Bugs, improvements and bonuses

Bugs, improvements and bonuses

Tyulenev Maxim Evgenyevich (tme)

Lets do IT!

Bugs ------------------------------------------

First bug(v 4.3)

The upper layer extended to the right hangs.
Test devices - asus zenfone 2 laser, samsung galaxy grand 2

"The upper layer caught a cold(v 3.17, 4.3)"
"Developer mode (v 3.17, 4.3)"
"No svayp (v 4.3)"


1) Move the layer to the right

2) Pinch the middle finger of the left hand on the edge of the curtain

3) Pinch the middle finger of the right hand behind the curtain

4) let go

Second bug(v 4.3)

Contact name not valid
Test device - asus zenfone 2 lazer


0( Take one device.

1) Take two user accounts. The condition is that users have the same phone number in their phone's phone book, but with the difference in the contact name. For example, the number of the first user is on both devices, but under different names.

2) Sign in with your phone owner account. The name of the contact in the dialog list is correct. Good job!

3) Sign in via second account. Name is not from the phone book of the second account.
The required name is replaced with a name from the phone book of the user who is the owner of the phone (i.s., the first one in this case). This is not good...

Test in practice: a user who sees a different name does not understand why this is so.

"All sync sync with phone book..."

Third bug(v 4.3)

Vibration in response to the transfer of the channel to public status

Test device - asus zenfone 2 lazer


0( I went to my channel.

1) Changed the channel type for private.

2) Changed the channel type for public.

3) Changed the channel type for private.

4) Changed the channel type for public. Became a little happier!

5) Changed the channel type for private.

6) Changed the channel type for public. Help! Type did not change...

Watch "Vibration! Help!" with sound. "Vibration scares"...

"Vibration! Help! Can not see the error text (v 4.3)"
"Why private? Validation does not work! Inscription does not appear. (v 4.3)"
"Vibration! Help! (v 3.17)"
"Why private? (v 3.17)"

Four bug(v 4.3)

I think without a black frame will be better.
Visual bug...It used to be without her...Ugly so...

"Black frame (v 4.3)"
"Black flicker when clicked on a picture (v 4.3)"
"First appears the previous picture (v 4.3)"

I liked the old icons more and without the animation.

Fifth bug(v 4.3)

1) Made a call through wi-fi
2) Switched the network to 4g

Application crashed. Sent a report.

Improvements ------------------------------------------

First improvement(v 4.3)
Implement video messages for android. There is no way to enable video mode on android. Implement similarly ios.

"Video mode (v 3.17)"

Improved in version above 3.17

But, icon with the camera disappeared after a while...

The feature is cool, but I liked it better when it showed 2 icons. True the area for printing a message is shortened.

It is better to leave as now.

Second improvement(v 4.3)

Make annotation to the elements of the "settings" section. To start, for items with flags.

"So good"
"No good"

The idea of a feature (so that the view is not overloaded):

1) hold your finger on the desired element

2) description appears (bottom or layer above)

This feature for elements that complete the movement to the depth of the tree(exceptions may occur)

Third improvement(v 4.3)

Try to enter bonuses for users. Connect these bonuses to the payment gateway. Bonuses can be received at purchase in shops through telegram. To do this, a large chain of stores should be in your partners. With the help of bonuses through the payment gateway, make payments. Also with the help of bonuses can buy in stores partners.
Payments in bots are too hard for ordinary mortals.

As a result, you can get the currency in the telegram.

In this case, there may be a problem in the gateway selection and in a set of a network of shops. Which interacts with services that perform direct transfers

You can try to build architecture on bots.
1) Third-party companies are doing bots. At the moment, you have provided them with a platform for implementation.
2) In the future, use bot commands to monetize the system.

"Platform gateway(umlet)"

3) Gateway platform can be located on a third-party resource and not have the form of a bot.

4) You can also use a third-party gateway, but depend on it ...

As a result, you can receive, for example, a multicass in a telegram. Through a simple interface.

Four imorovement(v 4.3)

I see you are using google.gsm to send push notifications.

You can also use other services.

Use cloud technologies.

For exemple:

You can consider synchronization with google drive and other services. In google drive organized excellent work with documents. But you do not need to store there the service documents of the telegram. Only those documents that are created in google drive are stored. If possible, make their editing in telegram. It is desirable to organize a multi-user mode.
Or to organize work with documents only by means of telegram

"Expand cloud technologies"

Fifth improvement(v 4.3)

Editor images.

Here, make an analog to the editor of joxi.ru or application "paint".

For example, you can add functionality:

1) draw a point on the image

2) draw a circle in the image

3) draw a square on the image


When saving:

1) the previous image in the message can be replaced

2) can be saved side-by-side in a new message

3) forwarding messages to contacts

"Elementary image editor"

Sixth improvement(v 4.3)

It is connected with the fourth bug. Improve animation and remove corrosion.

