of staginess! David Thewlis's performance fills me with awe. His speech, his facial expressions, the way he moves and holds his body are electrifying. He is an incredibly damaged character who uses his (sometimes inhumanly) sharp wit and intelligence to cruelly torment and exploit those around him instead of trying to use his obvious gifts in a more positive way to help himself and the other human flotsam that he encounters. For all his strength of will and powers of endurance, he is weak because he revels in his nihilism and his desire to crush other unfortunates. He could never have a genuinely open mutual compassionate relationship with another human being. But thanks to the brilliance of DT he becomes one of the most magnetic screen characters ever. I love Mike Leigh and I love David Thewlis (he always plays unusual characters but not often misanthropes - the man is a great actor). I love this movie. 'Nuff said.
Mike Leigh first had the idea for the story while a student in Manchester in the early 1950s: "We had a very enlightened teacher who endlessly reminded us that the next total eclipse would be in August 1999. In 1992 the millennium was impending, so I brought that idea to the film."

Johnny: And what is it what goes on in this postmodern gas chamber?
Brian: Nothing. It's empty.
Johnny: So what is it you guard, then?
Brian: Space.
Johnny: You're guarding space? That's stupid, isn't it? Because someone could break in there and steal all the fuckin' space and you wouldn't ...

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Comedy | Drama
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drunk and naked, betrunken und nackt
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Shot from inside the taxi as I was on my way back to the hotel in Sukhumvit. The heat was getting a little too intense for these young boys....waiting for their turn to take the plunge into the river below.
Boys are found everywhere -- on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them. A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket.
for 365, February's Alphabet Fun, and FGR invades Half Naked Standing in Front of a Window Monday.
**ETA: I have a shirt on, boys. Calm yourselves. Tank Top. Out of frame. That's why it qualifies for Fakey Nakey.
Boy warriors from Abangan dashing to the field. They were participating in a performance where they would defend against a demon like character called Ciluluk.
They would end up using the kris (swords) to stab their naked chest. But nothing would harm them as they were protected under spell.
Kids having fun on the beach near Sarmi, Papua province, Indonesia
Butt... you said you will not make fun of me !!
im thinking seriously about coming back to where i started with photography: the streets!!!
i will stop doing things in studio for a while... and for a change...
taken at Phi Phi Don Island in Thailand.
Children having each other company in Baseco village.
swimming in the ocean, they got all embarassed when they saw me sitting on the beach
Young kids at Tekai, Usku village, Kabupaten Keerom, Papua province, Indonesia
I took this momment at tidung island - indonesia
my naked friends playing in the river
It's no game. It's quite the shame.
No more parents. We're all on our own.
Can't see the light, when the darkness is on.
What happened to love? What happened to truth.
Is this a joke, or are we all ego, just a Freudian slip?
Sometimes I wonder if God is for real.
Sometimes it hurts to even think that we'll heal.
When will it end, or has it even begun.
The road that we've taken, is heading not for the Son.
Get back. Jump in. Do what you can.
For sure, we can help them, if we try to give in.
God is waiting. He's wants to be real.
If we listen to His voice. If we carry out His choice.
This world can be changed. This world can be better.
When we are moved by the things that move God
maybe I wouldn't, maybe you wouldn't be so bothered
(written by : Charleton Churchill , 2008)
Group photo before departing for Moni.
Bye bye..and I hope none of them that I know involved in the tragedy on the next day :-(
Again and again this Flores boy having fun diving into the river.
Nothing says fun like getting together with some of your closest buds and running around in loincloths. For a culture that is supposedly built on modesty and reserve, no one beats the Japanese for coming up with excuses to get naked ...
Horm Tuva Village, Aletai, Xinjiang, China
Theres no stopping these kids from indulging in a trash infested baywalk shore. Some of them doesnt even have extra clothes to wear, swimming naked covering their privys as they run around diving and pulling out stunts. Most ironically, they came with some girls along. Some smoking cigarettes and talks liberated. I'd bet they're around 10-15 years old.
BDAY BOYS butt naked at Banahaw Skimboarding Site, Surigao City.
I found this statue in one of the small towns that the Trans-Siberian Express stops at on the way from Moscow to Mongolia. I think it represents a kind of Russian version of the Biscuit Game.
Swimming in Uranir Creek near Beneraf village, Sarmi district, Papua province, Indonesia
Saidaiji naked man festival - boys attempt to grab some mochi before the main event.
boys playing in water. little boys will usually go naked and are seen all over. little girls rarely get out to play like this. if they do, they are usually fully dressed.
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Photo, Post Processing & Direction: Me
Sorry guys, i have to post two of it because i dont know which one is my favourite cuz both are! Stay tuned for more, imma post all of them soon!
Esto si que es arte, con un toque de naturaleza!!
Two young boys look toward the lake at the edge of the water. One is a nudist boy. He squats and only his back and the side are shown. This beach is not a nudist beach, and he was the only nudist I saw on that day. The other boy is wearing a tee shirt and pants and is sitting on the log separating the sandy beach and the water.
sea gypsy boys running in the sea, Rawai Beach, Thailand
Catholic Priests and molestation of little boys, hypocrites.
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