Pizza is the ultimate comfort food for many individuals. It is the ideal thing to bring to any party and is a go-to for numerous on a hectic weekend night. There are many topping combinations you can put on a pizza which is why many pizza restaurants use a personalization alternative for their customers. Today we will discuss one of our favourite pizza locations and go over a little about who they are, and the various flavors they use.

Since 1996, Apache pizza has been here to serve the people of Ireland. The name comes out of respect to the native individuals of North and South America. They are working their way towards becoming the biggest and finest pizza chain in Ireland. With over 160 shops across the nation, they are well on their method to reaching the objective.

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Apache pizza has become a popular local dining establishment, and for good reason. They offer some of the best pizzas around and provide you 6 different sizes to choose from. There are all different kinds of tastes you can pick from, and Apache also permits you to produce your own pizza if you want something genuinely customized.

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Here is a list of tastes you can purchase from Apache pizza:

Buffalo: pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken

Wigwammer: double pepperoni, double cheese

Cajun Apache: cajun chicken, jalapenos, extra cheese

Sugary food Tennessee: barbeque sauce, bacon, double beef balls, sausage, red onion, barbeque drizzle

Vegetarian: mushrooms, onions, peppers, fresh tomatoes, corn

Hot Apache: pepperoni, jalapenos, extra cheese read more

Bacon Apache: bacon, mushroom, onion, additional cheese

Chicken Apache: chicken, mushrooms, corn, pineapple

Apache Special: pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, onions, peppers, corn, extra cheese, pineapple

Hawaiian: ham, pineapple, extra cheese

The Big Chief: American style beef balls, pepperoni, sausage

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Meat enthusiasts will take pleasure in either the Buffalo, Sweet Tennessee, or The Big Chief pizza. As noted above, Buffalo has 4 various meat garnishes: pepperoni, ham, bacon, and chicken. Sugary food Tennessee has a BBQ style with bacon, double beef balls, sausage, red onion, and a BBQ drizzle. The Big Chief is a 3 meat reward with American style beef balls, pepperoni, and sausage. If you enjoy a spicy pizza, attempt their Cajun Apache or Hot Apache pizza. Both of these flavors include jalapenos. Pepperoni lovers will enjoy the Wigwammer flavor with double the pepperoni and double the cheese. Vegetarians should choose either the plain cheese pizza, or the classic vegetarian pizza.

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Apache Pizza's rates vary from EUR5.99 for a personal size to EUR25.99 for the 25 inch XXL size. They have called their brand Apache in order to identify the truth that they make American design pizzas rather than the traditional Italian pizza. You can buy from our website to get Apache pizza delivered right to you.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of Apache Pizza. This is one of our favourite go-to pizza chains in Ireland. There is something for everyone if you want to take pleasure in some tasty American style pizzas with loved ones.



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