Seventh improvement(v 4.3)

Moved to the Telegram FAQ.

Does not match design of the application. The top panel, which shows the charge of the battery, disappears.

I propose to make the design of this page in the general style of the application, change the style of the text on the page and display the panel of the Android operating system.

In version 3.17 it was opened by the built-in browser and it was better ...

Eighth improvement

Bots are, of course, good, but how do you like this idea?

So that each user can make his application truly unique!

Consider, for example, the Linux operating system. Linux has official repositories and unofficial. In the repositories are the packages. Just?

Each user with these objects can modify Linux for their own needs. Just?

What if we move this idea to the messenger level?

A big big idea, but it's cool!

Ninth improvement

Add the ability to select statuses.

For example: online, offline, busy, walked away, etc.

You can also expand the idea for the fans of statuses:

  • collection of statuses
  • emoticons in statuses
  • creating your statuses
  • etc.

I would be useful offline status.

Good luck!

Bonuses ------------------------------------------

First bonus(v 4.3)

Autotest without authorization.

"Monkey (v 3.17)"
"Monkey was expecting (v 3.17)"
"Monkey remembered the battery charge (v 4.3)"

The battery is discharged faster than in version 3.17...

Second bonus(v 4.3)

Autotest without authorization.


v 3.17:


v 4.3:

Warning 0

Detail:Sending non-protected broadcast com.motorola.motocare.INTENT_TRIGGER from system 3938:com.motorola.process.system/1000 pkg com.motorola.motgeofencesvc

java.lang.Throwable at com.android.server.am.ActivityManagerService.broadcastIntentLocked(ActivityManagerService.java:18179) at com.android.server.am.ActivityManagerService.broadcastIntent(ActivityManagerService.java:18779) at android.app.ActivityManagerNative.onTransact(ActivityManagerNative.java:512) at com.android.server.am.ActivityManagerService.onTransact(ActivityManagerService.java:2905)

at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:565)

Third bonus(v 4.3)

Autotest without authorization.


v 3.17:

+ Samsung Galaxy S3, level API: 18

+ Nexus 7 (2013), level API: 21

+ Nexus 5, level API: 23

+  Nexus 7 (2013), level API: 19

v 4.3:

Not supported - Nexus 7 (2013), API Level 19

Not supported - Samsung Galaxy S3, API Level 18

+ Nexus 5, level API: 23

+ Nexus 5X, Virtual, level API: 26

+ Pixel, level API: 26

+ Nexus 6P, Virtual, level API: 26

Version in compatibility is raised...

Sorry, I have a limited number of tests in testlab.

Four bonus(v 4.2.1)

https://telegram.org/apps - source code

Excellent! Rear release version...

"A programmer on vacation?"

Build successfully on ndk14. In ndk15 with errors.
ndk15 swears:

struct r_debug {

  int r_version;

  struct link_map* r_map;

  ElfW(Addr)   r_brk;

  enum {



    RT_DELETE }  r_state;

  ElfW(Addr)   r_ldbase;


struct link_map {

  ElfW(Addr)   l_addr;

  char* l_name;

  ElfW(Dyn)*  l_ld;

  struct link_map* l_next;

  struct link_map* l_prev;



ndk14 successfully:

"On the github not the current version of the sources (v 4.2.1)
"Removal beta"

There were a lot of mistakes during the build process.

I had to apply a sequence of actions:

0( https://my.telegram.org/apps - set up here

1) I filled out the variables of this file /Telegram/TMessagesProj/src/main/java/org/telegram/messenger/BuildVars.java

2) Download from firebase /Telegram/TMessagesProj/google-services.json

3) Corrected the file /Telegram/TMessagesProj/build.gradle (out of memory...)

defaultConfig {

multiDexEnabled true


dexOptions {

    javaMaxHeapSize "4g"


4) disabled fucking signingConfigs

5) run

Fifth bonus(v 4.3)

Flag "Enable Animations". Animation not disabled.

"Enable Animations(v 3.1, 4.3)"

Sixth bonus(v 4.3)

When you change the language of the application, the settings move upwards.

I think he should not move...


Seventh bonus(v 4.3)

Long-term update from version 3.17 to version 4.3

Updating the application manually through the play market.

Replacing the test environment during testing is a good idea.

Eighth bonus(v 4.3)

Too much animation in the application. You need the check box to disable the animation altogether. With the introduction of a large amount of animation, the application speed will be lost. Not all users have good phones...Not all users like so much animation...

Ninth bonus(v 4.3)

You can remove the word "HELP". This is garbage. An inexperienced user will rather click on the help and he will have even more questions...

Tenth bonus(v 4.3)

The interlocutor is hard to hear the voice...
Extraneous noise in the background. The voice of the interlocutor is somewhere far away.

But better than whatsapp! Good job.


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