tldr: This is part of the subtitle and it can't be safely removed because of unclosed <p> tag.

this website uses json to create pages. Take a look at the json of this page: https://hastebin.com/ituqojozen.json (you can view it in the devtools in the browser too, just search for "intro")

You can see there's "intro" tag there at line 201. And it actually contains this text to follow twitter, but it has no closing </p> tag, so it's problem of the website:

"intro": "The best photos from the international wire agencies as chosen by our picture editors. <p> Follow us on <a href=\"https://twitter.com/theage_photo\">AGE Twitter</a> and <a href=\"http://twitter.com/photosSMH\">SMH Twitter</a> ",

See? no closing tag. Even if it will be there, you can't just remove it based on <p> tag without classes. And yeah, you can definitely tell that author actually intended to put it into subtitle.

Parsing HTML is not an option here, because website uses autogenerated class names instead of proper ones, and they can be dynamic, thus unreliable.

Website authors use this as subtitle in other articles too, example: https://instantview.telegram.org/contest/theage.com.au/template40/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theage.com.au%2Fnational%2Fhow-to-muscle-in-on-a-title-20170429-gvvfsg.html

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