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Groups in Common

Sometimes you want to find a group in your chats, but can‘t recall the title. Here’s a life-hack for you: think about a contact of yours that was also a member in that group. This association technique may help you bring back the title too. If it doesn‘t, open that contact’s profile and tap Groups in Common.

Android Strikes Back

Some of you Android users told us we loved iPhones more than Androids. That almost made us cry (remember the sad Pepe in our recent stickers?). To make things right with you, we fired our iOS dev, who was too good.

Well, not really. We simply locked ourselves in the coding basement for several weeks to bring you this:

  • A slick new interface for creating groups and selecting users in privacy settings (shiny animations included).
  • A new beautiful interface for notification settings.
  • Improved security for passcode locks (your chats won't be seen in the task switcher now). This one also works on iOS.
  • Improved camera speed when taking photos and videos.
  • Better video compression.
  • An improved and less obstructive photo viewer.
  • Easier editing of messages and adding captions to photos.

And that's just getting us warmed up. Make Android Great Again!


Something big is brewing in our secret dungeons. Stay tuned.

November 22, 2016

The Telegram Team