A.Interesting book

1 1) 1B)2A)3H)4G)5C)6D)7F)

2 1)Is the plot quick moving and full of surprises?

2)How long is a full – length cartoon ?

3)The story has lost of fun and excitement , hasn’t it?

4)Are the animation and colour of very high or bad quality?

5)Who is interested in a full-length cartoon?

3 1b 2c 3a 4d 5b 6c 7a

4.There are people who consider that if you know a foreign language well, you can teach it. However, others argue saying that having good knowledge is not enough to teach other people.

There are two good reasons why I think that it is really necessary to have some language education before you start teaching. Firstly, you should know more about biological and pshychological features of a human. Secondly, you must get a degree or to be trained on special courses to improve your language skills and learn about teaching grammar and only then you become an expert.

I do not agree with this statement because without a special education one can not be sure of the correctness of the teaching. First you need to learn how to teach, and then teach others.