Katie: So what are three foods you can't stand? Three foods that you hate?

Gilda: Number one would be chocolate.

Katie: Chocolate?

Gilda: Yes.

Katie: That's crazy.

Gilda: I don't like the feeling you have when you put a piece of chocolate inside your mouth. It's like too hot. Like if I eat a piece of chocolate, I need to drink a lot of water.

Katie: Wow.

Gilda: It feels – I don't like it. Yeah.

Katie: I will gladly eat all your chocolate. If you have chocolate you don't want, I'm here.

Gilda: Yeah. It's weird because when, you know, chocolate is very popular as a gift. Somebody is always giving you chocolate and I take it because I don't want to say to everybody like, "I hate chocolate actually." But yeah, what about you? What's something you don't really like?

Katie: Well, I have something I don't like that I think is really popular. And every time I say I don't like it, I always get the same like, "What?" kind of reaction, but I don't like ice cream.

Gilda: What?

Katie: I don't like ice cream. I don't think food should be that cold. I don't like it. Food shouldn't be too cold to eat.

Gilda: Really?

Katie: It's just not…

Gilda: You don't know what you're missing. Ice creams are really, really good especially in summer.

Katie: Chocolate is really good. Chocolate, I'll take chocolate over ice cream any day.

Gilda: Well, you can try chocolate ice cream.

Katie: Oh, chocolate ice cream is the worst. Chocolate ice cream is the worst. No, thank you.

Gilda: What about a second one? Do you have any second food that you don't like?

Katie: I don't like tomatoes. Which is strange because I eat lots of pasta with tomato-flavored stuff in it. But just tomatoes by themselves is not something I enjoy. Whenever I have like a hamburger with a tomato, I always have to take it out and give it to someone else. Just, I don't like it. It's just juicy and not in a good juicy way.

Gilda: I don't like garlic.

Katie: You don't like garlic?

Gilda: I like garlic in food but I don't like to see it or eat it and have this, the taste of garlic, I don't like it.

Katie: Once you've got the taste of garlic, you don't get rid of that for about three days.

Gilda: Exactly. That's another thing. Yeah. So when my mom is cooking and using garlic, she ... after that, she had to remove it. She cannot leave any evidence that she was using garlic in her food. Yes.

Katie: Is there another food that you don't like?

Gilda: I would say sprouts, Brussel sprouts.

Katie: Yeah. No one likes sprouts.

Gilda: Yes. It's bitter and even though some people say it's good for your body, I don't like them.

Katie: I think, yeah, sprouts are just universally hated. No one like sprouts.

Gilda: Yeah. But when you are a child, your parents, for some reason always giving you that.

Katie: Yeah. Cruel.

Gilda: Yeah. I don't like it. It looks like – I feel like a cow eating those things. Yeah.

Katie: Yeah. I can imagine. It's just—ugh!

Gilda: What about you? Any other?

Katie: I have one more but it's really strange. I've never actually eaten them but looking at them makes me really uncomfortable, and that's olives. I hate olives.

Gilda: No. I love them.

Katie: I can't stand olives. Just looking at them makes me want to scream.

Gilda: Really?

Katie: Like I think it's the hole. I don't like the hole in olives. I'm like scared of olives. It's really strange, but no.

Gilda: I like them.

Katie: You can have my olives.

Gilda: Very tasty green, black.

Katie: No. If I see them in a jar at the supermarket—

Gilda: Better than chocolate.

Katie: Just no. No. No, no, no. I don't like them. Scared of olives. It's the craziest thing ever but no. I don't like olives. Keep them away from me.

Gilda: Good.